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Huska and Kivinen provide late-game heroics at Police Cup

Sure, there were some lopsided scores along the way - but come Sunday afternoon at the 2012 Sudbury Playground Hockey League Police Cup, there were also some classic battles to be found.

The Atom and Peewee divisions was where the drama was at, producing an amazing 6/6 record of semi-final and final games decided by just one goal. The odds of that are surely astronomical.

The Atom affair featured a most unlikely comeback as Long Lake scored twice in the final minute of play, escaping with a 2-1 win over McFarlane Lake.

Hayden Kivinen scored the game-winner with just 18 seconds to play after Benjamin Paquette drew Long Lake even, mere seconds after the final minute of play was announced.

Chad Sweeney opened the scoring, netting a second period goal for McFarlane Lake. Both fresh-water bodied playgrounds emerged to the championship affair after a nail-biter the night before.

Paquette scored in the final minute of play, lifting Long Lake past the Lo-Ellen Lightning 3-2 while McFarlane Lake squeaked past the Cedar Park Red Wings in the remaining semi-final, also by a 3-2 score.

The Peewee final proved no less tense as Patrick Huska found the back of the net with 3:04 to play, drilling the only goal of the game in support of netminder Brandon Costello as Lo-Ellen blanked Long Lake 1-0.

It was quite the memorable afternoon for Huska, who teamed up only hours later with schoolmates Tanner Horgan, Ethan Urban and Jacob Horgan to capture the Rainbow Elementary Curling Bonspiel for the second straight year.

In the Novice finale, Kepler Salt, an impressive young gymnast in his own right, enjoyed a four-goal performance, leading the Cedar Park Red Wings past Lo-Ellen 6-0.

Ryan Deresti and Tyler Scott rounded out the scoring for the Red Wings, with William Sivazlian recording the whitewash between the pipes.

Closing out the weekend of play, the Long Lake Bantams scored three times in the third period, breaking open a tight game and cruising to a 5-0 win over Riverdale.

Carter Jibb paced the winners with a pair of goals, with Eric St Denis, Justin Watkins and Brayden Hamilton-Greer adding solo markers while Brandon Larcher turned aside everything that came his way in picking up the shutout.

A total of 26 teams gathered for the festivities, including a group of children assembled with the blessings of the Children's Aid Society, enjoying the thrill of competition for a third straight year.

A large part of the thanks for their involvement goes out to the Greater Sudbury Police Services Board (GSPSB) as the organization took on a primary sponsorship role a few years back, lending both financial support as well as volunteer manpower over the course of the weekend.

"Personally, I've had a long association with the Sudbury Playground League myself," noted staff sergeant Rick Waugh. "My son played in the league for four to five years, I've coached at this level as well for Cedar Park."

"We understand the grass-roots that it is," Waugh added. "The principles are for sportsmanship, fair play, equal ice time. The SPHL stands for all of the things that we believe in for youth in hockey."

"It just seemed to be the perfect fit for the Police Board." The GSPSB receives aid from the Chief's Youth Initiative Fund, the Sudbury Police Association and Crime Stoppers, with Norm Bouffard at Skater's Edge assisting greatly with the outfitting of the Bulldogs team through the donation of gently-used equipment.

It is a commitment that Waugh believes strongly must continue on an annual basis. "It's been very rewarding. Giving those children the opportunity to play in a tournament like this is simply something they would not otherwise enjoy."

The SPHL covers the tournament entry fee for the team, with the Police Board and Skater's Edge overseeing the equipment aspect while the RHP Training Centre donated practice ice time for the group to prepare for the big event.

Following is a complete breakdown of all game scores along with goal scorers, as they have been provided, for the 2012 SPHL Police Cup:

Novice Division

Algonquin Hawks 5 (Viktor Bulic-3, Stephanie Bankie, Evan Gosselin)
Long Lake 5 (Michael Lewis-2, Rowan Mullin Santone-2, Ava Punkkinen)

Cedar Park Red Wings 4 (Jaden Martin-2, Tyler Scott-2)
Lo-Ellen Lightning 0

Cedar Park Red Wings 10 (Joshua Gascon-4, Tyler Scott-3, Kepler Salt-2, Jaden Martin)
Long Lake 1 (Michael McCullough)

Lo-Ellen Lightning 2 (Nickolas Curich, Laydon Bursey)
Westmount Wolverines 1 (Austin Dumaine)

Westmount Wolverines 5 (Nickolas Smith-2, Cooper Levesque, Austin Dumaine-2)
Algonquin Hawks 5 (Viktor Bulic, Maxim Dumais, Evan Gosselin, Matthew Duncan, Austin Mader)

Lo-Ellen Lightning 4 (Nicolas Curich-2, William Thistle-2)
Long Lake 3 (Michael Lewis, Jonah Sacchetto, Rowan Mullin Santone)

Cedar Park Red Wings 8 (Jaden Martin-4, Justin Sivazlian, Rafe Walsh, Kepler Salt, Tyler Scott)
Westmount Wolverines 4 (Austin Dumaine-2, Nickolas Smith, Hunter Sportan)

Algonquin Hawks 2 (Viktor Bulic, Maxim Dumais)
Lo-Ellen Lightning 0

Long Lake 7 (Rowan Mullin Santone-4, Ava Punkkinen, Marshall Johnston, Michael McCullough)
Westmount Wolverines 4 (Austin Dumaine-2, Nickolas Smith, Cooper Levesque)

Cedar Park Red Wings 6 (Kepler Salt-2, Jaden Martin-2, Tyler Scott, Ryan Deresti)
Algonquin Hawks 1 (Austin Mader)

Lo-Ellen Lightning 2 (Jacob Schweyer, Laydon Bursey)
Algonquin Hawks 0

Cedar Park Red Wings 11 (Jaden Martin-4, Tyler Scott-3, Kepler Salt-3, Justin Sivazlian)
Long Lake 4 (Rowan Mullin Santone-4)

Championship Game
Cedar Park Red Wings 6 (Kepler Salt-4, Ryan Deresti, Tyler Scott)
Lo-Ellen Lightning 0 (shutout - William Sivazlian)

Atom Division

Riverdale Sharks 4 (Garret Wisniewski, Emma McNulty, Kaiden Kirky, Zachery Cormier)
Westmount Wolverines 3 (Nicholas Marcoux-2, Chris Rocca)

Cedar Park Red Wings 4 (Kashtin Trudeau-2, Jordan Urban, Dylan monahan)
Westmount Wolverines 3 (Nicholas Marcoux-3)

Cedar Park Red Wings 0
McFarlane Lake Wolverines 0

Lo-Ellen Lightning 7 (Robbie Geick-2, Patterson Tarini-2, Jordan Maguire, McArthur Costigan-2)
Long Lake 5 (William Maki-2, Benjamin Paquette-2, Hayden Kivinen)

Lo-Ellen Lightning 2 (Patterson Tarini, McArthur Costigan)
Riverdale Sharks 1 (Chase Paquette)

McFarlane Lake 2 (Dante Santone, Kai Mallory)
Long Lake 2 (Benjamin Paquette, TJ Oliver)

Long Lake 5 (Ben Ashley-2, Thomas Price-2, Tyler Linton)
Westmount Wolverines 1 (Nicholas Marcoux)

Lo-Ellen Lightning 3 (McArthur Costigan-2, Patterson Tarini)
Westmount Wolverines 2 (Nicholas Marcoux, Liam Cousineau)

McFarlane Lake 10 (Dante Santone-3, Chad Sweeney-2, Alias Derocher-2, Brett Stewart, Ben Stewart, Noah Glassford)
Riverdale Sharks 0

Cedar Park Red Wings 4 (Bradley Blais, Jordan Urban, Nicholas Loiselle, Kashtin Trudeau)
Riverdale Sharks 0

McFarlane Lake 6 (Cameron Docking, Tyson Pellinen, Dante Santone, Ben Stewart, Chad Sweeney, Kai Mallory)
Lo-Ellen Lightning 1 (McArthur Costigan)

Long Lake 3 (Benjamin Paquette-2, Austin Hill)
Cedar Park Red Wings 0

McFarlane Lake 3 (Louis Belanger, Dante Santone, Brett Stewart)
Cedar Park Red Wings 2 (Tyler Masson, Kashtin Trudeau)

Long Lake 3 (Tyler Linton, Hayden Kivinen, Benjamin Paquette)
Lo-Ellen Lightning 2 (Jonah Bennett, Connor Curich)

Championship Final
McFarlane Lake 1 (Chad Sweeney)
Long Lake 2 (Benjamin Paquette, Hayden Kivinen)

Peewee Division

Lo-Ellen Lightning 2 (Jacob Sutton, Trent Gervais)
McFarlane Lake 0

Riverdale Sharks 4 (Ryan Phillips-2, Carson Lafreniere, Brady Nelson)
Cedar Park Red Wings 4 (A.J. Sauve-2, Bradley Rivard, Bradley Masson)

Bulldogs 4
McFarlane Lake 1 (Aaron Burke)

Riverdale Sharks 7 (Brady Nelson-3, Carson Lafreniere-2, Corey Hanrahan, Adam Jeffrey)
Westmount Wolverines 0

Lo-Ellen Lightning 4 (Jacob Sutton-3, Patrick Huska)
Algonquin Hawks 4 (John Foisy-3, Andrew Scott)

Long Lake 5 (Matthew Paquette-4, Nicholas Forteski)
Cedar Park Red Wings 3 (Ryan Gratton-2, Tyler Bailey)

Algonquin Hawks 10 (John Foisy-3, Jack Nykilchyk-3, Andrew Scott, Wesley Kwan, Wesley Dupuis, Connor MacLean)
Bulldogs 0

Cedar Park Red Wings 10 (Jesse Plouffe-4, Tyler Bailey-2, Noah Gascon-2, Ryan Gratton, A.J. Sauve)
Westmount Wolverines 0

Long Lake 10 (Curtis Carpino-2, Jacob Desjardins-2, Thomas Delong, Kyle Luciw, Katja Punkkinen, Drew Bensley, Matthew Paquette, Trevor Watkins)
Westmount Wolverines 3 (Shane Teddy, Steven Sagle, Matthieu Landry)

Algonquin Hawks 4 (John Foisy-3, Malcolm Farrant)
McFarlane Lake 2 (Aaron Burke, Jean-Marc Rivard)

Long Lake 6 (Curtis Carpino-2, Matthew Paquette-2, Matthew Hill, Dawson Larcher)
Riverdale Sharks 2 (Adam Jeffrey, Ryan Phillips)

Lo-Ellen Lightning 3 (Patrick Huska, Kyle Ormsby, Jacob Sutton)
Bulldogs 2

Long Lake 2 (Matthew Paquette, Nicholas Forteski)
Algonquin Hawks 1 (John Foisy)

Lo-Ellen Lightning 2 (Jacob Sutton-2)
Cedar Park Red Wings 1 (Jesse Plouffe)

Championship Final
Lo-Ellen Lightning 1 (Patrick Huska)
Long Lake 0 (Brandan Costello - shutout)

Bantam Division

Long Lake 10 (Jake Santi-3, Carter Jibb-2, Nicholas Watkins-2, Patrick Lacelle-Sauve, Brayden Hamilton-Greer-2, Eric St Denis)
Cedar Park Red Wings 4 (Riley Campbell-3, Alex Mayotte)

Lo-Ellen Lightning 7 (Tate James-3, Jonah Blatt-2, Josh Sutton, Marino Annibali)
Algonquin Hawks 4 (Benjamin Cortolezzis-2, Nico Presot, Johnathan Zanini)

Cedar Park Red Wings 6 (Riley Campbell-4, Keegan Basso-2)
Antwerp Leafs 3 (James Arsenault, Micaela Powers, Nathen Shawana)

Long Lake 8 (Carter Jibb-4, Eric Hunt-2, Patrick Lacelle-Sauve, Connor Olivier)
Riverdale Sharks 4 (Kurtis Brisebois-2, Steven Vaillancourt, Cory Levesque)

Westmount Wolverines 6 (Jacob Leore-3, Marc Gagnon-2, Nathan Werbiski)
Lo-Ellen Lightning 5 (Zachary McMahon, Thomas Costello, Josh Sutton, Jonah Blatt, Brady Lavigne)

Cedar Park Red Wings 3 (Jonathon Dubois-2, Riley Campbell)
Antwerp Leafs 2 (Fred Rochon, Nathen Shawana)

Westmount Wolverines 5 (Marc Gagnon-4, Jacob Leore)
Algonquin Hawks 4 (Ryan Liinamaa-2, Nico Presot, Logan Blanchard)

Long Lake 4 (Jake Santi-2, Patrick Lacelle-Sauve, Carter Jibb)
Antwerp Leafs 1 (James Arsenault)

Riverdale Sharks 10 (Perez Beaupre-3, A.J. Perreault, Steven Vaillancourt, Nicholas Nelson, Ethan Frappier, Connor Napol, Carter Nadorozny, Trevor Romanyszyn)
Cedar Park 3 (Riley Campbell-2, Isaac Vicker)

Westmount 3 (Kasey Maguire, Jacob Leore, Myles McCormick)
Lo-Ellen 2 (Jonah Blatt, Jonathon Huska)


Westmount Wolverines 3 (Jacob Leore-3)
Riverdale Sharks 4 (Cory Levesque, Connor Napol, Trevor Romanyszyn, Carter Nadorozny)

Long Lake 7 (Eric Hunt-2, Carter Jibb-2, Eric St Denis, Brayden Hamilton-Greer, Jake Santi)
Lo-Ellen Lightning 1 (Dylan Kelly)

Championship Game
Long Lake 5 (Carter Jibb-2, Eric St Denis, Justin Watkins, Brayden Hamilton-Greer)
Riverdale Sharks 0 (shutout - Brandon Larcher)

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