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Excitement galore in 6-5 soccer final

The score might have been more fitting in a local hockey rink, but a 6-5 shootout in the Mixed U12 final provided a most entertaining conclusion to the 2013 Sudburnia Soccer Club season Sunday at Lasalle Secondary.

Galaxy overcame a two-goal second half deficit and a five goal performance from Kaiden Belanger-Kirkey in picking up the win. Matt Belanger and Erik Struk scored twice each for the winners, with Brett Stewart adding a solo marker.

The U12 Girls division featured easily the closest scores, across the board, of the weekend, just not so much for the championship encounter. Kaylyn Payette scored three times, leading Panhellenic to a 6-1 win over Vrab's YIG.

Julia Burns, Erin Gaffney and Deirdra Egan added one goal each for Panhellenic, with Kaitlyn Falvo countering with the only goal for Vrab's.

Earlier in the day, Braxton Terry accounted for the game's only goal in the Mixed U14 gold medal matchup, lifting the Impact past the Lions Club of Sudbury 1-0.

Rhonda Salem scored a pair with Hanah Smith and Kylli Boivin-Pajala finding the back of the net once each as End of the Roll stopped the Impact 4-1. Aaliyah Canard countered in a losing cause for the Impact girls.

Following is a complete listing of game scores and goal scorers for the final weekend of Sudburnia play this summer:

Girls U14 Division
End of the Roll 2 (Caresse Couture, Rhonda Salem)
Coca-Cola Refreshments 1 (Tiffany Hodgess)

Impact 4 (Aaliyah Canard-2, Sarah Maki-2)
Galaxy 2 (Alyssa Scott-2)

End of the Roll 4 (Kylli Boivin-Pajala-3, Rhonda Salem)
Impact 3 (Katie Keenan, Sarah Maki, Brooke Whitteker)

Galaxy 6 (Alyssa Scott-3, Sienna Lautenschlager-2, Emily Ranta)
Coca-Cola Refreshments 2 (Tiffany Hodgess-2)

Impact 6 (Aaliyah Canard-3, Brooke Whitteker-2, Katie Keenan)
Coca-Cola Refreshments 0

End of the Roll 2 (Kylli Boivin-Pajala, Hanah Smith)
Galaxy 2 (Alyssa Scott, Sophie Demarco)

Galaxy 4 (Sienna Lautenschlager-2, Sophie Demarco, Alyssa Scott)
Coca-Cola Refreshments 1 (Tiffany Hodgess)

End of the Roll 4 (Rhonda Salem-2, Hanah Smith, Kylli Boivin-Pajala)
Impact 1 (Aaliyah Canard)

Mixed U14 Division
Apex Business Machines 4 (Oliver Ecclestone, Ryan Vanderplum, Nathan Pyke, Papa Sakyi)
Whitecaps 3 (Josue Kurke, Wesley Kwan, Braedan Tulini)

Impact 1 (Andrew Swan)
Lions Club of Sudbury 1 (Bailey St-Amand)

Whitecaps 1 (Joshua Tilson)
Impact 1 (Jake Lebeau)

Lions Club of Sudbury 3 (Jacob Kruk-2, Bailey St-Amand)
Apex Business Machines 1 (Oliver Ecclestone)

Impact 6 (Braxton Terry-3, Jack Wisniewski-2, Michael Salinas)
Apex Business Machines 1 (Oliver Ecclestone)

Lions Club of Sudbury 1 (Nathan Scully)
Whitecaps 0

Apex Business Machines 3 (Oliver Ecclestone-2, Christopher Rocca)
Whitecaps 1 (Alex Crowe)

Impact 1 (Braxton Terry)
Lions Club of Sudbury 0

Girls U12 Division
Vrabs YIG 1 (Megan Vaillancourt)
Lions Club of Sudbury 1 (Ashley Garic)

Panhellenic 1 (Julia Burns)
Caruso Club 0

Panhellenic 1 (Kaylynn Payette)
Vrabs YIG 1 (Guilia Wilson)

Caruso Club 0
Lions Club of Sudbury 0

Vrabs YIG 2 (Kylee Lapalme, Guilia Wilson)
Caruso Club 1 (Kezia Capasso)

Panhellenic 1 (Emma White)
Lions Club of Sudbury 0

Caruso Club 2 (Kezia Capasso, Veronica Dynes)
Lions Club of Sudbury 1 (Bailey Gaudin)

Panhellenic 6 (Kaylynn Payette-3, Julia Burns, Erin Gaffney, Deirdra Egan)
Vrabs YIG 1 (Kaitlyn Falvo)

Mixed U12 Division
Galaxy 3 (Zack Pilon-2, Erik Struk)
Swiss Chalet 1 (Kaiden Belanger-Kirkey)

Xcaliber Trophies 2 (Jacob Bartolucci, Kai Mallory)
Whitecaps 0

Galaxy 7 (Matt Belanger-2, Erik Struk-2, Darrian Boston, Kieran Egan, Zack Pilon)
Whitecaps 0

Swiss Chalet 7 (Kaiden Belanger-Kirkey-4, Sean Nickson, Lucas Mrozewski, Gio Mastroianni)
Xcaliber Trophies 1

Galaxy 8 (Matt Belanger-3, Zack Pilon-2, Will Maki, Lee Moroz, Brett Stewart)
Xcaliber Trophies 0

Swiss Chalet 4 (Kaiden Belanger-Kirkey-3, Lucas Mrozewski)
Whitecaps 1 (Patrick Lubian)

Xcaliber Trophies 3 (Kai Mallory-2, Noah Caccio)
Whitecaps 1 (Justin Lubian)

Galaxy 6 (Matt Belanger-2, Erik Struk-2, Brett Stewart)
Swiss Chalet 5 (Kaiden Belanger-Kirkey-5)