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Tuesday, May. 21, 2019
Home course advantage helps carry the Idylwylde over the hump
by Randy Pascal

The parity within local golf circles was exemplified again this past weekend, as the 25th annual edition of the Sudbury Ryder Cup wrapped up Sunday afternoon at the Timberwolf Golf Club.

For the sixth straight year, the defending champs were unable to hold on to their crown, quite a statement given that the field is limited to just three entries: Timberwolf, Lively and the Idylwylde.

Spurred on by a strong home course showing on Saturday, the latter were able to establish a lead that they carried and retained on day three, capturing the trophy for the second time in three years, following a drought that dated back to 2010.

The Idylwylde Golf & Country Club reps would finish the three-round showdown with 10.5 points, with the defending champs, Lively Golf Course, in second at 8.5 and Timberwolf rallying on day three to close at five points.

Competing in the event for roughly the eighth time in his career, Jordan Lund enjoyed a perfect tournament, posting a 3-0 record. Among the more veteran core of a very young Idylwylde contingent, Lund noted that there is a different dynamic in play when it comes to assembling an eight-person crew.

"Team golf is rare," he said. "This is the one weekend where you get to be a team. When you can feel the team come together and everyone is having a good time, it's really special." In an event that features pairs matches on the first two days of competition, there is no denying that there is some psychological thought process that enters into play in the area of team composition.

"It's about getting guys comfortable," said Lund. "We have some guys on our team that can play with anyone. Not everyone is like that." In fact, he points to that very factor as being key to his own personal unblemished mark when the dust settled late yesterday afternoon.

"I had good partners, well, maybe not today," said Lund, reminded that day three features strictly a lineup of a dozen individual head to head contests. "On day one, Ward (Kyle) is a young guy, but great to play with, and day two, Nick (Quesnel) and I had a really good day."

"Going into Sunday at 2-0, there was no pressure," added Lund, a few hours after besting Curtis Tammi of Lively 2 and 1. "I had already enjoyed a really good week. It just felt good."

Beyond the chemisty component, Lund suggested that the turning point would come on Saturday, when he and his mates were benefitting from highly familiar surroundings. "We played yesterday at the Idylwylde and won all four matches, and that changed everything."

And in terms of match events, the timing of the local Ryder Cup could not be any better, specifically for those who target the other big July golfing highlight later this month. "We definitely do play match, for fun, but between you and me, a game for $5 or $10 on a random Wednesday is not the same as this," noted Lund.

"As soon as you put your club pride on the line, everything changes. Without a doubt, this is an advantage being a few weeks before the (Idylwylde) Invitational.

Following are complete results from the event:

Day One - at Lively
Curtis Tammi/Jim Christison (Lively) 1 up
vs Kyle Lekun/Matty Matheson (Timberwolf)

Ward Kyle/Jordan Lund (Idylwylde) 2 and 1
vs Sam Yawney/Matt Lawson (Timberwolf)

Brian Ceasar/Dan Couillard (Lively) 1 up
vs Jay Jewett/Pat Laferriere (Timberwolf)

Marc Doyle/Matt Bortolotto (Idylwylde) 5 and 4
vs Tom Clark/Joey DiMaio (Timberwolf)

Brent Hatton/John Palys (Lively) 3 and 2
vs Nick Quesnel/Kevin McLelland (Idylwylde)

Alex Watier/Max Kallio (Lively) 2 and 1
vs Bryan Davidson/Ryan Abresch (Idylwylde)

Day Two - at Idylwylde
Josh Hayes/Emmett Taillefer (Idylwylde) 4 and 3
vs Curtis Tammi/Jim Christison (Lively)

Tom Clark/Joey DiMaio (Timberwolf) 2 and 1
vs Brian Ceasar/Dan Couillard (Lively)

Brent Hatton/John Palys (Lively) 3 and 2
Matt LAwson/Kyle Lekun (Timberwolf)

Marc Doyle/Matt Bortolotto (Idylwylde) 2 and 1
vs Max Kallio/Alex Watier (Lively)

Bryan Davidson/Ward Kyle (Idylwylde) 1 up
vs Pat Laferriere/Jay Jewett (Timberwolf)

Nick Quesnel/Scott Lund (Idylwylde) 2 up
vs Chase Woitowich/Sam Yawney (Timberwolf)

Day Three - at Timberwolf
Brian Ceasar (Lively) 7 and 6 vs Sam Yawney (Timberwolf)
Marc Doyle (Idylwylde) even with Joey DiMaio (Timberwolf)
Brent Hatton (Lively) vs Nick Quesnel (Idylwylde)
Matt Lawson (Timberwolf) vs Bryan Davidson (Idylwylde)
Tom Clark (Timberwolf) 2 and 1 vs Matt Bortolotto (Idylwylde)
Jordan Lund (Idylwylde) 2 and 1 vs Curtis Tammi (Lively)
Emmett Taillefer (Idylwylde) 3 and 1 vs Jim Christison (Lively)
John Palys (Lively) 3 and 2 vs Kyle Lekun (Timberwolf)
Josh Hayes (Idylwylde) 4 and 2 vs Dan Couillard (Lively)
Ward Kyle (Idylwylde) 1 up vs Chase Woitowich (Timberwolf)
Pat Laferriere (Timberwolf) 2 and 1 vs Max Kallio (Lively)
Jay Jewett (Tiumberwolf) even with Alex Watier (Lively)

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