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Panhellenic Lightning Strikes in Thornhill

Backed by an incredible defensive effort that would see the team surrender just one goal against over five games, the Panhellenic Lightning U-17 Girls captured Gold in Thornhill over the weekend.

Alex Eaton capitalized as Sudbury applied pressure in the box, while goaltender Kaitlyn Matson registered her fourth shutout of the tournament as Panhellenic bested the Markham Hornets 1-0 in the championship final.

With coach Joe Persi at the helm of the squad once again this year, the Lightning opened with a pair of 1-0 victories, knocking off the Kitchener Eagles and Owen Sound Strikers. Emma Persi and Erin Jones handled the goal scoring as Panhellenic clearly kicked things off on the right foot.

The locals had no trouble improving to 3-0, bouncing the Vaughan Azzuri 5-1 as Brigitte Lamothe drills a hat trick, with Alex Eaton rounding out the scoring with a pair. Karen Dubreuil matches that effort in the semi-final, more than enough for the local ladies, who eliminate the North Mississauga Panthers with a 4-1 win.

Brigitte Lamothe and Erin Jones added one goal apiece as the Lightning advance to the final with relative ease. "In this tournament, the goalkeeping of Kaitlyn Matson and defensive work of Tessa McDougall, Teghan Persi, Brittany Byers and Gen Eaton were as rock solid," said Persi.

The championship Panhellenic roster included Michelle Jacques, Brigitte Lamothe, Erin Jones, Karen Dubreuil, Emma Persi, Teghan Persi, Tessa McDougall, Brittany Byers, Kaitlyn Matson, Katie Wismer and sisters Gen and Alex Eaton.

"It is worthwhile to note that three of the Panhellenic Lightning players also played recreational soccer this year in the Valley (Brigitte Lamothe, Brittany Byers, and Erin Jones) and two in Walden (Karen Dubreuil and Tessa McDougall), which no doubt provided additional opportunities for skill development", noted coach Persi.

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