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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2019
Nickel District hockey crew kick things off
by Randy Pascal

The Nickel City Hockey Association made the best of a less than ideal situation last weekend.

With entries few and far between for their end of September rep hockey tournament, the group opted to utilize the weekend as a Nickel District Minor Hockey League "Showcase Weekend", allowing a whole slew of teams the opportunity to test themselves and find out which division best suits their playing ability for the upcoming season.

There were no "playoff games", or champions to be crowned. Just a series of encounters, staged at both the Edgar Leclair Community Centre (Azilda), and the newly refurbished Chelmsford Arena, with the end result solely to help NDMHL determine the proper placement for the various teams.

Following are just some of the results from those games:

Novice A/AA
Nickel City 3 (Carter Baron, Max Campbell, Daniel Crossthwaite)
Sudbury Atom BB Lady Wolves 2 (Madison Hollohan, Mackenzie Purvis)

Manitoulin Panthers 4 (Lucas Dubois-2, Jack Carter, Kohyn Eshkawkogan)
Nickel City Devils 2 (Alex Rietze, Corey Lacroix)

Manitoulin Panthers 3 (Lucas Dubois-3)
Sudbury Atom BB Lady Wolves 2 (Jenna Jacobson, Danika Gray)

Atom A/AA
Nickel City Crushers 11 (Carson Robert-3, Ty Cloutier-3, Brendan Roney-3, Brody Cloutier, Benoit Hogue)
Manitoulin Panthers 7 (Drake Jacko-2, Owen Leblanc-2, Kordell Elijah-2, Brodie Pennie)

Nickel City Flyers 10 (Martin Whissell-3, Harper Bray-2, Joshia Montpellier, Zachary Chenier, Simon Pominville, Owen Seguin, Mark Brosseau)
Manitoulin Panthers 2 (Owen Leblanc, Kordell Elijah)

Nickel City Flyers 5 (Zachary Chenier-2, Joshia Montpellier-2, Mark Brosseau)
Nickel City Minor Jr Sons 5 (Yves Doiron-3, Nolan Lafrance, Devan Madore)

Nickel City Crushers 10 (Ty Cloutier-3, Brody Cloutier-2, Brendan Roney-2, Sam Gaudet, Sam Charbonneau, Carson Robert)
Nickel City Devils 4 (Nico Nadeau-2, Ryan Ricci-2)

Nickel City Jr Sons 6 (Anthony Bertrand-2, Nolan Schiewek-2, Cameron Seguin, Blake Cole)
Nickel City North Stars 3 (Zackery Lepage, Carson Gaudet, Miles Schiewek)

Nickel City Minor Atom AA Jr Sons 9 (Ethan Morris-4, Braden Vis, Ashton Morin, Nolan Lafrance, Caden Dubreuil, Cain Savage)
Manitoulin Panthers 1 (Drake Jakko)

Nickel City Major Atom AA Jr Sons 4 (Billy Biedermann-2, Tyler Thibodeau, Cohen Arsenault)
Nickel City Kings 1 (Michael Watson)

Minor Peewee A
Manitoulin Panthers 9 (Liam Bridgeman-2, Johnny Bushey-2, Zach Guay-2, Carter Lacasse, Riley Lockeyer, Noah Hare)
Nickel City Sharks 3 (Joss Van Den Enden, Owen Roney, Connor Way)

Nickel City Major Atom Jr Sons 4 (Billy Biedermann-2, Reid Lafrance, Kohen Crane)
Nickel City Min Pw Jr Sons 1 (Vincent Lavoie)

Nickel City Thunder 3 (Adrian Signoretti, Ian Rudd, Cooper Molyneaux)
Sudbury Major Atom AA Wolves 2 (Daniel Berehowsky, Stephen Rathwell)

Nickel City Major Atom Jr Sons 7 (Reid Lafrance-3, Tyler Thibodeau-2, Billy Biedermann, Noah Kohan)
Sudbury Major Atom AA Wolves 0

Nickel City Thunder 6 (Logan Faught-2, Austin Rioux, Mikka Koski, Jesse-James Pharand, Cooper Molyneaux)
Nickel City Sharks 4 (David Lavergne-3, Alexander Foreshew)

Nickel City Peewee AA Jr Sons 5 (Ian Mackey-2, Gavin Roy, Ryan Rivest, Liam Desrochers)
Nickel City Minor PW AAA Sons 2 (Samuel Assinewe, Wilson Farrow)

Sudbury Peewee BB Lady Wolves 4 (Jacinta Eshkakogan-2, Emma Dyer, Aoife Mahaffy)
Nickel City Sharks 3 (Kirstin Fahey, David Lavergne, Hawk Recollet)

Manitoulin Panthers 3 (Johnny Bushey, Ty Bonsall, Noah Hare)
Nickel City Major Atom AA Jr Sons 2 (Tyler Thibodeau, Kyle Dessureault)

Nickel City Kings 15 (Sean Potts-3, Seb Whissell-2, Dylan Tomljanovich-2, Preston Robert-2, Christopher Bisson, Cameron Pitre, Sam Dewitt, Everett McDonald, Michael Watson, Matthew Gordon)
Nickel City Sharks 0

Sudbury Peewee BB Lady Wolves 3 (Alison Symington-2, Raeleigh Chartier)
Nickel City Thunder 1 (Jesse-James Pharand)

Sudbury Major Atom AA Lady Wolves 5 (Daniel Berehowsky-2, Roch Renaud, Cohen Frappier, W. Brandon Roney)
Nickel City Sharks 1 (Alexandre Foreshew)

Minor Bantam A/AA
Nickel City Jr Sons 1 (Blake Cornthwaite)
Nickel City North Stars 1 (Marc-André Pilon)

Nickel City Storm 5 (Brayden Beaupré-3, Jake Bennett, Adam Taylor)
Nickel City North Stars 1 (Kennedy Ward)

Major Bantam A/AA
Nickel City Jr Sons 3 (Brett Huard, Landon Thomson, Brennan Charbonneau)
Sudbury Minor Bantam AA Wolves 0

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