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Date Published: Apr 20, 2015

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Twelve year-old Kelsey Dunn has a lot on her plate. It’s all part and parcel of being a three-sport star, at a time in her life when the opportunity to juggle several athletic passions still exists.

Throw prioritization into the mix, however, and it’s fairly clear that hockey emerges at the top of the heap. "Close to my house, there’s an outdoor rink, and my dad would bring me there to skate,” Dunn recalled. “I’m pretty sure I started there.”

Now a key member of the Sudbury Peewee “AA” Lady Wolves, the grade 7 student at Ecole St Denis is counted on to translate several seasons of exposure to a sport that she loves, into the offensive chances that can be few and far between in girls hockey.

“I’m mostly a center, but I played winger last year for half a year,” said Dunn. “In Peewee, you’re smarter. You try and make more plays. And it’s not just skating faster, but you’re faster to think and pass and make plays, and make decisions.”

Highlights of her young career, to date, have included a provincial championship as a second year atom, and regular visits to the OWHA all-Ontario playdowns. Still, she is not prepared at this point to call it quits on her continuing involvement in cross-country running and track, as well as competitive soccer, all of which she excels in. Her logic is sound, in taking a shotgun approach.

“Say you only play hockey, then you only work on certain muscles, and you only work on certain thinking,” said Dunn. She sees herself as far more diversified than that. A junior race winner at the 2014 Laurentian Cross-Country Challenge, Dunn enjoys the mental aspect that comes with taking a strategic approach to distance running.

“At the beginning, when everyone sprints, then usually everyone gets tired,” she explained. “I usually don’t sprint as fast, but when people get tired, I try and move up more, keeping the same pace.”

Not out of her element in the sprint distances either, Dunn carries her outstanding cardio abilities to the soccer pitch, as she continues to try and find her best fit on the field, all while trying to keep soccer as part of the big picture.

“I’m hoping to play competitive this summer,” she said. “But it’s a travelling team, and I always travel for hockey a lot. Usually summer is like a break for my parents for travelling.” The attraction to soccer remains a tough one to ignore.

“Usually they try and switch everyone positions, but I like playing forward and striker.” While her club competition does not always avail Dunn to also suiting up with the school teams, she is certainly no stranger to representing St Denis, or Ecole Hélène-Gravel before that.

Cross-country, track and field, volleyball, hockey and now basketball, a sport that she has not done before this year, have all been welcomed to her busy schedule at various times. Fast forward a few years, when Dunn is now a senior at Collège Notre-Dame, and it’s entirely possible that hockey will be the primary focus.

And this talented young lady is just fine with that.


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