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Sudburnia girls provide the drama

The Sudburnia Soccer Club girls clearly have a flair for the dramatic.

While both the U12 Girls and U14 Girls finals required extra time to be decided, the boys championship encounters in the same decision were not quite so close.

Sheila Esquib and Danielle Sampson scored in overtime as Laurentian Trophies blanked Gougeon Insurance 2-0 in the U12 gold medal match, with the Cyclones and Trauma Team needing penalty kicks to decide matters in the U14 grouping.

Kylie Pajaia-Boivin (Cyclones) and Kiana Desrosiers (Trauma Team) traded goals in regulation time before Katie Rinaldi netted the game-winner in a shootout, lifting the Cyclones to a 2-1 win.

Nathan Scully enjoyed a three-goal performance, leading the Lions Club of Sudbury to a 4-2 win over End of the Roll in the U12 Mixed final.

Kai Mallory rounded out the scoring for the winners, with Eric Elliot and Mathieu Michel replying in a losing cause for End of the Roll.

In the U14 Mixed division, Vrab's YIG (Your Independent Grocer) put it all together when it mattered most, stopping Coca-Cola Refreshments 3-0 with the championship hardware on the line.

Braxton Terry paved the way for Vrab's, scoring twice, with Jacob Steele adding a solo marker. Following is a complete listing of game scores and goal scorers for both the U12 and U14 divisions (based on information supplied by the Sudburnia Soccer Club):

U-12 Girls Division
Laurentian Trophies - 0
Gougeon Insurance - 0

Caruso Club - 3 (Chanelle Lafortune, Brit Thorton, Hannah Smith)
Dynamite - 1 (Jayden Mulligan)

Dynamite - 0
Laurentian Trophies - 3 (Danielle Sampson-2, Katrina Demore-McLeod)

Caruso Club - 0
Gougeon Insurance - 1 (Sienna L)

Laurentian Trophies - 5 (Sheila Eshquib, Bailey Gaudin, Shanda Halonen, Hannah OíReilly, Danielle Sampson)
Caruso Club - 3 (Brit Thornton-3)

Gougeon Insurance - 3 (Sydney Medina, Ryleigh Moxam, Katie Elsner)
Dynamite - 0

Bronze Medal Game
Caruso Club - 1 (Chanelle Lafortune)
Dynamite - 2 (Julia Kucyk, Tori Vance)

Gold Medal Game
Laurentian Trophies - 2 (Sheila Esquib, Danielle Sampson)
Gougeon Insurance - 0
* game decided in overtime

U-12 Mixed Division
Lions Club of Sudbury - 3 (Kai Mallory, Nathan Scully, Eric Struk)
End of the Roll - 1 (Michal Andlar)

Panthers - 1 (Braedan Boissoneau)
Whitecaps - 2 (Tyler Street, Ryan Vanderplyum)

Whitecaps - 1 (Jacob Kruk)
Lions Club of Sudbury - 3 (Will Maki, Kai Mallory, Marco Scola)

Panthers - 0
End of the Roll - 5 (Zach McKee-2, Michal Andlar, Kaiden Belanger, Eric Elliot)

Lions Club of Sudbury - 0
Panthers - 2 (Braedan Boissoneau-2)

End of the Roll - 1 (Mathieu Michel)
Whitecaps - 1 (Malachi Beyore)

Bronze Medal Game
Whitecaps - 0
Panthers - 1 (Braedan Boissoneau)

Gold Medal Game
Lions Club of Sudbury - 4 (Nathan Scully-3, Kai Mallory)
End of the Roll - 2 (Eric Elliot, Mathieu Michel)

U-14 Girls Division
Cyclones - 1 (Katie Rinaldi)
Trauma Team - 2 (Veronique Paquette, Kiana Desrosiers)

Toppazzini Construction - 0
Trauma Team - 3 (Kiana Desrosiers-2, Hailey Leblanc)

Cyclones - 10 (Kylie Pajaia-Boivin-3, Katie Rinaldi-2, Alyssa Scott, Andrea Richer, Amy Luoma, Dayna Duffy, Laura Rinaldi)
Toppazzini Construction - 0

Trauma Team - 1 (Samantha Guillot)
Cyclones - 4 (Kylie Pajaia-Boivin-2, Katie Rinaldi-2)

Trauma Team - 4 (Hailey Leblanc-4)
Toppazzini Construction - 1 (Bayley Tang)

Cyclones - 7 (Kylie Pajaia-Boivin-3, Katie Rinaldi-2, Andrea Richer, Laura Rinaldi)
Toppazzini Construction - 1

Gold Medal Game
Cyclones - 2 (Kylie Pajaia-Boivin, Katie Rinaldi)
Trauma Team - 1 (Kiana Desrosiers)
* shootout win

Bronze medal winners are Toppazzini Construction

U-14 Mixed Division
Galaxy - 3 (Michael Zhou-2)
Impact - 1

Coca Cola Refreshments - 0
Vrabís YIG - 0

Impact - 0
Whitecaps - 5 (Skilliter-2, Wisniewski, Ryan Mooney, Loiselle)

Galaxy - 0
Coca Cola Refreshments 4 (Landen Witrak-2, A.J. Martel, Bailey St.Amand)

Vrabís YIG - 1 (Jacob Steele)
Whitecaps - 0

Vrabís YIG - 0
Galaxy - 1 (Sydney Smith)

Coca Cola Refreshments - 4 (Andrew Graham, Enrico Del Re, A.J. Martel, Chad Nielsen)
Impact - 1 (Parker Case)

Whitecaps - 1 (Ryan Mooney)
Galaxy - 0

Impact - 0
Vrabís YIG - 2 (Nicholas Hechler, Braxton Terry)

Bronze Medal Game
Whitecaps - 0
Galaxy - 1

Gold Medal Game
Coca Cola Refreshments - 0
Vrabís YIG - 3 (Braxton Terry-2, Jacob Steele)

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