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Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018
Indira Moores reclaims gold at nationals
by Randy Pascal

Sure, there were bumps along the way, but local wrestler Indira Moores has overcome.

Now five years removed from her days of competing while donning the singlet of the Lo-Ellen Park Knights, the 22 year old (soon to be 23) has ascended to the heights of Canadian university wrestling.

Transferring after just one year at Laurentian, and dealing with a torn ACL and the ensuing surgery at almost the same time, the now veteran of the Brock Badgers team successfully defended her OUA gold medal last month at McMaster, reclaiming gold at the national (U Sport) level two weeks later in Winnipeg.

“In terms of my varsity wrestling, I was pretty confident heading into the OUAs and CIS, or U Sport, as it’s called now,” said Moores. “I am an older student, but then I’m also younger when it comes to being a senior athlete for club stuff.”

And rest assured, in the world of competitive wrestling, the club level is where the real action exists. “OUA is still a provincial championship and the same with U Sport (national), especially at Brock,” she said. “We take it pretty seriously. It means a lot, even to just be on this team.”

“When it comes to the other competitions that aren’t varsity, that’s where we are going to run into national team members, and world champions, medalists and even Olympians.” And that is the stratosphere to which Moores now aspires, continuing to build upon a base which has been years in the making.

“With the amount of time that we put into the sport, you cannot not see improvement, when you’re training twice a day, three times a day,” she said. “Especially mentally, I think I’m on the mend, better at finding my confidence, especially training with the people in the Brock room. I think that’s something that every athlete struggles with, and certainly something I have been working on over the past year to get better at.”

With the varsity season completed, Moores is busy preparing for the Canadian Junior/Senior Wrestling Championship in St Catharines. “That’s a pretty big competition,” noted Moores. “I really don’t want to focus just on the outcome, I want to focus on my wrestling, especially.”

“I think that will help with my confidence, if I focus on what I do in the match, instead of my placing.” In fact, Moores has to remind herself constantly about how to properly channel her intensity towards her key priorities.

“I tend to focus on what the other person (opponent) is going to do, probably almost too much,” she said. “I forget about my own offense and my own strengths. I really want to not let that be an issue this tournament.”

Even moreso, as she continues to expand the technical arsenal at her disposal. “I actually throw a lot more now,” noted Moores. “I don’t know why it happened, or how it really happened, but it’s something I do a lot more in practice now and am starting to feel more comfortable doing in tournaments.”

Moores has one more year of varsity eligibility remaining, looking to provide one final hurrah for the Badgers, who made it a clean sweep of the U Sport men’s and women’s titles in February, returning home with both banners for a fourth straight year.

Follow-Up Note: Since the time that this interview was done, Moores did in fact compete at the Championship in St Catharines, placing fourth in the Senior Women 63 kg weight class.

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