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Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019
Plenty of sunshine and stories from the Sudbury Rocks Marathon
by Randy Pascal

It wasn't just the running elite that were thankful for the most outstanding weather conditions enjoyed for the annual Sudbury Rocks Marathon in quite a few years.

The ultra skilled and weekend warriors alike were out in droves, easily numbering several hundreds, as the downtown streets were flooded with those who entered their specific event with goals of all shapes and sizes.

At the front of the pack, in a handful of distances, were those who squeeze in these races amongst the year-round training regimen they maintain with their post-secondary teams. Now 20 years of age and having just completed his second year of Kinesiology at Laurentian University, varsity cross-country runner Caleb Beland captured the Continental Insulation 10 km in a time of 34:03.

This, directly on the heels of competing in both the 800m and 1500m events on Saturday at the Nipissing Invitational in North Bay. “I was surprised, I wasn't expecting it to feel as good as it did,” said Beland. “But I put in a really good base coming into this outdoor track season, my fitness is really there right now.”

“It shows that Darren (Jermyn) and Dick (Moss) really know what they're doing,” added the graduate of Bishop A. Carter in Hanmer. “You've got to believe in the process, and it feels great to be having success.” More of a long distance runner to this point, Beland tinkered with the 1000m distance during this past indoor season, suggesting the two avenues could play well off one another.

“I have the fitness, but where the speed comes from is my strength, which I have really been working on,” he said. “When it comes down to it, it's good to have that middle distance grind for the last two kms of a race. It's something to look forward to going into cross-country season.”

His Track North teammate, Brendan Costello, is something of a mirror image for Beland. Also present in the field in North Bay on Saturday, Costello tackled the 400m and 800m, and noted a little different effect than his friend. “My legs hurt, they're definitely tired,” he said with a laugh.

Not that this would stop him from crossing the line first in the 5 kilometre race, recording a solid time of 17:07. “Today was supposed to be more of a workout effort than a race effort,” noted Costello. “My normal five kms would be under 16 (minutes), but I got out and made sure I was comfortable today, got a nice tempo in.”

After missing two months almost exactly one year ago this time, dealing with IT band syndrome, the Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School graduate is taking a bit of a different tact as he prepares for the summer season. “I'm being a lot more careful this year, really easing my way back into things, building slowly rather than jumping right back in.”

Having just aged out from the junior ranks, Costello is looking to compete at nationals this year as a senior athlete. “We'll see how that goes, because I'll be racing against some of the big names, Brandon McBride, Rob Heppenstall and all of them in the 800m.”

Scott Rienguette will pass, that you very much, in going toe to toe with Canadian Olympians. Still, the 40 year old father of four was, quite impressively, right back in the swing of things, completing the 5 km in a time of 19:09 just a week after running his first ever marathon last weekend in Mississauga.

All of this after expanding his athletic horizons, not all that long ago, to include a more dedicated approach to running. “Last October, I ran my first half (marathon), and I thought I would give myself six months and try and run a full,” said Rienguette. “The actual race went pretty much as planned, but I was surprised at the amount of recovery time. It beat me up for two to three days.”

Of course, entering the Mississauga Marathon with a target time of three hours and thirty minutes or so, and finishing with a Boston Marathon qualifying clocking of sub 3:15 might well cause one to be a little sore. Pretty remarkable, given his soft introduction to his new pastime from fellow parent and runner, Stephanie Venturi.

“I really picked it up about a year and a half ago,” recalled Rienguette. “There were a few parents on my son's baseball team that ran. We had to get to the field about an hour before the games and I wasn't coaching, so it was real convenient to just go for a run. With four kids, I've got no time to go the gym, but throwing my running shoes on this way was easy.”

Fifty two year-old Lively native Keith Clement can also link his recent running success to one of his children. A mainstay at local races for at least the past 15 years or more, Clement was thrilled to complete the Purdue Family half marathon on Sunday in a time of 1:53.57, his fastest time in about eight or nine years at that distance.

“My daughter (runner and nordic ski coach, Marlee Clement) introduced me to “hot yoga” about three to four months ago,” said Clement. “It's a type of yoga that we would do every week. It helps with your core, it helps with your strength.”

And while he remains committed to making his way out to the Rocks Marathon, the Firecracker Road Race and the Sudbury Masters Ramsey Tour, he has no inkling to join the likes of Rienguette in doubling his distance. “I have no interest in doing a marathon whatsoever, none,” said Clement. “It's not on my bucket list. It just sounds way too hard.”

While a marathon might seem hard for most adults, even a 5 km can seem like a challenge when you fall into the 12 and under age division. Thankfully, Pierre Dumont and a couple of fellow teachers offered a solution.

The trio of co-workers at Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School joined roughly 25 students in grades three to six at the Rocks 5 kilometer race on Sunday, but not without guidance and preparation. “Three times a week, we would lead a group of students out for three to four kilometer runs during our lunch break,” stated Dumont.

“Luckily, there were three of us (teachers). I would explain the route we were taking, we would vary it daily, and one of us would stay with the faster kids, one with the middle group, and the last one with the walk and run group. But we would all meet up somewhere along the line and try and finish roughly at the same time.”

Following is a breakdown of the top ten finishers in all six race categories:

CIS Sudbury Rocks!!! Marathon
1st - Ryan Marsaw - 3:11.19
2nd - Lindsay Moreau-Verlaan - 3:11.23
3rd - Francois Desjardins-Turcotte - 3:29.55
4th - Betty Annala - 3:43.08
5th - Helen Francis - 3:44.39
6th - Todd Chretien - 3:45.20
7th - Michael Williams - 3:50.29
8th - Jacob Porter - 3:53.52
9th - Benoit Rancourt - 3:59.38
10th - Pierre Sarazin - 4:00.11

The PERDUE Family Half Marathon
1st - Eric Leishman - 1:18.01
2nd - Neil McCallum - 1:22.30
3rd - David Catherwood - 1:26.26
4th - Katie Wismer - 1:28.08
5th - Jordan Nurmi - 1:28.09
6th - Angela Batsford - 1:30.11
7th - Frederick Veilleux - 1:30.09
8th - Matthew Leef - 1:31.31
9th - Robert Schinke - 1:31.40
10th - Kaylie Iserhoff - 1:34.58

Continental Insulation 10 km run
1st - Caleb Beland - 34:03
2nd - Neil Phipps - 38:20
3rd - Josh Tillson - 38:45
4th - James Larmer - 40:43
5th - Mike Banks - 41:49
6th - Todd Withers - 42:18
7th - Mike Raskevicius - 42:35
8th - Alex Lambruschini - 42:50
9th - Alain Labelle - 43:36
10th - Chantal Dagostino - 43:42

Sudbury Rocks!!! 5 km run
1st - Brendan Costello - 17:04
2nd - Ian Mackenzie - 18:15
3rd - Kelly Thompson - 18:26
4th - Carson Crane - 18:34
5th - Aurel Fox - 19:03
6th - Scott Rienguette - 19:09
7th - Aiden Mackenzie - 19:14
8th - Scooter Rienguette - 19:59
9th - Brayden Lafrance - 20:00
10th - J.P. Rains - 20:08

Sudbury Rocks!!! 8 Person Marathon
1st - Strath Mill 2 - 3:09.46
2nd - Molten Marathoners - 3:41.52
3rd - Give Her Schist - 3:46.40
4th - Fraser Mine - 3:47.54
5th - Pacers - 3:49.11
6th - Nickel Rim South Rocks - 3:59.57
7th - Team Z - 4:03.13
8th - Nickel Rim South Bullets - 4:07.18
9th - Blu Buddies - 4:09.58
10th - Strath Mill 1 - 4:25.08

Vale Celebrity Challenge
1st - Nihad Hasanefendic - 23:33
2nd - Joseph Nicholls - 26:20
3rd - Jamie West - 26:56
4th - Paul Pedersen - 27:13
5th - Nick Liard - 27:17
6th - Angie Robson - 34:09
7th - Glenn Thibeault - 36:52
8th - David St Georges - 40:29
9th - Dustin Laurin - 41:49

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