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Vikings show some Love for their passing game

The Lo-Ellen Park Knights marched the field on their very first possession of the night - then quarterback Ashley Love and her speedy Lockerby Vikings' receivers went to work.

Throwing touchdown passes to Stacie Kohan, Halle Bertrim, Breanna Boisvenue and Bertrim, for a second time, and adding two point passing conversions to Kohan (twice) and Bertrim, Love would help lead Lockerby to the Pool B final on Thursday, thanks to a 32-14 win over Lo-Ellen.

"For me, I really had to work on throwing it in front of my players so they could run up and catch it," said Love. "I worked on it this week, and prior to the game. I'm pretty proud of myself, because I did do it pretty well."

Now in her second year with the Vikes, spending both at QB, Love has even surpassed her own family expectations, by all accounts.

"I have a really good arm and I play with my dad all the time," she said. "Over the years, I've eventually gotten a better throw than him."

Thankfully, her propensity to take to the air fits her offensive co-horts just fine, allowing Love and the offense to either follow their playbook, or improvise, when needed.

"We will make a plan first, so I will have a player that I should throw it to," she explained. "But if they're not open, I'll look around for whoever is open. And if I need to run, or I see that I can run, I will run."

"I'm not picky," she continued. "Sometimes, I'll just fake handing it off to someone else and I will keep the ball to myself. That's pretty fun, especially when they're all over there and I'm like, woo-hoo."

And while the defense did surrender the early strike from Lo-Ellen pivot Cecilia Anderson to Danielle Stinson, who also returned an interception for a major in the second half, the overall effort was more than solid.

"Our defense played very well," said Love. "They played really good man to man (coverage). They were where they were supposed to be, and they had really quick hands."

In the early game on Tuesday, the Lockerby juniors also advanced to their championship final, also edging the Lo-Ellen Park Knights, 9-6.

Kaija Beljo recorded a touchdown for the Vikings, with Sydney Coe adding a pair of singles and Jessica Severinac adding another, while Jebreen Madina countered with a trip to the end zone of her own for the Knights.

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