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Badminton players making double time last weekend

Not one but two separate elementary badminton tournaments would keep young athletes active last weekend, as both l'école secondaire catholique l'Horizon and St Benedict Catholic Secondary School played host to events locally.

More than a dozen schools participated in the CSCNO Grade 5/6 Tournament in Val Caron, with several players that attended only beginning to realize their talent in the court sport.

Eleven year-old Anthony Cousineau from Notre Dame - Hanmer had been enjoying some success against players from his own school, in practice, even some that are two to three years older.

Still, he had minimal expectations entering play on Saturday. That would change over the course of the day. "At the beginning, I was serving short a lot," explained Cousineau. "But then my dad suggested that it might be better to hit it longer and higher, and then try to get set to receive."

"He (my dad) doesn't play in a league, but he really enjoys the sport." By the time the tournament ended, both father and son were convinced that it would certainly be worth a visit to one of the local badminton clubs, especially given that Cousineau has no other current sporting interest that would monopolize his time.

Cousineau bested Reed Montgomery of St Denis in the boys final, while Kelly Clark of Ste Marie - Azilda took top spot in girls action. The doubles crowns were captured by Caleb Giroux/Dylan Merigioli and Shaun Emily Cormier/Maija Thorsteinson, both from Ste Thérèse.

Following is a listing of the top three in all four categories that were contested:

Boys Singles
1st - Anthony Cousineau (Notre-Dame - Hanmer)
2nd - Reed Montgomery (St Denis)
3rd - Nicholas Duquette (Ste Marie)

Girls Singles
1st - Kelly Clark (Ste Marie)
2nd - Désirée Charbonneau (Ste Marie)
3rd - Haven Johnston (Alliance St Joseph)

Boys Doubles
1st - Caleb Giroux/Dylan Merigioli (Ste Thérèse)
2nd - Brady Soucy/Justin Barriault (Jean Paul II)
3rd - Keenan Kydd/Drake Villeneuve (Félix Ricard)

Girls Doubles
1st - Shaun Emily Cormier/Maija Thorsteinson (Ste Thérèse)
2nd - Désirée Charbonneau/Kelly Clark (Ste Marie)
3rd - Emma Perreault/Gabrielle Demers (Ste Thérèse)

Meanwhile, it looks like there is a new hotbed of elementary badminton developing in Warren. Located in the small community just east of Sudbury, l'école St Thomas swept all five divisions at the St Anne Angels Intermediate Badminton Tournament.

Wyatt Lavallée and Eryn Long captured their respective singles' brackets, and then combined forces to also win the mixed doubles event. Sandwiched somewhere in between, the talented duo managed to team with Kobie Duff (Lavallée) and Karisa Groulx (Long) to also top the podium in the boys doubles and girls doubles groupings as well.

Following are the top four finishers from all five categories:

Boys Singles
1st - Wyatt Lavallée (St Thomas)
2nd - Carson Robert (Ste Marie)
3rd - Pat Mazerole (St Charles College)
4th - Ashton Bertrand (Ste Anne)

Girls Singles
1st - Eryn Long (St Thomas)
2nd - Gillian Obradovich (MacLeod)
3rd - Ella Legendre (St Charles College)
4th - Mylanna Lavigne (St Thomas)

Boys Doubles
1st - Wyatt Lavallée/Kobie Duff (St Thomas)
2nd - Noah Léveillée/Madix Lavoie (Ste Marie)
3rd - Pat Mazerole/Cody Jalbert (St Charles College)
4th - Logan O'Brien/Joseph Denis (Notre-Dame - Hanmer)

Girls Doubles
1st - Karisa Groulx/Eryn Long (St Thomas)
2nd - Victoria Dawson (St Anne)/Gillian Obradovich (MacLeod)
3rd - Mylanna Lavigne/Lily Violette (St Thomas)
4th - Amanda Symington/Molly Lafantasie (Marymount)

Mixed Doubles
1st - Eryn Long/Wyatt Lavallée (St Thomas)
2nd - Mylanna Lavigne/Kobie Duff (St Thomas)
3rd - Alexa Gordon/Madix Lavoie (Ste Marie)
4th - Pat Mazerole/Willow Cooper (St Charles College)

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