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From : 2021-03-07


Still building sport in the north


Little down time for Spartans head coach Junior Labrosse


Byng sets the tone for the Bartolucci love of football


Richer carries the coaching football clear across the country


Defensive tweak leads to four interceptions and a win


Replacing current games with memories of very special finals


Vikings show some Love for their passing game


Chargers dominate on both sides of the ball


A flag football evolution that just might be sustainable


Lancers close the gap - just not quite enough


Late touchdown leads Lively past Lockerby at Lasalle Dome


Rivalries cast aside as Return to Play prevails


It's tough to walk away - but tougher not that have the chance


Dynamic defensive duo look back on Viking victories of 2004 - 2005


Hard work continues towards a finish line pushed back


Many football lessons learned from the school of Hardrocks


No real tangible options for Joe MacDonald Youth Football League


A redefinition that holds true to a love of sports


University football: Cluff can't get enough


Brandon Dougan: Going full circle on the field - and on to coaching

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Dairy Queen - Sudbury - Kingsway / Val Caron