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From : 2022-05-06


Sometimes baseball beats out hockey - even in Sudbury


The different features which make indoor flag football so much fun


Soccer standings turned upside down as Horizon leads the way


A court is a court - and these kids are very good on the court


The frenzy that is high-school city championships


The convoluted pathway of 2022 high-school sports


Tremblay and Pineau break through with Knights tandem


Plenty to celebrate even if not on an Olympic scale


No OFSAA, but still plenty to play for


Brian Ceppetelli is about as Little Italy as they come


The goal was simple: to play with the very best team in the country


Top four begin to stake their claim to SDSSAA girls volleyball glory


Als and Knights victorious at inaugural Lalonde Memorial Tournament


Just enough time to catch my breath between games


Mary Collinson: Coaching memories as part of a bigger community


SDSSAA reps mining bronze in provincial high-school battles


Roughly halfway back to normal OFSAA competition


A perfect podium plan for Riley Cornthwaite


Championship teams of all shapes and sizes


Football awards nicely distributed in high-school league

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