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Monday, Oct. 22, 2018
Fillion breaks a record nearly four decades old
by Randy Pascal

Perhaps Myah Fillion will be this year's Lucas Mrozewski.

Fillion duplicated the performance of Mrozewski, from one year ago, while he was still in grade eight at R.L. Beattie, erasing a long-standing record from the Rainbow Elementary Track & Field Championship record books.

The grade eight student at Ecole Secondaire Macdonald-Cartier completed one lap of the track in 1:03.98, lowering the previous best time by more than a quarter of a second. The existing record was set by Lynne Thomas back in 1979, when she was a student at Robert Jack Public School in Garson.

And like Mrozewski, Fillion has served notice that her time should serve her well in the high-school ranks, finishing more than a second faster than the 2016 midget girls 400m champion, Kaitlyn Walker of Confederation (1:05.16).

Perhaps more impressive is the fact that Fillion still does not view track and field as a priority, quite yet. "I didn't train a lot, but I had hockey all season, so I think that helped me a lot," she said.

"I just wanted to beat my time from last year (1:04.56), which I did, so I'm really happy about that." Though she would not be running in a crowd, crossing the wire seven seconds ahead of second place finisher Lauren Rajala, Fillion made the best of staying true to her pre-race strategy.

"I like to start really fast, because the last 100 metres is always really hard," she explained. "I don't have a lot of energy after, but I still like to try and go out and beat my time."

Over in the boys events, 13 year-old Callum Passi looks to be well on his way, continuing on the tradition of older brother Liam, now competing with the cross-country team at the University of Toronto.

"My brother was really good at running, and that kind of inspired me," noted the grade 7 student at Churchill Public School who swept the 400m, 800m and 1500m events. "I am trying to follow his footsteps."

Breaking the five minute barrier in the latter, Passi sees the middle distance staple as the best fit for his base of talent. "I did very well in cross-country, but I'm also a soccer player, so I have lots of fast twitch muscles," he stated.

"It's kind of that mid-range distance that I really like. In the 400m, you just kind of run your fastest. In the 800m and 1500m, you can draft people. I drafted Austin Mashinter, whose a really good runner. In the last 400m, since he was taking all the wind, he was more tired, and that when I went."

Both Fillion and Passi will return, along with all event winners, to the Rainbow Board Champions Meet scheduled for June 21st at Laurentian University. Following are the first place finishers from Thursday's Meet #2:

Grade 7 Girls
100m dash - Rebecca Slywchuk (Nesbitt) - 14.47
200m dash - Monika Sabourin (Churchill) - 31.58
400m - Brianna Fazekas (Princess Anne) - 1:06.61
800m - Kalila Bachiu (R.H. Murray) - 2:56.06
1500m - Sarah Ieropoli (MacLeod) - 5:56.15
Long Jump - Chandyn Bachiu (R.H. Murray) - 3.96m
Shot Put - Isabella Martelli (Churchill) - 9.34m
High Jump - Isabella Martelli (Churchill) - 1.24m
Triple Jump - Chandyn Bachiu (R.H. Murray) - 9.07m

Grade 7 Boys
100m dash - Reuben Winch (Macdonald-Cartier) - 13.86
200m dash - Tyson Belland (Churchill) - 29.46
400m - Callum Passi (Churchill) - 1:05.58
800m - Callum Passi (Churchill) - 2:31.32
1500m - Callum Passi (Churchill) - 4:57.01
Long Jump - Austin Mashinter (MacLeod) - 4.57m
Shot Put - Ethan Marois (Churchill) - 8.41m
High Jump - Reuben Winch (Macdonald-Cartier) - 1.46m
Triple Jump - Scott Bebonang (Northeastern) - 9.18m

Grade 8 Girls
100m dash - Myah Fillion (Macdonald-Cartier) - 13.64
200m dash - Ashley Garlic (MacLeod) - 30.21
400m - Myah Fillion (Macdonald-Cartier) - 1:03.98
800m - Dylann Mazzuchin (MacLeod) - 2:43.60
1500m - Dylann Mazzuchin (MacLeod) - 5:30.88
Long Jump - Myah Fillion (Macdonald-Cartier) - 4.49m
Shot Put - Mackenzie Doyle (Lansdowne) - 8.80m
High Jump - Mikaleigh Crawford (Northeastern) - 1.35m
Triple Jump - Dylann Mazzuchin (MacLeod) - 9.55m

Grade 8 Boys
100m dash - Grant Higgins (Churchill) - 12.83
200m dash - Grant Higgins (Churchill) - 26.71
400m - Nicholas Burke (Northeastern) - 57.98
800m - Kendyn Mashinter (MacLeod) - 2:27.84
1500m - Kendyn Mashinter (MacLeod) - 5:00.51
Long Jump - Giordano Biondi (MacLeod) - 4.79m
Shot Put - Alain Beausoleil (Macdonald-Cartier) - 9.97m
High Jump - Nicholas Burke (Northeastern) - 1.60m
Triple Jump - Giordano Biondi (MacLeod) - 10.71m

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