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Grade 7 runners will have a chance to defend CSPGNO titles

Don't look know, but there is a thundering herd directly on the heels of the Laurentian Elementary XC Challenge.

Attracting 1560 youngsters to the Course de Fond CSPGNO Cross-Country Running last week at Kivi Park, organizer Dan Beaulne and his crew surpassed by about one hundred the total participants from the late September tradition.

In a city that has consistently been ranked among the highest in the country in youth obesity, it seems far more appropriate to celebrate the fact that a pair of elementary athletic competitions combined to attract more than 3000 entries than to quibble over their relative rankings.

Both groups are to be commended, to be sure, with both events allowing plenty of young local talent to shine.

In fact, both Senior Division race winners will get a chance to defend their CSPGNO crowns in 2020, with Lucia Salmaso (Marymount Academy) and Adam Urso (St Charles College) both still in grade seven.

Salmaso bested Kelly Clark of Ste-Marie by just eight seconds in the girls race, with the front-runners comfortably ahead of third place finisher Ashley Boulard (Alliance St-Joseph).

A mainstay on both the local elementary cross and track circuit, and in road races in Sudbury in general, Salmaso has had no lack of experience in running with the lead.

"I usually sprint out and then try and pace myself," noted the 12 year old summer-time triathlete. "I like to get ahead first, and then when I realize that some of the girls are slowing down, that's when I start pacing myself and usually end up at the front of the pack."

"When I hear someone breathing or stomping their feet on the ground, when someone sounds like they are close to me, then I start to speed up a little bit," added Salmaso.

Urso, who has really started to emerge this fall as a top end talent, recorded an 35 second victory over Max Portelance of St Augustin. Also 12 years of age, Urso has been quite busy over the course of the past six to eight weeks, balancing his cross-country workouts with his commitment to coach Peter Michelutti Jr and the Sudbury Major Peewee "AAA" Wolves.

"I started running about two years ago and came in third place at one of my first races," recalled Urso. "I never knew that I was great at it, but I continued. I've been practicing a little more now."

"I do a lot of hockey, and that probably helps."

Maintaining a very steady pace right through to the finish line, Urso opted not to become too concerned with the remainder of the field as he navigated his way through the scenic south-end course.

"You basically just race yourself, don't focus on the other runners, and just make sure you keep going all the way," he said. "You make sure you keep a pace that you can keep. I was definitely feeling the heat, but I was actually not as tired as I thought I was going to be."

Following are the top ten finishers in each of the six age brackets that were contested last week:

Senior Girls Division - 3 kms
1st - Lucia Salmaso (Marymount) - 14:42
2nd - Kelly Clark (Ste Marie) - 14:50
3rd - Ashley Boulard (Alliance St Joseph) - 16:33
4th - Karine Frappier (Découverte) - 16:39
5th - Olivia Hinich (Ste Thérèse) - 16:46
6th - Kayley Lemaire (Notre Dame - Hanmer) - 16:46
7th - Emilie Miller (St Denis) - 16:47
8th - Ava Massimiliano (Marymount) - 17:15
9th - Mya Massimiliano (Marymount) - 17:16
10th - Tessa Ranger (Découverte) - 17:38

Senior Boys Division - 3 kms
1st - Adam Urso (St Charles College) - 13:31
2nd - Max Portelance (St Augustine) - 14:06
3rd - Aaron Wright (Jean-Paul II) - 14:28
4th - Carter Niquet (Ste-Thérèse) - 14:54
5th - Eric Janeszewski (Macdonald-Cartier) - 15:00
6th - Drew MacNeill (St Etienne) - 15:08
7th - Matti Jouppi (Lively District SS) - 15:09
8th - Ashton Morin (St-Agustine) - 15:10
9th - Tyson Rismond (Alliance St Joseph) - 15:13
10th - Owen Gerling (Alliance St Joseph) - 15:26

Junior Girls Division - 2 kms
1st - Elsa Blum (St James) - 9:00
2nd - Chloe Leduc (Foyer-Jeunesse) - 9:06
3rd - Adrielle Charette (St-Denis) - 9:13
4th - Gabrielle Forshew (Ste-Marie) - 9:23
5th - Sophie Miller (St-Denis) - 9:24
6th - Llie Renaud (Ste- Thérèse) - 9:28
7th - Megan Pineau (R.L. Beattie) - 9:29
8th - Emma-Leigh Hasanafendic (Foyer-Jeunesse) - 9:38
9th - Kalia Pharand (Alliance St Joseph) - 9:42
10th - Ella Crépault (St-Augustine) - 9:42

Junior Boys Division - 2 kms
1st- Caleb Mead (St James) - 7:59
2nd - Sullivan Smith (Holy Cross) - 8:31
3rd - Dylan Nelson (St James) - 8:37
4th - Logan Bodson (Jean Paul II) - 8:38
5th - Lukas Morin (St-Augustine) - 8:45
6th - Raphael Belzile (Hélène-Gravel) - 8:50
7th - Mikael Guérin (St-Antoine) - 8:53
8th - Samuel Piette (R.L. Beattie) - 8:55
9th - Kade Carrey (Découverte) - 8:57
10th - Callum Wiss (Hélène-Gravel) - 8:57

Tyke Girls Division - 2 kms
1st - Sadie Frantz (R.L. Beattie) - 9:32
2nd - Hannah Adler (St-Denis) - 10:07
3rd - Makenna Messier (Jean-Paul II) - 10:11
4th - Camille Landry (Hélène-Gravel) - 10:13
5th - Allyson Ouimet (Ste-Marie) - 10:26
6th - Kloe Rienguette (Foyer-Jeunesse) - 10:29
7th - Evie Drozdowsky (Foyer-Jeunesse) - 10:31
8th - Mia Beites (Jean-Paul II) - 10:37
9th - Paige Taylor (St-Denis) - 10:41
10th - Ella Sabourin (Jean-Paul II) - 10:55

Tyke Boys Division - 2 kms
1st - Ethan Gallagher (Jean-Paul II) - 8:53
2nd - Bradley Huffman (Alliance St Joseph) - 9:05
3rd - Ty Bélanger (Ste-Marie) - 9:05
4th - Maxime Belzile (Hélène-Gravel) - 9:10
5th - Fengning Ye (R.L. Beattie) - 9:13
6th - Jackson Mead (St James) - 9:23
7th - Greyson Hnatiuk (St-Denis) - 9:27
8th - Hudson Green (St-Denis) - 9:28
9th - Lex Gorval (Alliance St Joseph) - 9:29
10th - Max Barros (St-Denis) - 9:31

Divisional School Champions
Senior Boys - Alliance St-Joseph - 52 pts
Senior Girls - Marymount - 42 pts
Junior Boys - Hélène-Gravel - 62 pts
Junior Girls - St-Denis - 54 pts
Tyke Boys - St-Denis - 36 pts
Tyke Girls - R.L. Beattie - 40 pts

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