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Sudbury Synchro happy to welcome Central Region to the party

The more the merrier.

With the Northern Region within the purview of Synchro Ontario limited to representation from just Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay, Regional Meets were combined, a few years back, to include both the North and Central areas.

Earlier this month, Laurentian University served as the host venue for the annual competition. And while the Sudbury Synchro crew managed the clean sweep, across the north, as expected, there was also some noteworthy highlights relative to their stiffer challenges from the south, with some 300 swimmers on hand for the event.

The Sudbury Synchro 13-15 team, as well as duets in both the 13-15 and 16-20 classifications, managed to emerge as double gold medallists (unofficially), topping all comers, including Toronto Synchro, Mississauga Synchro Swim Club and Markham Synchro.

In capturing their region, the local 13-15 team, comprised of Emily Binks, Madison Hood, Sarah Ieropoli, Stacie Kohan, Amy Lacelle, Bronwyn Ashley, Gillian Franklin, Georgia Speck and Maeve Caddel, and coached by Chelsea Wandziak, posted a championship score of 63.3282.

That was just a tad better than Toronto Synchro (62.7417), the squad that placed first in the nine team Central grouping. It was a similar story on the duet side.

The Binks/Ieropoli 13-15 pairing (63.2042 - coach Lindsay Wandziak) bettered the Markham score of Sevoya Riddle/Kelsi Seppanen (62.2167), while Kohan/Speck (16-20 - 64.7667 - coach Courtney Stasiuk) slotted in just a notch above the York Synchro duet of Sydney Denstedt-Barr/Anna Shalin (63.5333).

Not far off that mark was Amy Lacelle, who placed 1st in north/2nd in central in the Solo competition (63.4334), matching that result also when paired with Madison Hood in the Duet event (62.8542).

In total, Sudbury Synchro showcased four teams, with results as follows:

11-12 team coached by Candice Larochelle - 4th overall (55.2001)
Lily Burns, Chloe Cholette, Emilie Ladouceur, Maxine Lafleur, Lana Squires

11-12 team coached by Courtney Stasiuk - 5th overall (55.0250)
Julianne Crittenden, Heidi Fink, Sophia Flabiano, Rachelle Prevost, Amy Seguin

10 and under coached by Lindsay Wandziak - 8th overall (50.3916)
Olivia Burke, Sarah Crittenden, Eva Jessup, Lilliana MacIsaac, Jessica Huggett, Justine Perron-Zathureczky

Rounding out the duet results, from a local perspective were:

Lily Burns/Maxine Lafleur
11-12 duet - 2nd (N) - 9th (O/A)

Maeve Caddel/Gillian Franklin
13-15 duet - 3rd (N) - 10th (O/A)

Emilie Ladouceur
11-12 solo - 1st (N) - 6th (O/A)

In terms of the figures competition, Sudbury athletes were equally as impressive. Amy Lacelle (2nd - 64.1668), Stacie Kohan (5th - 63.9167), Emily Binks (6th - 63.9165) and Georgia Speck (7th - 63.5833) all managed to crack the top ten in a 13-15 field of 85 swimmers.

Sophia Flabiano (9th - 58.5000) and Heidi Fink (19th - 56.7500) showed the way, locally, in the 11-12 age classification figures, while Eva Jessup (16th - 56.1665) was top among the Sudbury girls in the 10 and under grouping.

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