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Date Published: May 1, 2010

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On a team that coach Craig Thomson calls the best he’s ever produced at C.R. Judd Public School, there was no lack of top end talent. The steadying influence of setter Jenna Gough, the leadership and character of Hillary Belec – but in terms of jaw dropping athleticism, it was difficult not to notice Amanda Kring. 

Which pretty much stands to reason since the Grade 8 student has enjoyed competitive success at just about ever sport she has tried. A background in both swimming and soccer gave way to an introduction to volleyball by Grade 5, something of a ritual for students of this small Capreol school. 

“My brother loved volleyball and playing for “Mister T” (coach Craig Thomson)”, noted Kring of her earliest foray to the courts. Yet despite her obvious physical attributes, not all aspects of the sport she now loves came easily at the outset. 

“Serving came rather easily, I could overhand serve quickly. Passing took me a little time to get used to and hitting took me a long time, three years before I could do it well”, noted the soft spoken thirteen year old. 

As Kring explains, there are simply many small things that have to come together nicely in order to drill the perfect kill. “You have to learn your whole approach, jump up high, get your elbow up high – or else it goes into the net.” 

An integral part of the Rainbow Championship team in each of the past two years, Kring echoes her coach’s assessment of the very special nature of the group that would bring C.R. Judd a third straight city banner this year. 

Despite an increase in the overall level of play in this year’s final, the eldest of two girls in the family (with two older brothers as well) helped her team to a three set sweep of Valley View, with their opponents never reaching the twenty point plateau. 

And the progression shall continue, with any luck, as Kring joins Jaguars teammates Hillary Belec and Madison Bean in making the move to the club volleyball scene for the first time. 

Heading to Confederation Secondary in the fall, Amanda Kring would love nothing more than to build a volleyball tradition at the home in the Chargers in the footsteps of another C.R. Judd alumni, Kristen Bolduc. 

For now, she will continue to enjoy our final year at the elementary level. “All my friends are here and I love Mister T – he works us hard to achieve our goals.” Something Craig Thomson would suggest is not necessarily all that difficult when combined with the personality and talent of athletes like Amanda Kring.


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