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A fill of Chill stars feted at Evening of Excellence

A graduating class filled with promise would capture much of the spotlight, though the talent still in the younger ranks suggests that history will repeat itself as the Northern Chill Volleyball Club hosted their first ever on-line version of the Evening of Excellence a few weeks back.

While the 18U quartet of Brielle Chicoine and Jason Diotte (Players of the Year), as well as Lauren Jeanneault and Greg Mrochek (Chill and Frost Awards respectively) bid adieu to their time with the club, the tandem of Mia Lemay-Evans and Zacharie Leblanc (The Ones to Watch) are among a large group of returning athletes who continue to excel, many of whom were acknowledged with team awards.

Rounding out the club awards were Sophie Gaffney (Fitness Award) and James Schweyer (President's Award), while individual team accolades were doled out to:

OVA Award of Excellence
12UG - Danika Bouffard
13UG - Cassandra Lapensee
13UG - Kaylee Seguin
13UB - Gabriel Larocque
14UG - Maggie Lefebre
14UG - Kate Rolston
15UG - Hannah Crane
15UB - Yannick Giguere
16UG - Charlotte Eberlein
16UG - Sophie Gaffney
16UB - Harrison Wilson

Coach's Award
12UG - Addison Benedict
13UG - Olivia Borello
13UG - Emma Perreault
13UB - Logyn Bernard
14UG - Abby Laporte
14UG - Hannah Kirwan
15UG - Ashley Ruddick
15UB - James Welsh
16UG - Emma Vaillancourt
16UG - Haven Fournier
16UB - Miguel Leclair
17UG - Abigail Calvank
17UB - Noah Perreault
18UG - Lauren Jeanneault/Sami Dunlop/Symantha Welsh
18UB - Parker Farstad

Most Improved Player
12UG - Brooklyn Melanson/Isabelle Renaud
13UG - Marie-Eve Lemieux/Presley Atchinson
13UG - Anna Houle/Reece Crane
13UB - Brady Rajotte/Cameron Van Der Zyl
14UG - Emilia Rietze
14UG - Alyssa Nicholls
15UG - Michelle Scratch
15UB - Quinn Bardell
16UG - Anya Dowe
16UG - Grace Perrier
16UB - Jude Caruso
17UG - Emma Harris
17UB - Cameron Showers
18UB - Jaden Martin

Most Valuable Player
14UG - Shae St Onge
14UG - Fannie Gauthier
15UG - Kameryn Vanwallegham
15UB - Cale Bast
16UG - Megan Merrylees
16UG - Alexia Lemay-Evans
16UB - Noah Squires
17UG - Sydney Nicholls
17UB - Jacob Schweyer
18UB - David Pigozzo

Northern Ontario AAA Hockey League