Amanda Seed
X-Country Running
(March 2006)

What started as a mere fitness past-time to help stay in touch has quickly turned into much, much more for Cambrian College cross-country runner, Amanda Seed. The 20 year-old native of Red Rock (Ontario), about 20 minutes outside of Nipigon, completed an impressive season last fall in just her second year of competitive racing.

With no cross-country or track and field team included among the athletic roster of the  Niprock Lakers, Seed played both basketball and volleyball through high-school, confining her regular jogs to a side hobby. �I really just ran for general fitness�both my parents were runners�, she said.

Noting that she wasn�t particularly serious about either of her court sports, despite her mother coaching the basketball team, Seed received excellent cross-training following the one loop that seemed logical. �I would head down the escape road and then loop back down the highway�there were hills which really helped my training� she explains.

The third year Fitness and Leisure student enjoyed a noticeable jump in her results this past season, culminating with a 5th place showing at the OCAA championships. �I was surprised at how well I was doing�I was looking to get into the top 10�, Seed admits.

With the College season behind her, Seed looks forward to the summer to stretch her boundaries, looking for longer races including the possibility of entering the Ottawa Marathon in May. While she may not have began the season with clear targets in sight, that changed quickly. �I think I achieved what I hoped for - finishing in the top seven in the all-Ontario�s and earning a trip to Nationals.�

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