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Personalized Management Coaching (PMC) branches into the world of sport

Gilles Rochefort was never about to forget about sports.

Even as the early graduate of the Sports Administration program at Laurentian University and one-time employee of the Montreal Expos branched off into the world of business, connections to sport ruminated in the back of his mind.

The company he had established in the late nineties, Personalized Management Coaching, had worked successfully for years with Caterpillar, a well-known international brand, partnering on the academic research side with Bowling Green State University, confirming the scientific validity the model.

The focus remained clearly on business opportunities - until just recently.

"My interest in coaching has been largely in the business world, but given my background in sport, I felt that there was something to look at," suggested the native of Sudbury who has assisted a host of Fortune 500 companies over the years.

In fact, this story does come full circle, as its genesis is actually in "La Belle Province".

"I was doing some research on coaching, research which included (former Expos' manager) Felipe Alou and others, and that's where I came up with the model," Rochefort explained. "Then we tested it in the business setting and before long, I started consulting using the model as a basis for my business."

PMC has now expanded to include some 40 or so active consultants, worldwide, using the model to assess the relationship between leaders and those who report to them.

A casual conversation with Andrew Dale (SPAD Internship Coordinator) two years ago provided Rochefort with a reminder spark. "Andrew asked about whether the model could be translated to sport," noted Rochefort.

"Coaching is more than just X's and O's. It's about relationships, it's about having credibility with the athletes you work with, the degree of motivation those athletes have to perform for this coach."

Beginning initially with assessments conducted with both Dale and Sudbury Wolves' coach Cory Stillman, the concept was expanded to include more than a dozen coaches who were under the stewardship of sports psychologist Dr Cassidy Preston.

Where one might think that identifying folks who were open to the notion of receiving feedback on their coaching skills, both good and bad, might be next to impossible, Rochefort and company determined otherwise.

"People who are good at something generally want to get better," he said. "People that are self-confident typically don't mind people pointing out things to help make them better. A lot of the feedback has to do with communication."

In order to assist with the roll-out of the expansion of the PMC product line to include a sport setting, Rochefort has returned to his roots, enlisting the help of SPAD intern Ty Kendall, who now works full-time for the company as the Operations Coordinator.

"When I first learned of the model, the inner workings, I thought of it more from a sports setting," said Kendall. "So when we actually started working on a sports related model, I already had that foundation."

And much like Rochefort, Kendall has been plesantly surprised with the reception they have received.

"With tenured university program coaches, I thought they would be very hesitant to using the model and taking in the feedback," he said. "The feedback that we got was that it was very eye-opening for them. They took it really well."

The pragmatics of the PMC model might well be grounded on questions and answers, conversational or via texts - "one of our biggest challenges with the teenagers is technical, as they don't deal with emails," said Rochefort with a laugh - but the reliance on academic research methodology is evident.

"It's a data rich environment," said Rochefort. "We are measuring credibility. We are measuring someone's internal motivation to help develop others. We're measuring the resources. We make successful coaches more successful."

"Our sweet spot is people that are already good at it," added Rochefort. "They are always looking for a competitive edge."

To obtain more information on PMC (Personalized Management Coaching) and their product offerings, please contact Gilles Rochefort ( or visit the company website at

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