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NCA swimmers are competing, young and old alike

Individual and team success went hand in hand recently for athletes representing the Nickel City Aquatics as a group of almost 40 local swimmers returned home from Timmins with the Large Team Banner, all part of the fun at the Fred Rams B Championships staged on May 13th and 14th.

With both James Ford (1st in: 50m/100m/200m/400m freestyle; 200m breaststroke; 400m individual medley) and Noah McGregor (1st in: 100m/200m/400m freestyle; 200m backstroke) earning high point trophies to lead the way, NCA entries paved a steady stream of competitors to the podium at the Archie Dillon Sportsplex.

Also coming through with multiple gold medal performances for the local club were Declan Coyne (50m backstroke; 100m butterfly), Noah Snider (200m/400m freestyle; 200m backstroke), David Tompsett (100m/200m backstroke), Jake Vanderydt (50m/100m butterfly; 50m backstroke), Brooke Herranen (50m/100m breaststroke; 200m individual medley) and Sophie Stott (400m freestyle; 100m butterfly; 200m individual medley).

For his part, James Ford had only just returned from also taking part in the Amanda Reason Invitational in Windsor where he was one of four members of the Nickel City Aquatics to record top three finishes, earning silver in the 50m butterfly (33.91) and bronze in the 200m freestyle (2:34.36).

Joining Ford in that grouping were Shane Clapham (bronze - 50m breaststroke - 33.46), Tommaso Deni (silver - 100m butterfly - 1:01.82) and Jayda Hartley (silver - 50m backstroke - 33.28).

Such was the wave of success being enjoyed by the NCA crew that even some parents were jumping aboard, with Derrick Morrissey, Tony Staalstra and Johanna Westby all attending the 2023 Ontario Masters Provincials in Etobicoke, with the latter two both earning themselves silver medals in their 200m backstroke races.

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