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Impact embrace challenge of Sudbury-hosted tournament

The GSSC (Greater Sudbury Soccer Club) Impact U15 Girls have embraced nearly every challenge they have faced over the past few years. Moving up one age grouping at the annual GSSC Impact Soccer Tournament certainly wasn't about to faze them.

The team reeled off three straight shutouts in round robin play before bouncing the Glen Shields Sun Devils 4-1 in the championship final as Madison Pincivero, Lina Audet, Karly Hellstrom and Morgan Melnek scored one goal each for head coach Jon Hussak and company.

"I prepared them coming into the weekend," Hussak said. "I told them that we are expected to win this, but let's use this time to work on different skills and techniques that you need to develop."

With several players lining up outside of their normal positions for various parts of the tournament, Hussak placed a heavy emphasis on defensive structure over the weekend, leaving the local goalkeeper turned coach pleased with the end results.

"Defending as a unit, coming back and getting compact so that it's harder for a team to break us down, that is important," Hussak said. "Even one v one defending is always nice to continually be improving. Everybody has got to defend at some point."

The 1998 girls were one of a handful of local teams that emerged with championship banners in hand, a grouping that also included their slightly older brethren, the 1997 girls. Goals from Brianne Rodrigue and Courtney Sauvé propelled the team to the Senior Girls - Premier title, overcoming the loss of their only keeper (Meghan Coutu - out with broken nose) as striker Riley McEwen filled in admirably.

The U16 ladies blanked North Bay Selects U17 Girls 2-0 in the final. The boys U-10 division was captured by the Valley East Selects, thumping the North Bay Nitros U19 Boys 6-0 largely on the goal-scoring heroics of Zacharie Giroux.

The GSSC Powertel Impact boys captured the U12 division in an all-Sudbury match-up, outscoring the GSSC Impact Scorpions 4-1 on Sunday afternoon. Adam Szalai held the hot foot, netting a hat trick with Jordan Pincivero adding a solo tally while Brandon St Jean replied in a losing cause for the Scorpions.

Following is a breakdown of the tournament scores and goal scorers for each and every division:

Senior Boys
Timmins Blizzard U17B 1 (Raphael Deschamps)
GSSC Impact U15B 1 (Imho Traore)

North Bay Selects-Jets U17B 3 (Tye Bailey, Joshua Herst Farelli, Adam Gagne)
Timmins Rebels U16B 2 (Ryan Martel-2)

GSSC Impact U15B 1 (Eric Sampson)
Espanola U18B 1 (Aric Emery)

Whitby Iroquois U16B 2 (Brendan Cooke, George Vincent)
North Bay Selects-Jets U17B 0

Timmins Blizzard U17B 3 (Donovan Gignac-2, Damien Patel)
Espanola U18B 1 (Riley Belanger)

Whitby Iroquois U16B 6 (Chris Lozanovski-3, Cristos Antonopoulos, Tyler Howgate, Fawad Nasseri)
Timmins Rebels U16B 0

North Bay Selects-Jets U17B 3 (David Elford, Adam Gagne, Mitchell Martyn)
Espanola U18B 1 (Bradley Pankow)

GSSC Impact U15B 2 (Eric Sampson, Jakob Mancini)
Timmins Rebels U16B 0

GSSC Impact U15B 2 (Domynik Valentic, Imho Traore)
Whitby Iroquois U16B 1 (Juan Ignacio Boriano)

North Bay Selects-Jets U17B 1 (Tye Bailey)
Timmins Blizzard U17B 0

Championship Final
North Bay Selects-Jets U17B 1 (Adam Gagne)
GSSC Impact U15B 0

Senior Girls - Premier
GSSC Impact U16G 2 (Brenna MacMillan-2)
North Bay Selects U17G 0

North Bay Sadlon Storm U16G 1 (Abbygail Trudel)
Timmins Steelers U17G 0

GSSC Impact U16G 3 (Mia Pandolfo, Brenna MacMillan, Chantae Robinson)
Timmins Steelers U17G 0

Sault Civics Fusion U17G 1 (Stephanie Mannarino)
North Bay Sadlon Storm U16G 0

Timmins Steelers U17G 0
Sault Civis Fusion U17G 0

North Bay Selects U17G 2 (Erin Hebert, Ashley Bernard-Legris)
North Bay Sadlon Storm U16G 0

GSSC Impact U16G 5 (Dana Isaia, Riley McEwen, Brenna MacMillan, Chantae Robinson, Courtney Sauve)
Sault Civics Fusion U17G 0

North Bay Selects U17G 2 (Erin Hebert, Ashley Bernard-Legris)
Timmins Steelers U17G 0

North Bay Selects U17G 3 (Erin Hebert, Mackenzie Wolfe, Bianca Valente)
Sault Civics Fusion U17G 0

GSSC Impact U16G 1 (Chantae Robinson)
North Bay Sadlon Storm U16G 0

Championship Final
GSSC Impact U16G 2 (Brianne Rodrigue, Courtney Sauve)
North Bay Selects U17G 0

Senior Girls
South simcoe United U15G 1 (Giulia Zanardi)
Timmins Gladiators U15G 0

GSSC Impact U15G 2 (Alexei Belanger-2)
Innisfil Stampeders U16G 0

Barrie Spirit U15G 1 (Stephanie Kloepfer)
GSSC Impact U16G 0

Glen Shields Sun Devils U15G 1 (Riley Samson)
North Bay Selects U15G 1 (Alyssa Randall)

Innisfil Stampeders U16G 1 (Ashley Domingues)
South Simcoe United U15G 1 (Caitlyn Woolley)

GSSC Impact U15G 2 (Lina Audet, Morgan Melnek)
Timmins Gladiators U15G 0

Barrie Spirit U15G 3 (Kendra Leeds, Dusti Szabo, Ivory Styka)
North Bay Selects U15G 2 (Mercedes Labelle, Alyssa Randall)

Glen Shields Sun Devils U15G 5 (Riley Samson-2, Lauren Kohn, Kyra Disimino, Laura Harrop)
GSSC Impact U16G 0

GSSC Impact U15G 1 (Karly Hellstrom)
South Simcoe United U15G 0

Innisfil Stampeders U16G 1 (Kristy Alford)
Timmins Gladiators U15G 0

Glen Shields Sun Devils U15G 1 (Riley Samson)
Barrie Spirit U15G 0

GSSC Impact U16G 1 (Samantha Booth)
North Bay Selects U15G 0

Championship Final
GSSC Impact U15G 4 (Madison Pincivero, Karly Hellstrom, Lina Audet, Morgan Melnek)
Glen Shields Sun Devils 1 (Lauren Kohn)

Boys U15 Division
Barrie Spirit U15B 4 (Robbi Graham-3, Ryan Pellatt)
GSSC Rush U15B 0

GSSC Storm U15B 2 (Sean Anderson, Ryan Kirkby)
Espanola Phoenix U15B 0

GSSC Rush U15B 2 (Ryan Phillips, Joshua Rancourt)
Espanola Phoenix U15B 1 (Logan Emiry)

GSSC Storm U15B 2 (Keegan Prefontaine, Kevin Gobbo)
Barrie Spirit U15B 0

Barrie Spirit U15B 3 (Timothy Glaser, Robbi Graham, Ryan Pellatt)
Espanola Phoenix U15B 0

GSSC Rush U15B 3 (Kevin Gobbo-2, Ryan Kirkby)
GSSC Storm U15B 3 (Olivier Belanger, Ben Dufour, Joshua Rancourt)

Championship Final
Barrie Spirit U15B 4 (Jose Chinchilla-2, Nicholas Hendricks, Fabio Ferreira)
GSSC Storm U15B 0

Boys U14 Division
Sault Civics 2 (Paul Zappacosta, Dexter Holden)
GSSC Blaze 0

North Bay Vipers 3 (Joel Leblanc, Noah Valente, Kieran MacDuff)
Timmins Gladiators 1 (Vincent Cavalieri)

GSSC Blaze 2 (Noah Stargratt, Gregory Trudeau-Paquet)
Timmins Gladiators 1 (Kaiden Harrietha)

North Bay Vipers 1 (Joel Leblanc)
Sault Civics 0

North Bay Vipers 1
GSSC Blaze 0

Sault Civics 3 (David Giola-2, Paul Zappacosta)
Timmins Gladiators 1 (Frederic Leclair-Pouw)

Championship Final
North Bay Vipers 3 (Matthew Ianiro-2, Adam Deruyte)
Sault Civics 2

Girls U14 Division
Sault Civics U14G 2 (Taija-Dawne Ryan, Averi Bodnar)
North Bay Wrightway Fusion 0

Sudbury Strikers U14G 2 (Brook-Lynn Chamberland, Emma Dionne)
Sault Civics U13G 0

Sault Civics U13G 1 (Nicole Pulente)
North Bay Wrightway Fusion 0

Sault Civics U14G 2 (Taryn Lamorie, Serena Pulente)
Sudbury Strikers U14G 1 (Hunter McCann)

North Bay Wrightway Fusion 1 (Lia Castiglione)
Sudbury Strikers U14G 0

Sault Civics U14G 4 (Lauren Rizzo-3, Taryn Lamorie)
Sault Civics U13G 1 (Jadyn Deschene)

Championship Final
Sault Civics U14G 1 (Averi Bodnar)
Sudbury Strikers U14G 0

Boys U12 Division
GSSC Scorpions 1 (Austin Pawluk)
GSSC Spartans 1 (Christopher Riddle)

GSSC Powertel 2 (Lucas Oliveira, Emmett Taillefer)
Tri-Town Tigers 0

GSSC Scorpions 5 (Luca Nardi-2, Connor Brooks, Sebastien Bouchard, Larry Gauthier)
Timmins Gladiators 0

Tri-Town Tigers 8 (Maxim Breault-2. Zack Lajoie-2, Jesse Daviau, Regan Lamb, Josh Landry, Dylan Pichette)
Espanola Phoenix 0

GSSC Spartans 5 (William Lawton-2, William Beatty, Jacxsen Cress, Callum Dolphin)
Timmins Gladiators 0

GSSC Powertel 9 (Dario Beljo-3, Jordan Pincivero-2, Lucas Oliveira, Emmett Taillefer, Tyler Dunn, Andrew Varghese)
Espanola Phoenix 0

Tri-Town Tigers 7 (Kyle Paige-4, Maxim Breault, Regan Lamb, Dylan Pichette)
Timmins Gladiators 0

GSSC Spartans 10 (Callum Dolphin-3, Jacxsen Cress-2, Cyrus Ghorbani-2, Colton Gobbo, Noah Lasorsa, William Lawton)
Espanola Phoenix 0

GSSC Powertel 4 (Lucas Oliveira-2, Dario Beljo, Adam Szalai)
GSSC Spartans 1 (Noah Lasorsa)

GSSC Scorpions 2 (Sebastien Bouchard, Austin Pawluk)
Tri-Town Tigers 0

Championship Final
GSSC Powertel 4 (Adam Szalai-3, Jordan Pincivero)
GSSC Scorpions 1 (Brandon St Jean)

Girls U12 Division
GSSC Lady Lightning U12G 2 (Bianca Toppazzini, Aliesha Spourdalakis)
GSSC Lady Warriors U13G 0

North Bay Selects U12G 1 (Stephanie Pigeau)
GSSC Rocks U12G 1 (Madison Laberge)

GSSC Lady Lightning U12G 2 (Bianca Toppazzini, Aliesha Pourdalakis)
Sault Civics U12G 0

GSSC Rocks U12G 0
Sault Civics U13G 0

Sault Civics U13G 4 (Mia Giuliano-2, Heather Marsh, Karlee Richer)
North Bay Selects U12G 0

Sault Civics U12G 1 (Jalen Gagnon)
GSSC Lady Warriors U13G 0

Sault Civics U12G 3 (Catherine Mesich, Jalen Gagnon, Ellexis MacDonald)
North Bay Selects U12G 1 (Tallis Fenton)

GSSC Rocks U12G 5 (Amy Vis-2, McKenna Cresswell-2, Madison Bergh)
GSSC Lady Warriors U13G 1

GSSC Rocks U12G 3 (Jayden Mulligan, Brienna Schuurhuis, Amy Vis)
GSSC Lady Lightning U12G 0

Sault Civics U13G 1 (Hailee Young)
Sault Civics U12G 0

Championship Final
Sault Civics U13G 2 (Summer Harman, Karlee Richer)
Sault Rocks U12G 1 (Madison Laberge)

Boys U11 Division
Sault Civics 2 (Jackson Naccarato, Justin Mauro)
GSSC Warriors 0

North Bay Selects Dynamos 1 (Carter Hummel)
GSSC Impact 1 (own goal)

Barrie Spirit 1 (Corey Gilmore)
Sault Civics 1 (Noah Zeppa)

Bradford Eagles 2 (Isa Abdulan, Hugo Ponte)
North Bay Selects Dynamos 0

South Simcoe United 3 (Jasper Crosby-2, Tyler Cleghorn)
GSSC Impact 0

South Simcoe United 8 (Jasper Crosby-5, Tyler Cleghorn-2, Aidan Garforth)
North Bay Selects Dynamos 0

Bradford Eagles 4 (Tanner Maillet, Noah Miranda, Hugo Ponte, Filip Zendelek)
GSSC Impact 0

GSSC Warriors 3 (Alessio Capasso-2, Mitchell Martin)
Barrie Spirit 0

South Simcoe United 5 (Jasper Crosby-2, Christian Bonillia, Tyler Cleghorn, Delaney Landyn)
Bradford Eagles 1 (Isa Abdulah)

Bradford Eagles 2 (Tanner Maillet, Christopher Warren)
Barrie Spirit 1 (Spencer Reagan)

GSSC Impact 1 (Adian Ragogana)
GSSC Warriors 0

South Simcoe United 7 (Delaney Landyn-2, Kenneth McKay-2, Michael Catrambone, Jasper Crosby, Aidan Garforth)
GSSC Impact 0

Sault Civics 2 (Jackson Naccarato, Justin Mauro)
Bradford Eagles 0

Championship Final
South Simcoe United 6 (Jasper Crosby-2, Owen Cuff-2, Tyler Cleghorn, Delaney Landyn)
Sault Civics 3 (Noah Zeppa-2, Justin Mauro)

Girls U11 Division
Lake Simcoe 3 (Abby Robertson-3)
Aurora Stingers 0

Barrie spirit 0
GSSC Impact (Ryan) 0

Aurora Stingers 3 (Emily Tomlinson, Alyssa Pavao, Hailey Ducusin)
GSSC Impact (Cranston) 0

Barrie Spirit 3 (Kennedy Attwell, Samantha Votano, Paige Pirie)
Lake Simcoe 1 (Hannah Mesich)

Aurora Stingers 8 (Alyssa Pavao-2, Erica Passacquale, Isabella D'Assini, Amy Wyndham-West, Joanne Leibold, Emily Tomlinson, Ahiley Ducusin)
GSSC Impact (Ryan) 1 (Katie Chomiak)

GSSC Impact (Cranston) 3 (Kennedy Ward-2, Jordin Rancourt)
Lake Simcoe 2 (Abby Robertson-2)

GSSC Impact (Ryan) 2 (Riley McMaster, Mireille DiMaio)
GSSC Impact (Cranston) 1 (Jordin Rancourt)

Barrie Spirit 6 (Sabrina Hartmann-2, Alyssa Flaherty, Paige Pirie, Amber Fisher, Kennedy Attwell)
GSSC Impact (Cranston) 0

Aurora Stingers 1 (Madison Addesi)
Barrie Spirit 0

GSSC Impact (Ryan) 0
Lake Simcoe 0

Championship Final
Aurora Stingers 4
Barrie Spirit 0

Boys U10 Division
GSSC Voyageurs 4 (Tomas Asselin-3, Jordano Piccoli)
GSSC Impact U10B (#1) 2 (Austin Mashinter, Dallas Scott)

Valley East Selects 3 (Zacharie Giroux-2, Xander Roy)
GSSC Impact U10B (#3) 0

GSSC Impact (#1) 1 (Michael Reich)
Barrie Spirit U9B 0

Valley East Selects 1 (Zacharie Giroux)
North Bay Nitros U9B 0

GSSC Voyageurs 3 (Tomas Asselin-2, Samuel Branconnier)
Barrie Spirit U9B 2 (Mitch Reynolds, Cameron Bauman)

North Bay Nitros U9B 2 (Tyler Desmarais-2)
GSSC Impact U10B (#3) 1 (Christian Zuliani)

GSSC Impact U10B (#1) 5 (Michael Reich-3, Austin Mashinter, Dallas Scott)
GSSC Impact U10B (#3) 1 (Ethan Mulligan)

North Bay Nitros U9B 2 (Nicholas D'Agostino, Tyler Desmarais)
Barrie Spirit U9B 1 (Jackson Cole)

North Bay Nitros U9B 4 (Layton Rothwell, Matthew Ferreira, William Waugh-Monette, Caelan McAuliffe)
GSSC Voyageurs 1 (Tomas Asselin)

Valley East Selects 3 (Zacharie Giroux-3)
GSSC Impact U10B (#1) 1 (Troy Wilton)

Championship Final
Valley East Selects 6
North Bay Nitros U9B 0

Girls U10 Division
GSSC Team #4 5 (Kyra Mallory-2, Tessa Favero, Alexis McMurray, Cydney Tinkham)
GSSC Team #1 0

GSSC Team #2 2 (Emma Coutu-2)
GSSC Team #3 2 (Emily Binks, Alena Smania)

GSSC Team #2 2 (Sophie Bensley, Alena Smania)
GSSC Team #1 0

GSSC Team #4 1 (Kyra Mallory)
GSSC Team #3 1 (Michela Bussolaro)

GSSC Team #3 6 (Michela Bussolaro-2, Tiana Posteraro-2, Emma Coutu, Ava Corelli)
GSSC Team #1 0

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