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Tuesday, Sep. 18, 2018
One final tune-up before city badminton finals
by Randy Pascal

One final tune-up in advance of the city preliminaries and SDSSAA badminton finals this coming Thursday and Saturday, as St Benedict Catholic Secondary School hosted their annual Open Tournament this past weekend.

With a look at the top finishers in each category, here is a snippet of what one might expect come time for the NOSSA championships April 19th and 20th in North Bay:

Senior Division
Boys Singles
1st in "A" – Caleb Parfitt (Widdifield)
2nd in "A" - Benjamin Houle (Jeunesse Nord)
3rd in "A" - Dillon Laberge (Algonquin)
4th in "A" - Tristan Oliveira (Manitouwadge)
1st in "B" - Josh Robinson (Renaissance)
2nd in "B" - Jarrett Litalien (Korah)

Girls Singles
1st in "A" – Ellen Perry (Odysée)
2nd in "A" - Marina Sinicrope (Odysée)
3rd in "A" - Kalie Rheault (Notre-Dame)
4th in "A" - Tess Hausenblas (Elliot Lake)
1st in "B" - Sila McGuffin (Korah)
2nd in "B" - Alyssa Grondin (Korah)

Boys Doubles
1st in "A" – Cameron Duff (CFD)/Caleb Parfitt (Widdifield)
2nd in "A" - Adam Wallace (WF)/Dillon Lanerge (ALG)
3rd in "A" - Benjamin Houle/Frédéric Houle (Jeunesse Nord)
4th in "A" - Carter Baumruk/Luc Demers (Sacré Coeur)
1st in "B" - Patrick Thom (LOE)/Emmett Taillefer (LCS)
2nd in "B" - Liam O'Connor/John Mah (Korah)

Girls Doubles
1st in "A" – Ellen Perry/Marina Sinicrope (Odysée)
2nd in "A" - Kalie Rheault (CND)/Jessie Zhou (WF)
3rd in "A" - Tess Hausenblas/Mackenzie Traynor (Elliot Lake)
1st in "B" - Madelyn Suriano/Sila McGuffin (Korah)
2nd in "B" - Lilliana Speck/Karma Tosello (St Mary's)

Mixed Doubles
1st in "A" – Ellen Perry/Caleb Parfitt (North Bay)
2nd in "A" - Adam Wallace/Jessie Zhou (West Ferris)
3rd in "A" - Dillon Laberge (ALG)/Marina Sinicrope (ODY)
4th in "A" - Benjamin Houle (JN)/Tess Hausenblas (EL)
1st in "B" - Zacharie Lachance (REN)/Kayleigh Gauthier (LAS)
2nd in "B" - Miguel Mrochek/Angèle Seguin (HOR)

Junior Division
Boys Singles
1st in "A" – Ethan Rogers (Lo-Ellen)
2nd in "A" - Matt Jackson (Korah)
3rd in "A" - Ben Lance (Korah)
4th in "A" - Emmett Taillefer (Lockerby)
1st in "B" - Luke May (Korah)
1st in "C" - Zandré Cardinal (ESMC)

Girls Singles
1st in "A" – Jessie Zhou (West Ferris)
2nd in "A" - Ruby Cheeseman (Korah)
3rd in "A" - Amelina Iturregui (Marymount)
4th in "A" - Hannah Boyonoski (Superior Heights)
1st in "B" - Casandra Carlson (Korah)
2nd in "B" - Jazz McGuinty (Widdifield)

Boys Doubles
1st in "A" – Ethan Rogers (LOE)/Avery Chisholm (CND)
2nd in "A" - Matt Jackson/Ben Lance (Korah)
3rd in "A" - Tyler Talviti/Luke May (Korah)
4th in "A" - Joel Emond/Connor Gillis (St Charles)
1st in "B" - Caleb Lalonde/Thomas McGrath (ESMC)
1st in "C" - Malcolm McPhee/Tristan Sacchetta (Superior Heights)

Girls Doubles
1st in "A" – Mackenzie Watkins/Angelina Lam (MMT)
2nd in "A" - Zoey Campbell/Shelby Campbell (Superior Heights)
3rd in "A" - Casandra Carlson/Haarani Babu (Korah)
4th in "A" - Victoria Talviti/Jenna Vecchio (Korah)
1st in "B" - Ruby Cheeseman/Hanna Jodouin (Korah)
1st in "C" - Madison Chartier/Nicole Yaworsky (Lasalle)

Mixed Doubles
1st in "A" – Hannah Jodouin/Luke May (Korah)
2nd in "A" - Matt Jackson/Amanda DiRenzo (Korah)
3rd in "A" - Joshua Ménard/Chanelle Lafortune (Notre Dame)
4th in "A" - Steven Kotab/Hannah Anderson (St Benedict)
1st in "B" - Tristan Sachetta/Shelby Campbell (Superior Heights)
1st in "C" - Mathieu Cresswell/Mireille Paquette (ESMC)

Midget Division
Boys Singles
1st in "A" – Marco Brazeau (Franco-Cité)
2nd in "A" - Justin Tremblay (Horizon)
3rd in "A" - Pierre Legrand (Algonquin)
4th in "A" - Brett Warick (St Mary's)
1st in "B" - Ethan Monohan (Widdifield)
1st in "C" - Kepler Salt (Lasalle)

Girls Singles
1st in "A" – Karine Boucher (Collège Notre-Dame)
2nd in "A" - Amber Jacques (Horizon)
3rd in "A" - Allison Caldwell-Pratt (S Heights)
4th in "A" - Jordin Rancourt (Marymount)
1st in "B" - Megan McKinnon (Korah)
1st in "C" - Aysia Solomon (Korah)

Boys Doubles
1st in "A" – Pierre Legrand/Ethan Monahan (North Bay)
2nd in "A" - David Pigozzo/Kepler Salt (Lasalle)
3rd in "A" - Lucas Anderson/Robbie Guzzo (St Mary's)
4th in "A" - Bourdon/Bursey (Lo-Ellen)
1st in "B" - Josh Battisti/Brett Warick (St Mary's)
1st in "C" - Matthew Boston/Zachary Carchidi (St Mary's)

Girls Doubles
1st in "A" – Andrée Courchesne/Jazlyn McGuinty (North Bay)
2nd in "A" - Karine Boucher (CND)/Phoenix Cooper (LOE)
3rd in "A" - Allison Carew/Kayden Charbonneau (Bishop Carter)
4th in "A" - Hannah Hendrie/Megan Tassone (St Mary's)
1st in "B" - Jordin Rancourt/Norah Cavallin (Marymount)
2nd in "B" - Kayla Cappelli/Sarah McEwen (St Mary's)

Mixed Doubles
1st in "A" – Karine Boucher/Miguel Paquette (CND)
2nd in "A" - Ryan Talviti/Megan McKinnon (Korah)
3rd in "A" - Ethan Monahan/Jazlyn McGuinty (Widdifield)
4th in "A" - Pierre Legrand/Andrée Courchesne (Odysée)
1st in "B" - Robbie Guzzo/Amber Dunbar (St Mary's)
2nd in "B" - Josh Battisti/Hannah Hendrie (St Mary's)

After capturing the senior girls doubles crown in Sudbury with older sister Bryanne last April, before settling for bronze at NOSSA, Collège Notre-Dame senior Kalie Rheault has shifted her focus for 2017.

“This year, I’m trying to get to OFSAA for singles,” said Rheault, who finished third in this category on Saturday, behind the North Bay tandem of Perry and Sinicrope. “I’m training more with the club this year, practicing and training at home.”

Given that much of her time, over the past few years, has been spent mastering the doubles game, Rheault is playing catch-up to some of the frontrunners, switching now to the finer nuances of singles play.

“I find I need to focus more on my serve,” she said. “In doubles play, it’s more of a short serve. Also, my drop shots, and I have to be more active, moving my feet, as you have to cover the whole court.”

As for the final tournament before the road to OFSAA begins in earnest, Rheault was thankful for one last chance to handicap the field, with opening round SDSSAA play kicking off on Thursday. “I wanted to see who my competition would be for next week,” she said.

“There is a girl from Lasalle, Kayleigh Gauthier, and a girl from Lo-Ellen (Gracen Lacko).” Organizers will aim to whittle things down to the final four in the majority of the 15 categories later this week (midget play may wrap up entirely on Thursday), with semi-finals and finals in both junior and senior divisions slated for Saturday (April 8th) at St Benedict.

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