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Tuesday, Sep. 18, 2018
Ten schools represented across 15 badminton divisions
by Randy Pascal

There may have been times when dominance within the world of the Sudbury and area high school badminton championships was concentrated in the hands of just a small number of powerhouse teams.

That is certainly not the case any more.

Of the fifteen categories in which gold medals were awarded last Saturday at St Benedict, athletes representing no less than ten different local second schools would step foward. The Marymount Regals would lead the way with three first place finishes, capturing a team banner for the highest team average, while the Lo-Ellen Park Knights defended their overall team aggregate crown.

The older age brackets featured a mix of returning champs and new faces, some of which is necessitated by the flow of athletes throw the three divisions in which high school sports are divided.

In senior play, only the mixed doubles team of Cameron Duff and Stephanie Smuland from Confederation made it back to back titles in the same category, through Notre-Dame senior Kalie Rheault compensated for the loss of girls doubles partner and older sister Bryanne Rheault to graduation, sliding over from a pairs gold medal performance last year to taking bragging rights in girls singles play this time around.

A.J. Martell (Sacré Coeur - boys singles), Luc Demers/Carter Baumruk (Sacré Coeur - boys doubles) and Emily Taylor/Starr Trudeau (Marymount - girls doubles) all cracked through at the senior level for the very first time.

In junior play, no less than 60% of the 2016 winners made the seamless leap from the midget ranks, as singles Emmett Taillefer (Lockerby) and Olivia Legendre (St Charles), as well as Mackenzie Watkins and Angelina Lam (Marymount - girls doubles) all maintained their top rankings, while progressing from grade nine to grade ten.

Joining the juniors on the podium was the top end high school freshman tandem of Ethan Rogers and Amelina Iturregui of Lo-Ellen, with Sean Nickson and Steven Kotab (St Benedict - boys doubles) rounding out the listing of junior gold medal winners.

The Horizon Aigles have some talent to develop, as Justin Tremblay and Amber Jacques swept their respective midget singles crowns, while Kepler Salt and David Pigozzo (midget boys doubles) provided a reason to celebrate at Lasalle Secondary School.

Marymount maintained their strong presence in girls doubles play, making it three for three thanks to the midget team of Jordin Rancourt and Hope Tyson, while Miguel Paquette/Karine Boucher (Notre-Dame) capped things off in the midget mixed doubles classification.

The top two finishers in each of the 15 categories will now move on to the 2017 NOSSA Badminton Championships, taking place in North Bay on April 19th and 20th. Following is a complete listing of the top three in each division:

Senior Divisions
Boys Singles
1st - A.J. Martell - Sacré Coeur
2nd - Tyler Coutu - Macdonald-Cartier
3rd - Patrick Thom - Lo-Ellen

Girls Singles
1st - Kalie Rheault - Notre-Dame
2nd - Gracen Lacko - Lo-Ellen
3rd - Kayleigh Gauthier - Lasalle

Boys Doubles
1st - Luc Demers/Carter Baumruk - Sacré-Coeur
2nd - Jack Wisniewski/Julien Simeoni - Lockerby
3rd - Jordan Urban/Maxim Leduc - Macdonald-Cartier

Girls Doubles
1st - Emily Taylor/Starr Trudeau - Marymount
2nd - Tiffany Hodgins/Hope Joly - Marymount
3rd - Cally Vanier/Rebecca Guse - Chelmsford

Mixed Doubles
1st - Cameron Duff/Stephanie Smuland - Confederation
2nd - Miguel Mrochek/Angèle Seguin - Horizon
3rd - Justin Levert/Victoria O'Neil - Sacré Coeur

Junior Divisions
Boys Singles
1st - Emmett Taillefer - Lockerby
2nd - Jacob Lacko - Lo-Ellen
3rd - Joel Emond - St Charles

Girls Singles
1st - Olivia Legendre - St Charles
2nd - Bronwyn Mantle - Lo-Ellen
3rd - Brady Martin - Marymount

Boys Doubles
1st - Sean Nickson/Steven Kotab - St Benedict
2nd - Ben Ashley/Owen Coles - Lo-Ellen
3rd - Riley Kutchaw/Tony Piro - St Benedict

Girls Doubles
1st - Mackenzie Watkins/Angelina Lam - Marymount
2nd - Megan Ierino/Makaylah Kruk - Marymount
3rd - Destinee Joly/Hailey Hinds - St Charles

Mixed Doubles
1st - Ethan Rogers/Amelina Iturregui - Lo-Ellen
2nd - Christian Rokols/Kattie Moore - Sby Secondary
3rd - Josh Menard/Chanelle Lafortune - Notre-Dame

Midget Divisions
Boys Singles
1st - Justin Tremblay - Horizon
2nd - Blake Barnard - Horizon
3rd - Matt Obradovich - Lockerby

Girls Singles
1st - Amber Jacques - Horizon
2nd - Cierra St Germain - Hanmer
3rd - Claudie Hurtubise - Macdonald-Cartier

Boys Doubles
1st - Kepler Salt/David Pigozzo - Lasalle
2nd - Ethan Williamson/Cooper Levesque - St Charles
3rd - Jonah Bennett/Eric Dissanayake - Lo-Ellen

Girls Doubles
1st - Jordin Rancourt/Hope Tyson - Marymount
2nd - Erika Poirier/Marja Fredericksen - St Benedict
3rd - Arianna Radley/Sydney Washnuk - Lasalle

Mixed Doubles
1st - Miguel Paquette/Karine Boucher - Notre-Dame
2nd - Jay Fournier/Aimee Cusson - Notre-Dame
3rd - Jade Wallace/Brianne Demers - Sacré-Coeur

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