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Costello soars beyond standard at Laurels out of town meet

Jacob Costello wasted precious little time tending to the goal that all of the T & T (Tumbling & Trampoline) competitors representing the GymZone - Sudbury Laurels had clearly earmarked on their list.

Attending the first of three Gymnastics Ontario qualifiers scheduled for the opening few months of 2023, the 15 year-old youngest of four children in the family reached his provincial standards at the meet in Belleville.

Well, he reached the standard and then some.

"Jacob blew the qualifying score out of the water," noted coach Ali Weslake, with a touch of excitement in her voice. "That was pretty impressive."

In fact, with very little to gauge upon as the local delegation of 14 athletes made their way south, Weslake could not help but to be pleased with the Sudbury showing at the competition which was hosted by Quinte Bay Gymnastics.

"We weren't really expecting qualifying scores right off the bat," she said. "They may be nervous and that's not something we would necessarily see in training at our gym."

If Costello was nervous, it certainly wasn't obvious. Now entering his second year with the Laurels T & T grouping, the grade 10 student at St Benedict Catholic Secondary School drew upon the knowledge he accumulated in year one.

"Last year, I was happy that I got to compete and learned a lot," said Costello. "I progressed a lot. My first competition last year, I was like sixth or eighth, I think. This year, I won my first competition."

"I wanted to go up a level and I did."

And with that comes the need to strive for more, a reality that Costello has both embraced and targeted as he focuses on his personal pathway to trampoline excellence. "I felt like I did really good in my routines; my legs are straight, my toes are my pointed," he said.

"I get told where my errors are, like late kick outs, so I can focus on perfecting the routines, doing them over and over again, working on skills."

While all competitions feature a compulsory routine, athletes are also asked to assemble an optional one as well, an endeavour that allows for a little more creativity and some constant back and forth between gymnast and coach.

"I started off with a routine and figured what I liked and didn't liked and changed it," said Costello. "As long as I am comfortable with it and can do it cleanly, she (Weslake) doesn't mind if I change it."

Joining Jacob Costello on the GymZone - Sudbury Laurels T & T team this year are Mallory Moccey, Zoay Lachance, Alessandra Melo, Lily Caverly, Liam Cairns, Logan Vaillancourt, Thomas Webber, Brielle Tremblay, Hector Loiselle, Kiley Baxter, Lucas Diplock, Jessica Abbott, Shelby Schwar and Brent Farnsworth.

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