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Date Published:  June 10, 2012

SCDSB track meet kicks things off

With the high-school ranks constantly on the lookout for incoming track & field talent, plenty of eyes might well be peeled on the Laurentian track for the next few weeks.

The first of the SCDSB (Sudbury Catholic District School Board) senior track & field meets kicked things off on Tuesday, with a total of five schools and some 200 young athletes strutting their stuff at L.U.

Katrina Malik (St David) and Ryan Ducharme (St Benedict) are just two of the up and coming youngsters we might want to follow next spring, with both of the grade 8 students walking away with a pair of first place ribbons yesterday.

Malik captured both the 400m (1:14) and the 800m (3:11) events, something of a surprise considering the pre-race preparation that she endured. "I actually thought I was going to lose," said Malik after the completion of the meet.

"I was really tired this morning and I didn't sleep well last night, but I actually did pretty good today." Pretty good indeed for the young lady who suggested that while she doesn't have a great deal of sporting background, the genes passed along through her great grand-father (an accomplished soccer player with very strong legs) might have helped.

That, and the experience that she drew from having raced in the 800 one year ago. "Last year, I decided I would just go out and run and not slow down, and I got really, really tired," Malik said.

"My strategy this year was to keep ahead of everybody, keep a medium pace, and then on my secnd time around the last corner, that's when I book it." The 14 year-old runner will be attending Marymount Academy in the fall and hopes to continue her running pursuits as a member of the Regals.

As for jumper Ryan Ducharme, first place ribbons are hardly ground-breaking, with the Wanup native capturing gold in the triple jump four years running. "If you want to do really good in the triple jump, you're first hop has to be your best," Ducharme said.

With a jumping pit situated in his own backyard (a la Canadian junior champion Caroline Ehrhardt), Ducharme often gets a "jump" on the competition. "A few months before the event starts, I start training at home," he said.

Ironically, despite his on-going success in the triple jump, Ducharme is actually more comfortable in his second event, the one in which he finally broke through for gold this year.

"I've been doing running long jump most of my life, so I feel more confident doing it." Tuesday's meet attracted teams from St John's (Garson), St Anne's (Hanmer), St David (Sudbury), St Benedict (Sudbury) and St James (Lively).

The second of the senior SCDSB meets is scheduled for this coming Friday at the Laurentian track. Following is a listing of the top three finishers in each event that was contested:

Grade 7 Girls
100m - 1st - Danielle Battistelli (StJN); 2nd - Hannah Leblanc (StA); 3rd - Deanna Krueger (StB)
200m - 1st - Deanna Krueger (StB); 2nd - Kaitlyn Adams (StB); 3rd - Hannah Leblanc (StA)
400m - 1st - Teshaylia Nesbit (StJM); 2nd - Sara Gardner (StJN); 3rd - Megan MacKenzie (StA)
800m - 1st - Allison McLean (StJN); 2nd - Laura Ross (StJN); 3rd - Brooke Sagle (StB)
Long Jump - 1st - Kaitlyn Adams (StB); 2nd - Olivia Celilli (StB); 3rd - Megan MacKenzie (StA)
High Jump - 1st - Hailey Weir (StJM); 2nd - Emme Paulin-Fredette (StB); 3rd - Teshaylia Nesbit (StJM)
Triple Jump - 1st - Allison McLean (StJN); 2nd - Delanie Pearson (StJN); 3rd - Aicha Drame (StB)
Shot Put - 1st - Brittney MacDonald (StD); 2nd - Delanie Pearson (StJN); 3rd - Hailey Fenton (StJM)

Grade 7 Boys
100m - 1st - Nick Chokan (StJN); 2nd - Dillan Spanish (StA); 3rd - John Squarzolo (StJN)
200m - 1st - Nick Chokan (StJN); 2nd - Cody Nkongdo (StB); 3rd - Isaac Oliveira (StA)
400m - 1st - Noah Caruana (StJN); 2nd - Jacob Burton (StB); 3rd - Connor D'Angelo (StJN)
800m - 1st - Noah Caruana (StJN); 2nd - Dawson Nootchtai (StJM); 3rd - Kevin McLelland (StB)
Long Jump - 1st - Brayden Kramer (StA); 2nd - Connor D'Angelo (StJN); 3rd - Nico Rouleau-Legault (StB)
High Jump - 1st - Patrick Thompson (StJM); 2nd - Cameron Keenan (StJM); 3rd - Logan Daniel (StJN)
Triple Jump - 1st - Cody Nkongolo (StB); 2nd - Cameron Keenan (StJM); 3rd - Logan Daniel (StJN)
Shot Put - 1st - Brandon Soucie (StJM); 2nd - Hunter Sabzali (StA); 3rd - Zach Corcoran (StB)

Grade 8 Girls
100m - 1st - Morgan Melnek (StA); 2nd - Erin Kendall (StB); 3rd - Melissa Martel (StA)
200m - 1st - Erin Kendall (StB); 2nd - Morgan Melnek (StA); 3rd - Kainna Houben (StA)
400m - 1st - Katrina Malik (StD); 2nd - Kaitlyn Marshall-Bergeron (StB); 3rd - Alyssa Frising (StA)
800m - 1st - Katrina Malik (StD); 2nd - Alyssa Frising (StA); 3rd - Alessandra Marrone (StB)
Long Jump - 1st - Brittney Ducharme (StD); 2nd - Brianna Jibb (StB); 3rd - Victoria Walsh (StJN)
High Jump - 1st - Melissa Murdoch (StJN); 2nd - Alyssa Menard (StA); 3rd - Keisha Pahpeguish (StJM)
Triple Jump - 1st - Karly Hallett (StJN); 2nd - Brittney Ducharme (StD); 3rd - Jayme Ellis (StA)
Shot Put - 1st - Tessa Scoville (StA); 2nd - Cora Audette (StA); 3rd - Madison Pincivero (StB)

Grade 8 Boys
100m - 1st - Nicholas Principe (StB); 2nd - Aiden Hurley (StB); 3rd - Jordan Gaudreau (StA)
200m - 1st - Zachery Nault (StB); 2nd - Nolan Greenhalgh (StA); 3rd - Livingston Boyd (StB)
400m - 1st - Matthew Paquette (StB); 2nd - Tristan Simeoni (StB); 3rd - Alex Suchoplas (StJN)
800m - 1st - Leonard Belanger (StD); 2nd - Tristan Simeoni (StB); 3rd - Nolan Greenhalgh (StA)
Long Jump - 1st - Ryan Ducharme (StB); 2nd - Nathan Thompson (StA); 3rd - Nick Gervais (StA)
High Jump - 1st - Aidan Hurley (StB); 2nd - Ryan Scanlon (StA); 3rd - Brady Savarie (StA)
Triple Jump - 1st - Ryan Ducharme (StB); 2nd - Nicholas Hechler (StB); 3rd - Brady Savarie (StA)
Shot Put - 1st - Brady MacDonald-Bertrand (StB); 2nd - Ethan Jodouin (StB); 3rd - Ethan Villeneuve (StJM)

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