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Synchro medals par for the course

Having set the bar high, the Sudbury Synchro Club appear intent on maintaining their standards at the annual Hilton Worldwide Invitational earlier this month in Toronto.

Podium finishes were again par for the course for the local crew, which produced a gold medal effort courtesy of the 16-20 duet of Stacie Kohan and Georgia Speck (coached by Courtney Stasiuk), as well as silver with the 13-15 team (coached by Chelsea Wandziak).

Throw in fourth and sixth place ribbons, along the way, and one can see a pattern developing at the meet where Sudbury swimmers have medalled in each of the past three years. Not bad for a relatively small club competiting in an event that drew in excess of 900 competitors and 24 teams, included representatives from China, Québec and New Brunswick, along with the traditional Ontario field.

With their score of 65.9667, the Kohan/Speck tandem topped the second place pair from Kawartha Trent (64.600), showing the way in a bracket that included ten entries.

Both young ladies were also part of the silver medal team that also included Emily Binks, Madison Hood, Sarah Ieropoli, Amy Lacelle, Bronwyn Ashley, Gillian Franklin and Maeve Caddel.

Recording a marking of 66.300, the Sudbury squad slipped right in between the gold medal winning team from Durham (67.8333) and the bronze medal winning crew from Nepean (64.7333).

Soloist Amy Lacelle (13-15), coached by Stasiuk, earned a fourth place ribbon in a division of 13 entries, while Binks and Ieropoli (coached by Lindsay Wandziak) placed 6th in a bracket of 30 pairings.

The remaining Sudbury Synchro results included:

Other results : 13-15 Duet
Madison Hood/Amy Lacelle (coach Chelsea Wandziak)
8th/30 - score 61.5667

13-15 Duet
Maeve Caddel/Gillian Franklin (coach Candice Larochelle)
29th/30 - score 54.2333

11-12 Duet
Heidi Fink/Amy Seguin (coach Lindsay Wandziak)
26th/34 - score 55.1667

11-12 Duet
Lily Burns/Maxine Lafleur (coach Chelsea Wandziak)
27th/34 - score 54.900

11-12 Team (coach Candice Larochelle)
Lily Burns, Chloe Cholette, Emilie Ladouceur, Maxine Lafleur, Lana Squires
9th/16 - score 55.9667

11-12 Team (coach Courtney Stasiuk)
Julianne Crittenden, Heidi Fink, Sophia Flabiano, Rachelle Prevost, Amy Seguin
13th/16 - score 54.4333

10 and under Team (coach Lindsay Wandziak)
Olivia Burke, Sarah Crittenden, Eva Jessup, Lilliana MacIsaac, Jessica Huggett, Justine Perron-Zathureczky
15th/19 - score 48.7333

11-12 Soloist
Emilie Ladouceur (coach Candice Larochelle)
20th/24 - score 55.3000

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