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Schweyer finalizes his choice: Guelph Gryphons it is

Jacob Schweyer was in an enviable position.

Many a local high-school athlete lie awake at night, hopeful of a singular reach out from a post-secondary coach. One recruitment call, one prospect email is all that they wish for - just one.

For Schweyer, however, the volleyball sensation from Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School, the young man who has cracked the provincial team roster in recent years, the process was challenging for another reason altogether.

"I found it extremely difficult, for me, just because there were so many great options," said Schweyer, with no hint whatsoever of boastfulness, merely stating the facts. "At the end of the day, I think if I had fone to any of the schools that I talked to closely, I think I would have had a great experience."

"But for me, Guelph was the one that I thought I would have the best experience with." So the Gryphons it is, commencing in the fall of 2021.

Reaching this point did not seem to be in the cards before high-school for the young man who preferred basketball to volleyball, until things changed at LOE.

"It was maybe a year or two years ago, when I first started getting recruited," he said. "When I was at a tournament and a coach would approach me, it made me feel super excited, just to know that it wasn't just local coaches who were noticing me."

"It definitely boosted my self-esteem, to be completely honest."

Despite working through a slightly different process this fall, Schweyer made sure that the discussions that ensued were as much about the 6'5" power hitter ensuring that the fit was right for him as the other way around.

"What we did to adjust to the pandemic was to initiate a lot of phone calls and face time, with Zoom calls, stuff like that," he said. "As I was talking to the coaches and they said something interesting, I made a little note in my head."

"At the end, I kind of had this little chart. All of the schools are going to be good to you, but at the end of the day, it's want you want as a person, from the school, as a volleyball player and a student."

"Someone told me to think about what if there was no volleyball team, which school would you want to go to."

It's been quite the journey for the Northern Chill Volleyball Club product who also excelled in the high-jump during his time with the Knights. "As you grow and learn new things, you adapt and create you own dreams," said Schweyer.

"When I was younger, I was focused more on basketball. But when I started playing with guys who were more part of the volleyball culture, even though I still love basketball, I just found the game of volleyball a lot more fun and exciting, for me."

It was also a sport that would open doors, unveiling to Schweyer the double-edged sword that is post-secondary recruitment.

"After embracing the culture from all of the schools, it was definitely stressful, but it was also a lot of fun," he said.

And that is the most enviable position that you might wish for, as a local scholarship hopeful.

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