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Eight records fall as grade 7 crew poised for a run in 2020

Records were made to be broken, even moreso the case when said records were reset just five years ago, adjusting for the age group definition change that impacted the R.E. Gibson Memorial Elementary Track & Field Series hosted by the Rainbow School Board.

Small wonder then that all eight of the new standards that were set at the Champions Meet last week occured in the grade seven division, where the slate was wiped clean in 2015, as opposed to the grade eight grouping (formerly midget division), in which some marks date back as far as 1966 (Harold Somers - Martindale Public School - 100m dash - 11.40 seconds - hand-timed) and 1970 (Heather Compton - Chelmsford Public School - 800m - 2:32.40).

Still, based on the talent being displayed in the class of 2006 student athletes (grade 7), even long-standing records could be in jeopardy next summer. Maren Kasunich (Lakeview School - M'Chigeeng) appears poised to take a run at the Compton threshold after clocking a time of 2:33.77 in capturing top spot in the grade 7 girls 800m race last Thursday.

Kasunich also established a new mark in the 1500m event, placing first at 5:14.17, well ahead of the current record held by Cambrian College cross-country sophomore Sydney Tarini (5:21.00).

Both Oak Runia (Churchill Public - 1.59m) and Adam Scott (MacLeod Public - 1.56m) bumped up the bar in the boys grade 7 high jump competition, bettering the 1.55m height that was cleared by Nicholas Burke (Northeastern) in 2015.

Standing 6'4" tall at the age of 13, Runia held an advantage of better than a full foot in height on Scott, though he would suggest the benefits can be offset, somewhat, in this event.

"Since I am taller, I also weigh a lot more than everyone else, so my weight kind of drags me down - and my long legs have more of a chance of hitting the bar," he said. Still, the multi-sport star is more than happy to see the inevitable positives that come from consistently being among the tallest athletes in his field.

"I love track, I really do, but I am more of a basketball guy," he explained. "I do this (track) mostly for school, but I would like to get into it more seriously, now that I've gotten better at it."

That competitive reality smacked 12 year old Aimie Remillard, right between the eyes, just a few years ago. "When I was in grade four, I had less confidence and I didn't train as hard as now," said the gold medal winner and new record holder in both the grade 7 100m dash (13.33 seconds) and triple jump (9.84m).

"Now, I've gained speed and boosted my self-confidence. I trained with Track North (Athletic Club) for one year, and now I'm with Robert Esmie (Air Blastoff)," noted the Macdonald-Cartier grade 7 sprinter.

"I realized that I have some potential in myself, and if I continued to work hard, I could get faster." Joining Runia, Kasunich and Remillard in the record books were Sonya Thompson (Macdonald-Cartier - Grade 7 - 200m dash - 28.82), James Bertrim (Lo-Ellen - Grade 7 - 800m - 2:28.95) and Jesse Lafontaine (Macdonald-Cartier - Grade 7 - Long Jump - 4.79m).

Following is a breakdown of all event winners at the 2019 Rainbow Board Champions Meet:

Tyke Girls
60m dash - Alexie Majchter (Pavillon) - 9.92
80m dash - Isabella Perry (Hélène-Gravel) - 12.75
Long Jump - Abby D'Aloisio (MacLeod) - 2.88m
Standing LJ - Cassidy Warren (Larchwood) - 1.91m
High Jump - Chloé Carrière (Foyer-Jeunesse) - 1.18m
Soft Ball Throw - Adelina Naghi (RL Beattie) - 23.76m

Tyke Boys
60m dash - Samuel Piette (RL Beattie) - 8.96
80m dash - Samuel Piette (RL Beattie) - 11.77
Long Jump - Kieran McCoy (Northeastern) - 3.35m
Standing LJ - Janssen Bettiol (Algonquin) - 2.17m
High Jump - Noah Skrobot (MacLeod) - 1.16m
Soft Ball Throw - Tanner Morris (Valley View) - 40.96m

Atom Girls
80m dash - Senyah Jeanty (Queen Elizabeth) - 11.76
100m dash - Abigail Klatt (Panthers) - 13.81
200m - Olivia Ball (Northeastern) - 30.40
High Jump - Madisyn Leblanc (Redwood Acres) - 1.33m
Long Jump - Abigail Klatt (Panthers) - 3.85m
Triple Jump - Kali Clement (Nesbitt) - 8.48m
Shot Put - Brooklyn Mainville (Larchwood) - 7.64m

Atom Boys
80m dash - Ethan Oliver (Alexander) - 11.77
100m dash - Rhyis Arthurs (Little Current) - 14.30
200m - Ethan Oliver (Alexander) - 29.13
High Jump - Riley Graffi (MacLeod) - 1.50m
Long Jump - Will Mackey (Northeastern) - 3.84m
Triple Jump - Quinn Mazzuchin (MacLeod) - 8.62m
Shot Put - Eric Vanier (A.B. Ellis) - 8.22m

Grade 7 Girls
100m dash - Aimie Remillard (ESMC) - 13.33
200m - Sonya Thompson (ESMC) - 28.82
400m - Syla Swords (LOE) - 1:06.02
800m - Maren Kasunich (Lakeview) - 2:33.77
1500m - Maren Kasunich (Lakeview) - 5:14.17
Long Jump - Aimie Remillard (ESMC) - 4.28m
High Jump - Alicia Lemelin (Algonquin) - 1.35m
Triple Jump - Aimie Remillard (ESMC) - 9.84m
Shot Put - Neveah Neil (Northeastern) - 8.56m

Grade 7 Boys
100m dash - Zidain Allen (Churchill) - 13.41
200m - Carson Huzij (MacLeod) - 27.99
400m - James Bertrim (LOE) - 1:03.46
800m - James Betrim (LOE) - 2:28.95
1500m - James Bertrim (LOE) - 4:54.37
Long Jump - Jesse Lafontaine (ESMC) - 4.79m
High Jump - Oak Runia (Churchill) - 1.59m
Triple Jump - Adam Scott (MacLeod) - 9.23m
Shot Put - Aiden Case (Charles McLean) - 9.73m

Grade 8 Girls
100m dash - Alayna Thorpe (Alexander) - 14.09
200m - Sophia Oomen (LOE) - 29.67
400m - Allison Nordquist (LOE) - 1:06.88
800m - Samantha Bourdon (LOE) - 2:52.11
1500m - Sophia Oomen (LOE) - 5:51.39
Long Jump - Ava Lamothe (McLeod) - 4.02m
High Jump - Sydney Coe (McLeod) - 1.55m
Triple Jump - Amelia Noble (A.B. Ellis) - 9.30m
Shot Put - Aryanna McDonald (Lansdowne) - 9.21m

Grade 8 Boys
100m dash - Bryce Firman (CR Judd) - 12.74
200m - Bryce Firman (CR Judd) - 24.83
400m - Kohen Crane (Valley View) - 57.78
800m - Carson Crane (Valley View) - 2:23.08
1500m - Carson Crane (Valley View) - 4:47.71
Long Jump - Bryce Firman (CR Judd) - 5.12m
High Jump - André Boulet (Northeastern) - 1.63m
Triple Jump - Cale Bast (Northeastern) - 10.46m
Shot Put - Connor Broennle (Markstay) - 12.51m

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