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Sudbury skaters reaching new heights - not just in their jumps
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A pair of recent Skate Ontario events have allowed representatives of the Sudbury Skating Club to break new ground as personal best scores were established by the locals in Sault Ste Marie and Haileybury.

Mackenzie Roy triplicated her efforts at Skate Ontario Provincial Series #6 in the Lock City, hitting new standards in her Juvenile U14 (27.54), Star 9 U14 (22.64) and Star 7 Artistic (25.92) categories.

A pair of Star 5 entries also raised the bar as Mara Saaramets (U13) bumped her best score up to 17.24 while Allie Baronette (U10) now has a PB of 19.91 points to strive for.

Alexia Tackaberry (Star 6 - 23.83), Eva Baronette (Juvenile - U14 - 30.98) and Angela Tripodi (Pre-Juvenile - U11 - 24.03) rounded out the group who returned home more than a little pleased with their efforts in January.

Earlier this month, Mackenzie Roy continued her ascension, gaining another half point or so in her Star 9 U14 performance (23.17), with teammate Eva Baronette participating in the same bracket and also recording a new personal best score of 24.84 points.

Last but definitely not least, local Special Olympics figure skating star Nadia Bouillon also travelled to Haileybury from February 2nd to the 4th, picking up three gold medals and two silvers in her elements.

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