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Round comes together nicely for Colasimone at the Idylwylde

In a sense, the North Eastern Junior Golf Tour is fundamentally not all that different than the events in which the professional golfers compete: in order to pick up a win, things have to come together for the athlete in question on just the right day.

Monday at the Idylwylde Golf & Country Club, it was just such a day for 16 year-old St Benedict CSS student Joseph Colasimone.

Firing an impressive round of 78, Colasimone picked up his first tour win of the season, edging Ben Fowke by a single shot, with Oliver Taillefer an additional stroke back at 80.

"It felt really good, especially because the Idylwylde has been playing really tough the past couple of weeks," said Colasimone. "With all of the hot weather, the fairways and the greens were playing extremely fast - not to mention the pin positions that were extremely tough."

"The pins were stuffed," he added. "Ultimately, that made it pretty fun, but also challenging."

Sitting in sixth place in the U17/U19 boys Order of Merit standings after two events, Colasimone surged to the lead with a performance that included three birdies and eight pars. "I felt more confident off the tee," he stated.

"I didn't lose a ball for the entire round. Whether it was my driver or three wood or hybrid, I knew that if I could just hit the fairway or put it in play, I could make a par or a birdie."

"Usually, my short game is my strength, not necessarily my putting, but my chipping around the greens. I think this place plays into my strengths, because I'm not too long off the tee, and the Idylwylde is not too long of a course."

"I like a shorter golf course with tricky greens, where maybe you have to be more accurate," Colasimone continued. "That plays into my style."

Regardless of the outcome, one can sense that the 41 young golfers are happy just to be able to do something that appeared very much in jeopardy just a few short months ago. "It's almost like a privilege to play right now," said Colasimone.

"Golf is one of the few sports that we can play, and this is one of the only tours that we can play. Everyone is just so thankful for the tour, because it gives us a chance to all go out and compete, to all go out and try to get better."

And while the run of local talent that are accepting scholarships offers south of the border shows no signs of slowing down, Colasimone does not appear to see himself on that particular pathway. "Getting a scholarship to the States would be awesome, but ultimately, I don't think I am going to become a golfer," he said.

"I want to do other things, but I hope that golf is still an important part of my life - so I think the best case scenario for me is a Canadian university, where I could study something, play golf, and just have fun with it."

Thanks to his victory on his home course, Colasimone currently heads up his divisional tour standings with 185 points, with Johnny Slavina (175), Ben Fowke (162.5), Oliver Taillefer (147.5) and Adam Mutuchky (142.5) all in hot pursuit.

Perhaps surprisingly, that age bracket cannot boast the closest race on the tour. With a second consecutive triumph, Ryder Coe moved into a second place tie among a four-person crew, all within 15 points of one another in the U13 boys & girls classification.

Jackson Feggi still shows the way with 210 points, finishing second to Coe with a round of 99 (Coe shot 88), with Hudson Kelahear tied at 200 points (4th on Monday - rd of 102) and Ally Ruston right behind at 195 (3rd - rd of 101).

Meanwhile, the outstanding U15 shot for shot battle between Sudbury's own Lea Lemieux and Kyllie Ruston from Midland featured no more separation between the girls than before their showdown at the scenic course along the shores of Lake Nepahwin.

Both young ladies carded a score of 92, thereby splitting 175 Order of Merit points as they remain deadlocked with 262.5 points apiece in their tour battle for age group bragging rights.

Another tie would see first-time tour participants Jeremy Lewis and Callum Barron both finish at 90, seven shots clear of Jack Anderson, sharing the crown, for this event, in the U15 boys mass.

Finally, Bryden Dilley and Mackenzie Czepla continue to go toe to toe in the U17/U19 girls quartet, with Dilley besting Czepla by ten strokes at the Idylwylde (84 to 94), securing a 25 point lead in tour standings (275 to 250).

The next stop for the NEJGT comes on July 20th at the Parry Sound Golf & Country Club, with Brooklea Golf & Country Club (Midland - August 4th) and Tangle Creek Golf (Thornton - August 11th) serving as the final two host facilities.

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