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Date Published: March 8, 2006

The youngest of four children in the family, twelve year old Matt Boivin clearly looks up to his older siblings. In return, brothers Mark and Phillip are rapidly grooming one of the region’s top young volleyball talents.

A Grade 6 student at Markstay Public School, Matt first began playing volleyball two years ago. “My brothers started helping me…and Mr B (Dale Beausoleil) would take me to practices with the older kids” said the latest in the line of Markstay court talents.

If you’re wondering just how devoted a pre-teen can be to the sport he loves, consider the fact that Boivin played on both the school’s Grade 5/6 team as well as the 7/8 squad. “The two seasons don’t interfere. It was kind of tough with the older team but eventually, I got the hang of it” he said humbly.

While both Mark (Lockerby) and Phillip (Lasalle) have excelled at various positions over the years, Matt seems to have his heart set on setting. “You have to make sure you volley the ball perfectly to the power or middle” he notes, explaining the importance of the setter, generally considered the on-court general for most teams.

While he used to play some soccer in his younger days, there is little doubt where his passion now lies. He admits to working constantly on his serving, bumping, volleying and spiking and doesn’t mind practice sessions in the least. “It just makes me happy when I’m bored to be out playing volleyball.”






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