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Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2019
Sudbury/Lo-Ellen athletes dominate NOSSA track
by Randy Pascal

The track and field elite are alive and well in Sudbury, thank you very much.

Local athletes racked up no less than 64 first place finishes in the recent NOSSA (Northern Ontario Secondary School Association) Championships, including 36 by Lo-Ellen Park athletes alone, topping the podium in roughly two third of all events that were contested this week at the Laurentian University track.

There was no lack of highly motivated Sudbury and area high-schoolers, including junior boys shot put and discus champion Jacques Mathieu. "I really wanted to make my dad proud," said the 15 year-old grade 10 student at College Notre-Dame.

"Ever since my mom's passing (2009), I haven't really been too involved in sports, and my mother really loved track and field. It's something I wanted to dedicate to them."

Despite setting a new city record in the discus last week, Mathieu entered this competition with some trepidation, having missed out on a trip to OFSAA last spring after fouling on all three attempts in one of his two favourite events.

"I've always been the tallest, biggest person, and I've always been fond of track and field events," Mathieu stated. "I'm not much of a runner. I looked up on-line the Olympic throwing events and knew it was something that I wanted to do. The javelin is not really my style, but discus and shot (put), it's for me."

Thankfully, his throw of 39.26 metres was enough to slip past Caleb Parker of Central Algoma (39.17m). Mathieu would add the shot put title to his resume the very next day.

One year removed from a season in which a battle with mononucleosis curtailed her steady progress, Christina Robert was showcasing her outstanding form in claiming both the senior girls 100m (12.45) and 200m (26.07) dash.

"I'm trying to get back to where I was in grade nine," she said. "My starts have been pretty good, I will always try and work on my start, but I've been trying to lengthen my stride a little bit - and we've been doing a lot of speed and endurance work."

Posting a time in the 100m that was less than a tenth of a second within the eighth place finisher in the senior boys final, Robert appeared quite satisfied with her run. "It was pretty good," she said. "There was a head wind, but it was overall pretty good. It felt quick."

At a NOSSA championship that featured several promising local midget athletes, Kelsey Dunn of Notre-Dame was among those who garnered the most attention. Already an accomplished hockey talent, the only 2003-born player (first year midget) selected to the 2018-2019 edition of the Sudbury Midget "AA" Lady Wolves (the team also signed major bantam standout Elizabeth Laberge), Dunn hauled off with a pair of gold medals and a silver courtesy of the 100m dash, long jump and triple jump.

Outleaning Paige Bowes of Superior Heights to capture the 100m by 4/100th of a second, Dunn acknowledged that she prefers the jumping events. "This was my first year doing sprints," she said. "I'm not used to it yet, but the jumps I've been doing for a while."

"When I started sprinting, my form was like a hockey player. My elbows were out. You have to run with more 90 degree angles, with your arms closer to your body. My coaches helped me out with that."

Interestingly enough, all four of the new records that were established at the 2018 NOSSA championships came courtesy of the midget girls division, including a pair of new standards from Lo-Ellen Park phenom Lauren Fearn.

It wasn't just that Fearn broke the records in both the shot put and discus, but rather smashed both to smithereens. Tossing the discus 32.79 metres, she surpassed the old mark (Anna-Lee Policicchio - 2009 - 27.87) by almost 15 feet, but also finished more than 10 metres ahead of this year's second place finisher.

Her dominance was only slightly less amazing in the shot put, moving the old mark of 11.19 metres out to her heave of 11.82 metres, good for a six foot plus win at NOSSA. Based on the distances she is throwing, Fearn is fully capable of taking a serious run at an OFSAA medal next week in Toronto.

Finally, while several athletes managed to double down on their gold medal performances, only Calum Passi of Lasalle recorded a triple crown meet, placing first in the junior boys 800m, 1500m and 3000m races. Following is a complete list of all first place finishers:

Midget Girls
100m dash - Kelsey Dunn (Notre-Dame) - 13.53
200m dash - Janae Hardware (Widdifield) - 28.09
400m - Janae Hardware (Widdifield) - 1:00.48
800m - Kalila Bachiu (Lo-Ellen) - 2:33.62
1500m - Kalila Bachiu (Lo-Ellen) - 5:17.64
3000m - Amber Wiwchar (Manitoulin) - 11:32.87
80m hurdles - Hannah Furbacher (Korah) - 13.42
300m hurdles - Kristen Mrozewski (Lo-Ellen) - 49.95
High Jump - Isabelle Scratch (Notre-Dame) - 1.40m
Pole Vault - Isabelle Scratch (Notre-Dame) - 2.31m*
Long Jump - Kelsey Dunn (Notre-Dame) - 4.77m
Triple Jump - Chandyn Bachiu (Lo-Ellen) - 10.50m*
Shot Put - Lauren Fearn (Lo-Ellen) - 11.82m*
Discus - Lauren Fearn (Lo-Ellen) - 32.79m*
Javelin - Hannah Desrosiers (SJ Scollard Hall) - 22.90m
4 X 100m relay - Lo-Ellen Park - 53.48
* New Record

Midget Boys
100m dash - Devon Savignac (St Charles) - 12.01
200m dash - Devon Savignac (St Charles) - 24.74
400m - Tyson Belland (Lasalle) - 56.52
800m - Calum Passi (Lasalle) - 2:13.45
1500m - Calum Passi (Lasalle) - 4:34.08
3000m - Calum Passi (Lasalle) - 10:00.46
100m hurdles - Bryce Desabrais (Lo-Ellen) - 16.18
300m hurdles - Seth Veldhuis (Algonquin) - 46.72
High Jump - Jacob Schweyer (Lo-Ellen) - 1.75m
Pole Vault - Will Fabbro (Lo-Ellen) - 2.45m
Long Jump - Jacob McIntyre (Korah) - 5.50m
Triple Jump - Brendan Lemay (Notre-Dame) - 11.52m
Shot Put - Logan Frederick (Widdifield) - 12.19m
Discus - Caelen Mantle (Lo-Ellen) - 37.95m
Javelin - Brent Couchie (Northern) - 38.10m
4 X 100m relay - Lasalle Lancers - 48.39

Junior Girls
100m dash - Jadyn Zeppa (Korah) - 13.07
200m dash - Jadyn Zeppa (Korah) - 26.70
400m - Erika Brown (Lo-Ellen) - 1:01.34
800m - Fiona Symington (Lo-Ellen) - 2:27.60
1500m - Dylann Mazzuchin (Lo-Ellen) - 5:31.88
3000m - Meredith Kusnierczyk (Lo-Ellen) - 11:40.01
80m hurdles - Fiona Symington (Lo-Ellen) - 13.13
300m hurdles - Erika Brown (Lo-Ellen) - 48.67
High Jump - Amy Connelly (Confederation) - 1.50m
Pole Vault - Mireille Kingsley (Notre-Dame) - 2.25m
Long Jump - Jadyn Zeppa (Korah) - 4.56m
Triple Jump - Caelynn Middaugh (WC Eaket) - 10.37m
Shot Put - Brayden Corbett Lewis (Superior Heights) - 11.58m
Discus - Brayden Corbett Lewis (Superior Heights) - 30.21m
Javelin - Brooke Brohart (Espanola) - 31.81m
4 X 100m relay - Lo-Ellen Park - 53.59

Junior Boys
100m dash - Logan Spicer (Lo-Ellen) - 11.91
200m dash - Tristan O'Flynn (Korah) - 24.41
400m - Ayden Trudeau (Mac-Cartier) - 54.08
800m - Kendyn Mashinter (Lo-Ellen) - 2:08.73
1500m - Andre Larocque (Notre-Dame) - 4:21.53
3000m - Andre Larocque (Notre-Dame) - 9:35.77
100m hurdles - Tyler Roussel (Champlain) - 16.01
300m hurdles - Max Mahaffy (Lo-Ellen) - 45.86
High Jump - Laydon Bursey (Lo-Ellen) - 1.75m
Pole Vault - Dario Beljo (Lockerby) - 3.05m
Long Jump - Kurtis Wennerstrom (Lo-Ellen) - 5.93m
Triple Jump - Kurtis Wennerstrom (Lo-Ellen) - 12.92m
Shot Put - Jacques Mathieu (Notre-Dame) - 12.97
Discus - Jacques Mathieu (Notre-Dame) - 39.26m
Javelin - Caleb Parker (Central Algoma) - 41.31m
4 X 100m relay - Korah Collegiate - 47.07

Senior Girls
100m dash - Christina Robert (Lo-Ellen) - 12.45
200m dash - Christina Robert (Lo-Ellen) - 26.07
400m - Carlie Parker (Marymount) - 59.47
800m - Natalie Marks de Chabris (Lo-Ellen) - 2:28.90
1500m - Hillary Clark (Elliot Lake) - 5:08.86
3000m - Jayde Hurley (Lo-Ellen) - 11:36.00
1500m steeplechase - Natalie Marks de Chabris (LOE) - 5:47.01
100m hurdles - Jaclyn Groom (Lockerby) - 16.32
400m hurdles - Dominique Baldasaro (Algonquin) - 1:15.57
High Jump - Caleigh Porter (Widdifield) - 1.50m
Pole Vault - Hannah Nykilchyk (Lockerby) - 2.60m
Long Jump - Melina Levasseur (Algonquin) - 4.71m
Triple Jump - Hanna Jodoin (Korah) - 11.19m
Shot Put - Adriana Duncan (Confederation) - 10.49m
Discus - Grace Michauville (Algonquin) - 36.02m
Javelin - Jenna Fleming (Central Algoma) - 37.30m
4 X 100m relay - E.S. Algonquin - 52.81
4 X 400m relay - Lo-Ellen Park - 4:17.06

Senior Boys
100m dash - Zachari Mainville (Notre-Dame) - 11.26
200m dash - Zachari Mainville (Notre-Dame) - 22.65
400m - Lucas Mrozewski (Lo-Ellen) - 51.17
800m - Andrew Budau (Korah) - 2:01.11
1500m - James Scott (Manitoulin) - 4:20.77
3000m - Keon Wallingford (Widdifield) - 9:33.80
2000m steeplechase - Andrew Budau (Korah) - 6:28.31
110m hurdles - Austin Hawkins (Espanola) - 16.40
400m hurdles - Lucas Mrozewski (Lo-Ellen) - 59.61
High Jump - Owen Young-Pine (Superior Heights) - 1.86m
Pole Vault - Jay Norrie (Lo-Ellen) - 3.25m
Long Jump - David Pedatella (St Mary's) - 5.77m
Triple Jump - Callum Bruser (Lo-Ellen) - 13.20m
Shot Put - Jacob Horgan (Lockerby) - 12.18m
Discus - Roy Barber (Central Algoma) - 36.68m
Javelin - Bradley Hardwick (Odyssee) - 44.69m
4 X 100m relay - Lo-Ellen Park - 45.62
4 X 400m relay - Lo-Ellen Park - 3:35.37

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