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Joe Mac league execs holding out hope for a season

The Joe MacDonald Youth Football League (JMYFL) will prepare for a football season this fall - or so they hope.

Based on the easing of the guidelines that have regulated the oversight of amateur sport in Canada throughout the current pandemic, the Covid protocols, if you will, league execs are confident that conditions exist that allow for some form of programming for the JMYFL.

In fact, there biggest concern at the moment has little or nothing to do with health - though clearly, they are bound and determined to follow all of the requirements of their provincial and national governing bodies.

To put it bluntly, the JMYFL is unable to run without a notable influx of volunteers.

Individuals who are willing to assist on game days, to help out with equipment fittings, as well as offering their services as either head coaches or assistant coaches have been identified as the make or break component in terms of the fall season moving forward or not.

Folks interested in offering a lending hand are asked to visit the JMYFL website ( and complete the information template contained within the "Contact Us" heading on the site.

Because of the pandemic, the league was unable to run in 2020.

Without volunteers, the JMYFL will suffer the same fate in 2021.

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