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Date Published: July 28, 2005

There is something to be said for excelling at a less conventional sport. At least this is the lesson one should learn from the success that 12 year old Mike McCue has enjoyed as he progresses up the ranks in the provincial youth rankings. Having just picked up a racquet about four years ago, McCue quickly found a natural niche within the squash courts.

“I wouldn’t want to say that I was great when I started but it came pretty naturally for me” admits McCue. First introduced to the sport by his father Tim, the Grade 7 student at MacLeod Public School did not take long to start dominating the youth classifications in Northern Ontario Tournaments.

“I think I have good footwork and good court sense” explained McCue, adding that he sees “court sense” as the ability to stay one step ahead of the rally. Having achieved some success, McCue is looking to continue his improvement, participating in a squash camp at Brock University and a High-Performance camp at St Andrews.

“I would like to have better fitness level, greater shot precision and always remembering that every shot has meaning” states McCue of his goals over the summer. Come September, he’s looking to crack the Provincial top five as well as enjoying a good showing at a US Open tournament at Harvard University in December.






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