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Contest win could greatly assist Adanac Ski Hill
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There is a sense of irony in the fact that the Adanac Ski Cup was sitting at the top of the mountain, as recently as this past weekend, as the Mackenzie Top Peaks contest geared up for its final few runs.

Sponsored by Mackenzie Investments, the nationwide on-line contest is offering $50,000 to one lucky ski hill in Canada, with the folks at Adanac mounting a pretty good case for monies to make their way to northern Ontario.

"The old shack at the bottom of the hill has been there for many decades," noted ASC representative Angèle Carrière Prosperi. "I'm not entirely sure what the original use of the shack was, though I've been told that it may have been the original lift building."

"Currently, it's used to house some gates, some netting, some timing equipment, some signs - anything that would be needed to put on a race."

Not surprisingly, the edifice is showing its age.

"The building is rotting and there is no floor to the building, so it does get mudded every spring," noted Carrière Prosperi. "But the building is still important to us because without it, we cannot host ant races. The timing equipment, announcer equipment, everything is housed there."

"We would like to raise enough funds to build a new building, which would be amazing for the ski club, but also for the high schools in the area because they also use our equipment and facility."

"What we want to do is create something that is big enough to house the athletes changing area, to help offset the Vale Chalet, which is on site for the public," added Prosperi. "That would eliminate a lot of the congestion on the weekends."

"We would also like our announcer and our timer to actually be able to see the hill."

Having created their profile at "", the local group has been actively campaigning for the weekly challenges and such, much of it via the club's Instagram account, "@adanacskiclub".

"We are currently in the lead, which is surprising given that we are one of the smallest clubs with the smallest hills in all of Canada," said Carrière Prosperi, noting a fact that held true until a little earlier this week.

"We are competing against really big mountain resorts with ski clubs that have hundreds and hundreds of members."

Hence the reason, at this point, to try and engage the Sudbury ski community at large, tapping into all those who have enjoyed all that Adanac Ski Hill has to offer since the site re-opened to the public roughly 15 years ago.

"Every week, there is a challenge that Mackenzie throws out on social media and we earn points when we post on Instagram, completing the challenge," said Prosperi. IG postings should be accompanied by the hashtags #toppeakadanac2022 and #mackenzietoppeak2022.

"We also earn points for any posts on public Instagram accounts that include the two hashtags. They do not have to be ski related."

On March 28th, the top ten peaks will move on to a final round to narrow down to a top five on April 5th, with the winning site to be announced shortly thereafter.

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