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Lo-Ellen Park nordic team still in fine form

The speed of the Lo-Ellen Park Knights nordic ski team has not fallen victim the the pandemic.

That was the lesson to be learned as coach Colin Ward staged the first in a series of Strava based events, kicking off the Lo-Ellen Park Nordic Team Race Series 2021 this month.

Though it might not be completely fair to compare one time to the next, given the fact that all competitors are registering their results independently over the course of a one-week period, posted times would suggest we would have been treated to one heck of a race, if standard conditions applied.

Clocking in at 13:10 while tackling the classic (nordic ski) style, Kendyn Mashinter finished a wee bit ahead of both Eran Bursey (13:37) and Kaeden Ward (13:38), with alumnus Josh Tillson (13:50) also in range.

The sub-15 minute grouping included the senior boys tandem of Kai Nener (14:06) and Alex Lambert (14:52), as well as coaches/alumni Auggie Marks de Chabris (14:32 - classic) and Rob Rice (14:38).

Remaining divisional champions featured Kalila Bachiu, outracing sister Chandyn Bachiu in the senior girls bracket (16:26 vs 16:39), as well as Findlay Cuza, who posted a victory by more than two minutes with a time of 19:30, showing the way for the junior girls.

Following is a complete listing of the remaining results:

Junior Boys
Liam Lacroix - 15:55
Sam Rice - 15:58
Russell Joiner - 16:43
Owen Claridge - 16:51
Ethan Moore - 18:46

Junior Girls
Grace Thomas - 21:32
Heli Maki - 21:58

Neil Phipps - 15:07
Laydon Bursey - 15:28
Sara McIlraith - 15:55
Colin Ward - 16:12
Mikael Maki - 17:10

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