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Madison Hood and the kids shine at Hilton Meet

The trickle down effect with the Sudbury Synchro Club is now in full stream.

Where the most recent wave of success has followed the crew that are part of the 15+ grouping, and the ensuing collection of talent was highlighted by the likes of Amy Lacelle and Madison Hood, it is now the pre-teen crowd that is also drawing attention.

At least that was the case with the recent team performance at the Hilton Worldwide Artistic Swimming Invitational hosted in Etobicoke last month.

While the highlights were many, there was certainly a great deal of satisfaction with the ascension of the 11-12 grouping, which cracked the top half of the field in the team event, as well as garnering three top half placement in individual figures competition.

Showing the way was Heidi Fink (11th of 106; 62.7049), with Emilie Ladouceur (44th - 60.9710) and Maxine Lafleur (53rd - 59.9687) both working their way nicely up the charts.

Coached by Alystra Riddle, the 11 year old team merged together the talents of club veterans Olivia Burke, Sarah Crittenden, Eva Jessup and Lilliana MacIsaac with newcomers Sophie Boucher, Bianca Oprisa, Claire Sedgwick and Isabella MacIsaac en route to a score of 55.40, placing fifth in a category that assembled teams from 11 different clubs.

Of course, some of the more familiar faces were not about to rest on their laurels, with both Madison Hood (65.2806 - 8th) and Amy Lacelle (65.1803) working their way into the top ten bracket in the 13-15 figures event (68 competitors).

At the junior level, Emily Binks and Sarah Ieropoli (coached by Candice Larochelle) earned bronze in "Free Duet", while Stacie Kohan and Georgia Speck (coached by Courtney Stasiuk) slid in at 4th in Free Duet and 5th in Tech Duet, in categories that included 15 and 16 entries respectively, including some national stream swimmers.

A total of 19 clubs from Ontario took part in the meet, which also welcomed representatives from Québec, New Brunswick, Colorado and Oregon, and served as Phase One of the provincial trials for the 11-12 athletes, and Phase Two for 13-15.

Both Heidi Fink and Emilie Ladouceur have moved along from the younger classification, while Amy Lacelle did the same with the elder crew. Following is a breakdown of the remaining results for the Sudbury Synchro Club reps:

11-12 figures (106 swimmers)
Amy Seguin - 57.9919 (72nd)
Eva Jessup - 57.8392 (75th)
Rachelle Prévost - 57.5185 (77th)

12 year old team
coached by Courtney Stasiuk
53.3667 - 9th of 17 teams
Lily Burns, Chloe Cholette, Julianne Crittenden, Heidi Fink, Sophia Flabiano
Emilie Ladouceur, Maxine Lafleur, Rachelle Prévost, Amy Seguin, Lana Squires

11-12 year old duets (32 duets)
Heidi Fink and Amy Seguin (coached by Lyanne Paquette)
score of 57.6083 - 21st

Eva Jessup and Rachelle Prévost (coached by Alystra Riddle)
score of 53.5250 - 30th

11-12 year-old solos (20 soloists)
Emilie Ladouceur (coached by Lindsay Wandziak)
score of 61.5167 - 14th

13-15 year-old duets (26 duets)
Madison Hood and Amy Lacelle (coached by Chelsea Wandziak)
score of 63.7333 - 7th

13-15 solos (30 soloists)
Amy Lacelle (coached by Courtney Stasiuk)
score of 64.4083 - 14th

Junior Tech Duet (16 duets)
Emily Binks and Sarah Ieropoli (coached by Candice Larochelle)
score of 63.0739 - 10th

Junior Tech Team (13 teams)
coached by Allison Merla
score of 64.1087 - 9th
Emily Binks, Maeve Caddel, Gillian Franklin, Madison Hood
Sarah Ieropoli, Stacie Kohan, Amy Lacelle, Georgia Speck

Junior Free Team (12 teams)
coached by Chelsea Wandziak
score of 64.6167 - 5th
Emily Binks, Maeve Caddel, Gillian Franklin, Madison Hood
Sarah Ieropoli, Stacie Kohan, Amy Lacelle, Georgia Speck

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