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Pyke and Luoma score in shutout Sudburnia victories

Despite losing some game days to inclement weather, the kids with Sudburnia Soccer are still keeping busy, with action taking place typically four nights a week.

Some of the more interesting recent matchups would feature some titanic defensive battles, as Mason Pyke netted the only goal in a 1-0 Whitecaps win over the Galaxy in U13 mixed play, with Amy Luoma doing the same in leading the Caruso Club past the Sudbury Women's Soccer Club in the U18 girls division.

Deadlocks were somewhat rare on the slate from June 19th to the 22nd, with the Scorpions and Pumas playing to a 3-3 draw in U14 girls action, with the Lasalle Cougars and the Lightnight were stalemated at 2-2 in the U18 mixed grouping.

Adorah Mullens scored twice for the Scorpions, with Olivia Papineau netting the remaining goal, while Katelyn Miglioranza, Nioami Tiango and Emily Walsh countered for the Pumas.

Stephane Frappier and Paolo Raso took care of the scoring for the Cougars in the older age bracket, while Darrion Baston and Lucas Lachapelle would strike once each for the Lightning.

Following is a breakdown of the remaining game scores that were provided:

U5 Mixed Division
Laurentian Trophies 5 (Connor Merrett, Adam Dabliz, Benoit Arsenault, Isabelle Michaud, Khalid Abu)
Whitecaps 1 (Nicholas Folino)

U6 Mixed Division
Wacky Wings 2 (Benjamin Barnault, Leo Gerhardt)
Northern Sports Photography 3 (Jessie Fu, Arley Marion, Vince Tarini)

Whitecaps 6 (Angelo Asdrujolini, Max Barros 2, Ryan McKinty 3, Camden Poirier)
Blizzards 0

U7 Mixed Division
Sudbury Spine & Sport Clinic 1
Wacky Wings 7

Cyclones 4 (Maxime Belzile, Gabriele Matozzo 3)
Jaguars 5 (Angelo Kalonji 3, Teagan Paquette-Lalonde, Mila Santos)

Galaxy 2 (Brendon Goffin, Christopher Folino)
Cyclones 3 (Gabriel Mattozzo 2, Max Ranger)

U8 Girls Division
Sudbury Women Soccer Club 2 (Yasmine Ahmed, Ava Tessier)
Panthers 5 (Ryann Chevrier 2, Teah Luoma, Anabelle Simpson, Madison Simpson)

Sudbury Women Soccer Club 0
Lynx 2 (Sadie Frantz 2)

U8 Mixed Division
Galaxy 6 (Landen Lake-Rego 3, Brady Toulouse 3)
Whitecaps 3 (Adrian Aho, Ryan Ross 2)

U10 Girls Division
Sudbury Credit Union 3 (Taegan Gagne-Wyness, Isabelle Rheault 2)
Ti Amo Classic Café 1 (Jayda Hartley)

U10 Mixed Division
Hawks 4 (Blake Thaxter, Adam Ristimaki, U’Dane Bruff)
Lightning 1 (Tiago Alves)

Galaxy 3 (Ryan McCullough, Tyce Dewar, Michael Folino)
Xcaliber Trophies 3 (Alex Bailey, Landon Burke, Matthew Giles)

U13 Mixed Division
Galaxy 6
The Canada Homestay Network 12 (Rayan Sandiwidi 2, Jonathan McCuade 5, Maddox Harris 4, Ethan Mcandaliss 2, Atharva Patel 4, Riley Percy)

U14 Girls Division
Apex Business Machines 1 (Aidyn Franklin)
Comets 4 (Zoe Smith, Chloe Cholette, Emily Lague, Rosaria Nero)

Pumas 4 (Abigail Lanteigne, Katelyn Miglioranza, Niaomi Tiango, Dorian Xilon)
Whitecaps 6 (Mira Toffoli 2, Kaija Moore 4)

U18 Mixed Division
Nickel Acme Printers 1 (Jasper Olipane)
Booster Juice 4 (Robbie Castrechino 2, Lucas Gigliotti, Jonah Sacchetto)

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