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Summer camps at The Facility with Georges Serresse

Local Sudbury Five member Georges Serresse may be even more at ease as a coach than a player - especially when it comes to interacting with youth.

The graduate of both Coll├Ęge Notre-Dame and Laurentian University is putting that skill-set to good use this summer, running a series of both basketball specific and multi-sport camps at The Facility.

After first branding that name in partnership with John Desormeaux on the previous Frood Road property, Serresse has now branched out on his own, sliding into the gymnasium of what was at one time St Michael's Elementary School.

It's a setting where he clearly feels comfortable, in his element.

"The transition (to coaching) for myself was done pretty easily, just because it's something I've been doing for a long time," noted the 32 year-old Valley East product who has been involved athletically on a local level for as long as anyone can remember.

"Even when I was playing in France, I had my qualifications to coach at first professional level. At Laurentian, I was one of the players who would run the summer camp. As a player, I did a lot of skill development stuff."

"Just being in the gym gets me excited. I remember what it was like at that age."

And as he addresses the reality that the tail-end of his playing days will soon be in sight, Serresse is more than happy to absorb a sense of accomplishment in a completely different manner.

"As I get more and more years under my belt, I'm able to really see the development of the players who do decide to work hard," he said, citing the example of Kiersten Goudreau (Niagara Prep) in particular.

"That's really gratifying."

Ironically, Serresse finds himself right at home whether he is leading basketball centric drills and workouts, or merely just exposing youngsters to the benefits of Physical Literacy in general - even if the former requires a little more background work than the latter.

"The idea now is to stay up to date with the changes in the styles of play, to be able to teach those (basketball) skills," he stated. "Even though you're a teacher, you've always got to be a student as well."

"With Instagram and the development of similar technologies, you're able to see what the best players in the world are doing, how they are able to get better."

As for the multi-sport perspective, Serresse speaks from experience.

"A played a lot of different sports before I took the route of focusing on basketball," said the young many who was an outstanding soccer talent growing up and also captured gold in the discus throw at the city championships as a junior at CND.

"Hopefully from these camps, kids can take away skills that will be useful later in life: critical thinking, the willingness to complete a task, etc ..."

For further information on any of the summer offerings that are open to kids from five to 13 years of age, kindly visit the company website at "www.thecailitysudbury.com"

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