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Sunday, Jun. 16, 2019
Joe Mac Football at something of a crossroads
by Randy Pascal

Many a local sports organizations will endure a heavy turnover of their volunteer board and executive members every five to eight years or so, or less, as folks put in some time while their children are involved, before moving on after having done their part.

For the most part, the Joe MacDonald Youth Football League (JMYFL) managed to stretch this period to more than a quarter centure for the bulk of the founding fathers. The likes of Mike Staffen, Chris Bartolucci and Al Lekun, and even coaches like Randy Stevens, have clearly gone well beyond their call of duty in providing the local league with a helping hand.

Small wonder then that the time has come to put out a call for JMYFL volunteers.

"We just completed our 25th season, and the league is doing quite well, adapting to the rule changes," noted treasurer Adam Guilbault. Along with soon-to-be past president Matthew Hall and chief in waiting Ed Prud'homme, Guilbault is among the core group that will help guide and welcome the newcomers.

"At the 25 year mark, we are now seeing some of the founding members starting to depart. We're at a little bit of a crossroads. There has to be a transition into some new blood, some people that have some passion for football and the league."

To that end, Guilbault and company are welcoming all interested parties to attend the JMYFL Annual General Meeting, scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 12th, at 195 Applegrove (Jubilee Center), directly behind the Courthouse.

"There are some good volunteers, including at the executive level, but we are always looking for more, just because of the turnover of some of the old guard," said Guilbault. "They served enough time with the league and really helped establish some of the fundamental principles that made this league so valuable."

As for the current group, Guilbault has no reservations, on a personal level, about remaining on board. "We work really well as a team, so we are looking for team players who want to contribute and want to help out," he said. "Our league is really about development, making sure that people are playing the right way and playing safely."

"If you're an individual who has never really played, like myself, it makes it kind of fun, because you get to learn with the kids. You can kind of grow organically into the sport."

Given the obvious concerns the sport is dealing with at a professional level with regards to concussions and such, Guilbault is hoping to see some in-person registration sessions (much of the registrations in recent years have been completed on-line).

"It's less about easing the registration of the players, but moreso trying to provide a venue to help the sharing of informtion and communication with parents, giving them the opportunity to talk with coaches and volunteers with the league, and maybe breaking down some of the reservations about helping out."

For further information, simply visit the JMYFL website at "".

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