Jody Carruthers
(December 2007)

In her first year attending Cambrian College, 18 year old Jody Carruthers established quite the benchmark, accomplishing a handful of achievements for the Cambrian Varsity badminton program.  A gold medal at the Ontario College Athletic Association (OCAA) badminton championships provided the proof that Carruthers is one of the top female badminton players in the province. 

Cambrian Athletic Coordinator Bob Piche couldn't be any happier for the young talent, as he shared his thoughts toward her achievements and success in the varsity program.

"Jody has accomplished something that very few athletes get to experience, her hard work and talent as an athlete has won her both provincial and nations honors which put her with the best of the best elite athletes in the sport of badminton," said Piche.

Not only is she a gold medallist but she is the only member of Team Ontario to medal at a National level, a title any young athlete can be proud of.  A genuinely athletic child,

Carruthers also has an interest in soccer, volleyball and flag football.  While growing up however, it was badminton that drove her competitive nature to the next level.

"I love to play all of these, but I've been playing badminton for ten years and now play at a national level," said Carruthers. Cambrian's badminton reputation is amongst the best in the province, as the college continues to produce highly-competitive athletes on the court year after year. Realizing this made the skilled badminton competitor's choice of colleges to attend easy.

"The only reason I came to Cambrian was because of the badminton team," said Carruthers. Before winning her gold medal at the OCAA championships, Jody headed into the championship with little on her mind. "I never really worried that much about the championships," said Carruthers.  "If I think too much about something I get too nervous," she added.

It all paid off for Carruthers as she brought the gold medal back to the college.

It meant so much to me, and I was so happy to know that I was going to be representing Cambrian at the nationals in British Columbia," said Carruthers.

"Cambrian Athletics is proud to have a student athlete such as Jody involved in our program," said Piche.

Carruthers continues to look to the future, eyeing the Provincials and Nationals again in 2008. The gifted bird-swatter is not planning on hanging up the racket anytime soon.

"I can see myself with badminton as a hobby for the rest of my life, until I am unable to walk," said

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