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Sudbury Synchro swimmers figure to be in the mix

A shifting of divisions and some shuffling in the rules did not dissuade the Sudbury Synchro athletes a whole lot last month in Markham, as the team competed at the East/North Trillium Meet contested at the Pan Am Centre pool.

With only Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie enjoying synchronized swim representation in northern Ontario, the local group has increasingly tended to measure their progress against the balance of their provincial counterparts, many of which tend to dwarf the Nickel City membership in terms of club size.

In recent years, the Trillium meet has seen the North and Central regions competing together, though 2019 would feature the North and East at the same venue, at the same time.

Additionally, swimmers who now compete in a higher age bracket for team events must remain in that same age bracket for their individual figures. They are considered "exhibition" swimmers in their own division, a bit of a challenge for the Sudbury folks, given that limited numbers require that athletes of differing ages be grouped together in order to form competitive teams.

Regardless, with figures scores consistent across the board, it's easy enough for the local squad to compare themselves against their peers, a fair spectrum in which a number of local participants excelled.

None moreso than the up and coming tandem of Eva Jessup and Lilliana MacIsaac, whose scores ranked them 2nd and 4th respectively among the 42 athletes of the same age taking part in the figures competition.

With no less than 10 local swimmers finishing in the top half of the 60-swimmer field in the 11-12 figures division, a trio of Sudbury Synchroers shone in securing top ten placements: Heidi Fink (4th), Sophia Flabiano (8th) and Emilie Ladouceur (9th).

More "above the median" results from Payton Burns (12th), Macy Crowder (14th) and Ava Pagnutti (16th) as 33 registrants assembled for the 11-12 Novice Figures event.

A pair of teams also managed to secure 3rd place slottings (in fields of eight), as both the competitive 11-12 blue team, coached by Courtney Stasiuk, and the 13-15 Novice competitive team, coached by Emma Cushnie, were bested by just two other delegations.

Following is a thorough breakdown of the remaining Sudbury Synchro results:

10-U Competitive team
Madlena Cootes, Sasha Gilchrist, Tia Kingshott, Chloe Zink
Melodie Levesque, Samara Schellt, Niko Trudel, Kyla Turner
Coaches: Lyanne Paquette & Lindsay Wandziak
1st in North, 6/6 in East/North
Championship score 94.8646

11-12 Yellow Competitive team
Sophie Boucher, Olivia Burke, Sarah Crittenden, Eva Jessup
Isabella MacIsaac, Lilliana MacIsaac, Bianca Oprisa, Claire Sedgwick
Coaches: Alystra Riddle & Lindsay Wandziak
2nd in North, 6/8 in East/North
Championship score 107.4510

11-12 Blue Competitive team
Lily Burns, Chloe Cholette, Julianne Crittenden, Heidi Fink, Sophia Flabiano
Emilie Ladouceur, Maxine Lafleur, Rachelle Prevost, Amy Seguin, Lana Squires Coach: Courtney Stasiuk
1st in North, 3/8 in East/North
Championship score 115.5726

11-12 Solo
Emilie Ladouceur - Lindsay Wandziak (coach)
First in North, 2/4 in East/North
Championship score 116.540

11-12 Duet
Rachelle Prevost & Eva Jessup - Alystra Riddle (coach)
Second in North, 9/10 in East/North
Championship score 105.5305

11-12 Duet
Amy Seguin & Heidi Fink - Lyanne Paquette (coach)
First in North, 6/10 in East/North
Championship Score 115.1897

11-12 Novice Competitive team
Payton Burns, Macy Crowder, Chloe Gagnon, Eile Lacroix, Ava Pagnutti
Coach: Mya Duguay
First in North, 3/5 in East/North
Championship Score 96.2000

13-15 Novice Competitive team
Alexie Drouin, Daphne Majalahti, Jaimie McBride, Sofya Mishchenko
Mya Nebre, Samantha Norman, Kaarina Peura
Coach: Emma Cushnie
First in North, 3/8 in East/North
Routine score 53.7667

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