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A birthday celebration skate for Hinton-Canard

Jennaviève Hinton-Canard fulfilled her birthday wish at the 2016 Skate Canada Northern Ontario Sectionals recently at the McClelland Arena in Copper Cliff, though the wheels were really set in motion one day earlier.

Registering a new personal best score in her short program of 26.23, Hinton-Canard gave herself some breathing room as she performed her long program on Halloween Day. "Usually, I'm in third place (after short), so I need to boost up," noted the just barely fourteen year-old Sudbury Skating Club representative.

"I didn't have that motivation this time. My long wasn't as good as I usually do." Despite placing behind both Breanne Derochie (Lake Superior FSC) and Kendra Knott (Thunder Bay FSC) in the second segment, Hinton-Canard still secured first place, and with it, a berth at the Skate Canada Challenge from December 2nd to the 6th in Edmonton.

The key lay in her day one performance. "I nailed my short program, it was good," noted Hinton-Canard with a great deal of enthusiasm. "My jumps went very well. The double lutz is my hardest jump."

"It's kind of the same as a double flip, but with a double lutz, you're going in backwards, and then you pivot forward and start rotating. This makes it harder." The local talent will be joined by clubmate Abby O'Bonsawin out West, as well as Derochie and Taylor O'Brien (Thunder Bay FSC), as the top four in the field of eleven skaters moved on.

For thirteen year-old Kya Weiman, the end goal lies much closer to home. Weiman captured first place in the Pre-Juvenile Women (U13) grouping, giving her a leg up heading to the Festival of Stars in Sault Ste Marie in February.

With 35% of her Sectional score being added to 65% from Festival, Weiman stands a good chance of grabbing one of the top four slots in her category, and with it, the chance to compete on home turf, as Sudbury plays host to the Skate Ontario Championships from March 18th to the 20th.

"This was actually my personal best score (19.63), which I was happy about, and it was one of my better solos," said Weiman. Skating to an interesting mash-up of music from One Direction and Bethoven, the well-spoken teenager tapped into a mix that worked well for her.

"I actually picked the music, which was good," said Weiman. "Sometimes, the mash-ups don't go well together, sometimes they do. In this case, the contemporary was more upbeat."

"Usually in a solo, I like more relaxed music. But then there's interpretative skating for fun, with no jumps, and it just shows off your creativity and performing skills. That's when I like to have upbeat music."

Following is a breakdown of the skaters who will move on from Sectionals to the Challenge in Edmonton, followed by the top finishers in the groupings that are limited to just provincial finals:

Senior Women
1 - Marika Steward (North Bay) - 134.42
2 - Veronique Cloutier (Lake Superior) - 122.73

Senior Men
1 - Benjamin Guthrie (Marathon) - 147.65
2 - Jarret Melanson (Thunder Bay) - 114.25

Junior Women
1 - Taia Steward (North Bay) - 111.90
2 - Alyssa Murray (Sudbury) - 88.35

Novice Women
1 - Jessica Etreni (Fort William) - 77.13
2 - Madeline Baron (Sudbury) - 72.13
3 - Lauren Puumala (Thunder Bay) - 70.22
4 - Abiguel Jones (Lake Superior) - 68.75

Pre-Novice Men
1 - Jennaviève Hinton-Canard (Sudbury) - 66.88
2 - Breanne Derochie (Lake Superior) - 63.93
3 - Abby O'Bonsawin (Sudbury) - 62.39
4 - Taylor O'Brien (Thunder Bay) - 62.00

Pre-Novice Men
1 - Jordan Derochie (Lake Superior) - 49.95

Juvenile Women (U14)
1 - Danyka Piquette (Verner) - 25.61
2 - Amy Lee Brough (Thunder Bay) - 23.86
3 - Hannah Carty (Bracebridge) - 22.38
4 - Laura Baek (Lake Superior) - 21.52

Pre-Juvenile Women (U13)
1 - Kya Weiman (Sudbury) - 19.63
2 - Taite King (North Bay) - 17.82
3 - Hannah Martin (Lake Superior) - 16.84
4 - Kaitlyn Brushey (Huntsville) - 16.46

Pre-Juvenile Men (U13)
1 - Alexander Buschmann (North Bay) - 17.68

Juvenile Women (U12)
1 - Emilie Vezina (Lake Superior) - 25.02
2 - Breanna Baxter (Sudbury) - 23.91
3 - Lilia Pelletier (Lake Superior) - 18.85
4 - Addison Elliot (Walden) - 18.57

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