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Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018
Marcotte an extra mom for Cambrian varsity athletes
by Cambrian Varsity Athletics
ţ˙<html> <p>Every good sports team needs a den mother. The <b>Cambrian Golden Shield</b> athletes can now lay claim to one who oversees the entirety of their varsity teams.</p> <p><b>Sharon Marcotte</b> comes just about as close to bleeding black and gold as anyone ever associated with the college not named <b>Bob Piché</b> or <b>Dale Beausoleil</b>. With more than four decades of service to Cambrian College already under her belt, Marcotte will close out this amazing chapter of her life with a swan-song of involvement, recently named to replace <b>Lori Salo</b> as varsity clerk.</p> <p>In the eyes of so many on campus, there could not have been a more fitting choice.</p> <p>A native of Timmins who moved to Sudbury at the age of eleven, Marcotte (nee <b>McCullough</b>) and her brother received their first true sporting indoctrination during their time at <b>Lasalle Secondary School</b>. He played basketball, I played volleyball,  she said. I wasn t one of the best, but I enjoyed the sport. </p> <p> I enjoyed being part of the game, but I also enjoyed being on the bench, just the fun of everything around the game.  Following a short stint in the accounting program at Cambrian upon her graduation from Lasalle, Marcotte would be hired on at the college, before even completing year two in secretarial studies.</p> <p>She worked some nine years within the Accounting department, moving over the Facility Management a while back and putting together a career that now spans in excess of 41 years. Along the way, Sharon and husband <b>Larry</b> welcomed the addition of their two children, <b>Ryan</b> and <b>Karli</b>, the focal points that would entrench her love of sports.</p> <p> We re not sure where the kids got it from, but they are both very athletic,  confessed Marcotte. It didn t come from me, and Larry did no sports in high school.  While Ryan ventured more prudently into both volleyball and basketball settings during his time at <b>Northeastern Public School</b>, Karli was the adventurous sort, giving every sport that came along a shot.</p> <p>Both, however, were named as the school s <i>Athlete of the Year</i> in grade eight. Following in their parents footsteps in ascending to the home of the Lancer Dome, the Marcotte kids would prosper under the watchful eyes of <b>Mary Collinson, Mitch Lalonde, Rod McHugh, Denis Gauthier</b> and a host of others at Lasalle.</p> <p>It was about the same time that their mother was carving out her critical niche of volunteerism, tackling a role in sport that is so often taken for granted.</p> <p> I have always loved going out to watch them, I thoroughly enjoyed that. I was there for all of their games.  With Karli s basketball potential coming to light, male coaches often searched for female counterparts that would prove helpful in dealing with groups of female pre-teens and teens.</p> <p> It was nice to have me on the bench, just in case the girls had girls  issues or whatever,  said Marcotte. Her commitment, however, went way beyond that. I was the mom , she said glowingly. When they played at Lasalle, I used to ask the parents for $20 from each player, and I would make food for the weekend. There were no extras that they needed. </p> <p> I brought breakfast, I brought lunch and I made supper. I still have former players from Lasalle and even here, at Cambrian, to this day, coming up to me and calling me mom.  Having already worked alongside coach <b>Bruce Cowtan</b> during his time in club ball, Marcotte would jump aboard at the varsity level, all while her daughter was still at Lasalle.</p> <p>Such was her pride in the contribution she made that Marcotte left no stone unturned in looking for creative and helpful ideas. This one came courtesy of <b>Laura Graham s</b> mom, her daughter now in her third year and starting with the <i>Western Mustangs</i> basketball team. She travelled with a tool box that included an extra blood uniform, a medical kit, all kinds of snacks and stuff,  said Marcotte.</p> <p> We got one when I was with Bruce and I used that same box with Cambrian.  Fittingly, they called it <i>Stanley</i> . The importance of the tag along kit always seemed greater on the road, right after a women s game, with the men just taking to the court to close out a double-header. The women would come off the court starving, and normally, you would have to get on the bus and go some place to eat. </p> <p> But I made sure I had enough to tide them over, buns, some snacks, luncheon meats. We could watch the men s game and then we could all go. They always knew at the hotel that Sharon s room was the Snack Room . </p> <p>Surely, the attention to detail, one that highlighted her sincere and general care for each and every Golden Shield athlete, was one of the reasons, at the very top of the list, which made Marcotte a logical choice for her new role. My original retirement date was supposed to be June of 2018  I was so worried I was too old to do this job,  she conceded.</p> <p> But with me coming in, there would be little or no training. I ve worked here (at Cambrian), I ve done it all. I haven t been in Lori s position, but I ve travelled with the teams, so I knew what needed to be done. I know budgets, I know how to reconcile Visa accounts. </p> <p>After suiting up with both the men s basketball and volleyball teams, Ryan has now graduated and moved on to the work force. Her fourth year almost fully completed, Karli was just informed last month that she was successful in her application to replace her mom in her previous job. With 38 years in with the Maintenance department at the college, Larry is soon nearing retirement.</p> <p>It just doesn t get more <i>Cambrian</i>  than this.</p> </html>
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