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Recognizing those who soared highest at Horizon Athletic Banquet

Most every single high-school graduation is likely to be ripe with an element of sadness.

Some, however, are simply far more melancholy than others.

Such was the case recently as a very special core of athletic talent gathered for the final time at Ecole secondaire catholique l'Horizon - with 18 year-old Olivia Hinich capturing the moment to near perfection.

"The teachers here treat us like their own children," confessed the aspiring massage therapist who will head to Cambrian College in the fall. "It's more of a family than just students and teachers."

It's a sentiment that is shared by so many student athletes at the secondary school level, such is their involvement in the very heart and soul of the institution they called home.

"It's definitely the end of a chapter, so it's sad," said the eloquent speaking teen who was named Female Leadership Award less than an hour earlier. "There's a lot of emotions going through my head."

"We're closing a door but we're also opening another one. I'm excited to see what comes next."

Her time with the Aigles dotted by many memorable moments, including three straight SDSSAA Premier Soccer crowns, Hinich looked in a slightly different direction when recalling the one season that might have topped all others.

"I think our grade 11 basketball year when we went to OFSAA," she said. "It was a sport that I had never played before so there were no expectations. We made it there because we were a team that worked together - and we were having fun."

For junior boys multi-sport star (volleyball; basketball; mountain biking; snowboarding - to be specific) Addison Denommé, there are hopefully far more memories still to be made than simply the ones he has pocketed in his first two years at Horizon.

Still, being named as Male Athlete of the Year while still in grade 10 is pretty darn special.

"I've never had a big award like this before," Denommé acknowledged. "I am really happy."

While all of the sports appeal to him, Denommé admitted that he was most at home on the hardcourt of the Valley East school. "I play everywhere, pretty much, in basketball - but I like power forward."

"I'm out a little farther from the rim so I have room to do moves - and I don't get fouled as much."

With a healthy mix of team and individual sporting pursuits as well as some athletics for all seasons, Denommé has the ability to offer some comparison between the activites that kept him busy from start to finish of the school year.

"I've always snowboarded, even when I was young - and snowboarding takes a little less energy," he said. "You're not running, just gliding down a hill."

As for the source of his varied interest, like most, it was found right in his own backyard.

"My parents have always said that if you have fun with a sport, just play it - and they played a lot of different sports. I've played pretty much every one that I wanted to."

Following is a complete listing of the major award winners as well as the various team awards:

Team of the Year - Senior Girls Volleyball (OFSAA silver medal winners)

Female Athlete of the Year - Brooke Dugas

Male Athlete of the Year - Addison Denommé

Female Leadership Award - Olivia Hinich

Male Leadership Award - Justin Barriault

Golf: MVP - Katia Messier; Mathieu Bourassa

Bowling: Spirit Award - Mekin Houle; MVP - Gabrielle Chénier

Flag Football - Jr: Offensive MVP - Ellie Renaud; Defensive MVP - Emma Thibert

Flag Football - Sr: Offensive MVP - Brooke Dugas; Defensive/Offensive MVP - Olivia Hinich

Cross-Country: Leadership Award - Nolan Lafrance; Dedication Award - Jacob Lemieux

Volleyball - Novice Boys: Leadership Award - Matteo Faccendi; MVP - Justin Mrochek

Volleyball - Novice Girls: MVP - Kianna Thibert; Zoay Lachance

Volleyball - Junior Boys: Most Improved - Cade Kirwan; Leadership Award - Nicolas Leduc

Volleyball - Junior Girls: MVP - Isabelle Renaud; Ellie Renaud

Volleyball - Senior Boys: Leadership Award - Zackary Vaillancourt; MVP - Greyson Seifert

Volleyball - Senior Girls: MVP - Fannie Gauthier; Hannah Kirwan

Basketball - Junior Girls: MVP - Brooke Waltenbury; Sophie Montgomery; Erika Young

Basketball - Junior Boys: Leadership Award - Addison Denommé; MVP - Cade Kirwan

Basketball - Senior Girls: Effort Award - Olivia Hinich; MVP - Kayley Lemaire

Basketball - Senior Boys: Effort Award - Cowen Gouett; MVP - Caleb Giroux

Hockey - Boys: MVP - Nolan Lafrance; Aaron Wright

Hockey - Girls: Leadership Award - Tessa Ranger; MVP - Kalia Pharand

Hockey - Boys - Franco: MVP - Braeden Vis; Justin Barriault

Hockey - Girls - Franco - Leadership Award - Madison Bodson; MVP - Désirée Charbonneau

Swimming - Dedication Award - Aiden-Nicholas Fillator; MVP - Coralie Bernier

Ski / Snow Sports - MVP - Alpine Ski - Alexis Brabant; MVP - Snowboarding - Addison Denommé; MVP - Nordic Ski - Kalia Pharand

Gymnastics - Dedication Award - Olivia Hinich; Leadership Award - Janick Ratté

Wrestling - Leadership Award - Andra Pretty; MVP - Haydee Johnson

Badminton - Most Improved - Lexi Briscoe; MVP - Blake Chénier

Volleyball - Co-ed - Juniors: MVP - Addison Denommé; Isabelle Renaud

Volleyball - Co-ed - Seniors: MVP - Greyson Seifert; Camille Barr

Tennis - MVP - Justin Barriault; Tessa Ranger

Soccer - Boys - Leadership Award - Cowen Gouett; MVP - Zackary Vaillancourt

Soccer - Girls - MVP - Kiara Levac; Brooke Dugas

Slo-Pitch - Girls - MVP - Sophie Savignac (Team A); Désirée Charbonneau (Team B)

Slo-Pitch - Boys - MVP - Nolan Lafrance; Justin Mrochek

Baseball - Boys - Effort Award - Ryan Noel; MVP - Justin Dandeneau

Track & Field - Juniors - Dedication Award - Gavin Pelland; MVP - Chloé Carrier

Track & Field - Seniors - Leadership Award - Sébastien Montgomery; MVP - Chloé Rinaldi

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