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Date Published:  March 13, 2008

Four more NOHA crowns claimed locally...and AAA Wolves shine on the road

While the NOHA Playdowns kicked off one week ago, this past weekend provided the only opportunity for local hockey fans to take in some of the action as four Northern Ontario titles were up for grabs Sunday afternoon. The Valley East Rebels enjoyed another solid weekend, nabbing top honours in both the Minor Atom "A" and Atom "A" divisions while out of town teams left with the hardware in the Bantam ranks.

Not much argument about who was the class of the Minor Bantam "AA" grouping - West Ferris Toyota reels off four straight wins without surrendering a goal to secure the NOHA crown and Soo Sports Excellence also displays a commitment to team defense, blanking the Sudbury WOlverines 2-0 in the Minor Bantam "AA" Gold Medal encounter.

With their wins, the Valley East Major Atoms and Sault Ste Marie Major Bantams will prepare for OHF (Ontario Hockey Federation) championships in April, leaving for St Thomas and Mississauga respectively.

Following are complete results from all four divisions contested locally as well as a pair of "AAA" updates from out of town events:

Minor Atom "A" Playdowns
Valley East Rebels 4 (Broedy Bertrand-2, Kirk Trayner, Makenzie MacMillan)
Nickel Centre Flyers 0

Walden Devils 4 (Jeremy Taylor, Ian Thom, Colin Potts, Nic Chevrette)
Rayside-Balfour Tigers 0 (shutout Riley Roy)

Walden Devils 6 (Ian Thom-2, Nic Chevrette, Jacob McDonald, Bray Crowder, Colin Potts)
Nickel Centre Flyers 0

Valley East Rebels 7 (Anthony Talevi-2, Broedy Bertrand-2, Nicholas Godin, David Ranger, Kirk Trayner)
Rayside-Balfour Tigers 1 (Matthieu Verreault)

Rayside-Balfour Tigers 2 (Matthieu Verreault, Tommy Lacasse)
Nickel Centre Flyers 1 (Darren DePaolis)

Valley East Rebels 4 (Makenzie MacMillan, Nicholas Godin, Broedy Bertrand, David Ranger)
Walden Devils 0

Championship Final
Valley East Rebels 4 (Makenzie MacMillan, Broedy Bertrand, David Ranger, Tyler Pellatt)
Walden Devils 1 (Nic Chevrette)

Atom "A" Playdowns
Valley East Rebels 5 (Scott Villeneuve-2, Brody Brunet, Anthony Pelletier, Brendyn Sauve)
Rayside-Balfour Tigers 1 (Dylan Cobbs)

Nickel Centre Flyers 7 (Jamie Lafreniere-3, Nicholas Marion-2, Cameron Lizotte, Connor Vaillancourt)
Walden Devils 3 (Noah Lagadin-2, Brodie Harber)

SSM SPW M & M Meats 2 (Austin Rowe, Alex Pagnetti)
SSM SPW ACT 0 (shutout Mitchell Myers)

Temiskaming Shores Puckhounds 11 (Alexi Rivet-3, Patrick-Aurel Fournier-3, Christian Ethier-2, Darian Skeoch, Erik Laplante, Joel Plante)
SSM SPW Soo Police 1 (Elliot Nicholson)

Valley East Rebels 7 (Cameron Mackenzie-2, Jeremie Noel-2, Ryan Theriault-2, Justin Trottier)
Kapuskasing Vikings 0

Timmins Richards Stars 3 (Tanner Charette, Jonathan Lavergne, Jordan Picard)
Nickel Centre Flyers 2 (Nicholas Marion, Nicholas Jeffery)

Rayside-Balfour Tigers 2 (Connor Brown, Tyler Soulliere)
SSM SPW ACT 1 (Jacob Porco)

Temiskaming Shores Puckhounds 6 (James Brunke-3, Michael Gabbani, Erik Laplante, Christian Ethier)
Walden Devils 3 (Lucas Martin, Johnny Guido, Brodie Harber)

SSM SPW M & M Meats 6 (Austin Rowe-3, Joseph Celetti, Johnathon Hammond, Alex Pagnotte)
Kapuskasing Vikings 1 (Alex Plamondon)

SSM SPW Soo Police 2 (Jonathan Dyer, Dylan Particelli)
Timmins Richards Stars 1 (Remi Secord)

Valley East Rebels 9 (Anthony Pelletier-4, Scott Villeneuve-3, Cole Braney, Cameron Mackenzie)
SSM SPW M & M Meats 0

Temiskaming Shores Puckhounds 5 (Joel Plante-2, James Brunke, Justin Brazeau, Michael Gabbani)
Nickel Centre Flyers 0

Rayside-Balfour Tigers 4 (Anthony Boivin-2, Eric Paquette, Jason Bednarski)
Kapuskasing Vikings 1 (Sophie Lebrun)

Walden Devils 5 (Curtis Schryer-2, Matthew Neault-2, Mitchell Mousseau)
SSM SPW Soo Police 0

Valley East Rebels 17 (Cole Braney-3, Brody Brunet-3, Tyler Rivest-3, Cameron Mackenzie-2, Ryan Theriault-2, Dominic Dalcourt, Justin Trottier, Brendyn Sauve, Anthony Pelletier)
SSM SPW ACT 1 (Wesley Mitchell)

Temiskaming Shores Puckhounds 7 (Justin Brazeau, Joel Plante, Erik Laplante, Michael Gabbani, David Elford, Alexi Rivet, James Brunke)
Timmins Richards Stars 2 (Remi Secord, Alex Langevin)

Rayside-Balfour Tigers 4 (Connor Brown-2, Alec Butkevich, Andrew Mackinnon)
SSM SPW M & M Meats 4 (Justin Lemieux-2, Dick Pilon, Jonathan Hammond)

Nickel Centre Flyers 4 (Nicholas Jeffery-2, Nicholas Marion, Kyle Scagnetti)
SSM SPW Soo Police 1 (no scorer provided)

Kapuskasing Vikings 3 (Pierre-Andre Leblanc, Brendon Clavelle, Jared Reckzine)
SSM SPW ACT 1 (Jacob Porco)

Walden Devils 6 (Curtis Schryer-2, Amy Laframboise, Noah Lagadin, Steven Manarin, Alex Sokoloski)
Timmins Richards Stars 0

Valley East Rebels 5 (Scott Villeneuve-2, Ryan Theriault-2, Cameron Mackenzie)
Nickel Centre Flyers 4 (Nicholas Marion-2, Cameron Lizotte, Nicholas Jeffery)

Temiskaming Shores Puckhounds 4 (Jacob Leveille-2, Michael Gabbani, Alexi Rivet)
Rayside-Balfour Tigers 1 (Jason Bednarski)

Championship Final
Valley East 3 (Brendy Sauve-2, Scott Villeneuve)
Temiskaming Shores Puckhounds 0 (shutout Alex Fournier)

Minor Bantam "AA" Playdowns
Sudbury Ace Silkscreening Jr Wolves 4 (Trevor Bedard-2, Colin McCrory, Brandon Bellmore)
Copper Cliff Redmen 4 (Zachary Belanger-2, Brendan Bulfon, Dalton Ghent)

West Ferris Toyota 10 (Mike Mason-3, Darren Palmer-3, Gabriel Rancourt-2, Brad Cauchy, Dylan Staples)
Timmins Mr Sub Ice Dogs 0

Sudbury Ace Silkscreening Jr Wolves 4 (Trevor Bedard, Ben St Marseille, Colin McCrory, Joel Carpino)
Timmins Mr Sub Ice Dogs 3 (Anthony Pelaccia, Jacob Kord, Matthew MacGuire)

West Ferris Toyota 4 (Brad Cauchy-2, Ryley Valade, Garrett Hatherley)
Copper Cliff Redmen 0

West Ferris Toyota 8 (Zach Deschesnes-3, Darren Palmer, Gabriel Rancourt, Dylan Staples, Brad Cauchy, Mike Mason)
Sudbury Ace Silkscreening Jr Wolves 0

Copper Cliff Redmen 7 (Alex Bertuzzi-2, Dalton Ghent-2, Brendan Bulfon, Eric Gelinas, Logan Collins)
Timmins Mr Sub Ice Dogs 1 (Ben Miller)

Championship Final
West Ferris Toyota 3 (Dylan Staples, Brad Cauchy, Josh Storie)
Copper Cliff Redmen 0 (shutout Dustin Hummel)

Bantam "AA" Playdowns
West Ferris Partners in Law 5 (Daryan Libby, Sam Barber, Justin Bishop, Greg Lecappelain, Kieran Peltier)
Sudbury Wolverines 4 (Joel Merits-2, Jophn Hawrelluk, Philippe Niesing)

SSM Soo Sports Excellence 6 (Mackenzie Edwards-2, Carter Lukenda-2, Cole Cruikshank, Andrew Pozzebon)
Timmins Royal Tire Outlaws 1 (Kyle Beaudry)

SSM Sault P & M Insurance 4 (Brian Sacco, Matt Miskiw, Colin Booth, Patrick Pearson)
West Ferris Partners in Law 1 (Scott McLellan)

SSM Soo Sports Excellence 4 (Andrew Pozzebon, Carter Lukenda, Brendan Kane, Zachary McPhee)
Sudbury Wolverines 2 (Philippe Niesing, Zane McLeod)

Timmins Royal Tire Outlaws 3 (Kyle Hardy-3)
SSM Sault P & M Insurance 3 (Rob Charette, Corey Conforzi, Anthony Butorac)

SSM Soo Sports Excellence 3 (Mackenzie Edwards, Joshua July, Andrew Pozzebon)
West Ferris Partners in Law 1 (Sam Barber)

Sudbury Wolverines 9 (Ryan Alexander-2, Zane McLeod-2, John Hawrelluk, Sam Porlier, Devon Hince, Callum St Denis, Joel Merits)
Timmins Royal Tire Outlaws 2 (Scott Hener, Kyle Hardy)

SSM Sault P & M Insurance 7 (Matt Miskiw-2, Brandon Hayes-2, Colin Booth, Anthony Butorac, Ben Muncaster)
SSM Soo Sports Excellence 4 (Carter Lukenda-2, Zachary McPhee, Connor Cassavia)

Timmins Royal Tire Outlaws 5 (Shawn Lefebvre-2, Austin Chamberlain, Domenik Bouvier, Jordan Shepherdson)
West Ferris Partners in Law 2 (Greg Lecappelain, Kieran Peltier)

Sudbury Wolverines 2 (Devon Hince, Callum St Denis)
SSM Sault P & M Insurance 2 (Anthony Butorac, Patrick Pearson)

Championship Semi-Finals
SSM Soo Sports Excellence 2 (Carter Lukenda, Brendan Kane)
Timmins Royal Tire Outlaws 0

Sudbury Wolverines 4 (Ryan Alexander-4)
SSM Sault P & M Insurance 3 (Brandon Hayes, Ben Muncaster, Anthony Butorac)

Championship Final
SSM Soo Sports Excellence 2 (Mackenzie Edwards, Carter Lukenda)
Sudbury Wolverines 0 (shutout Trevor Plumley)

Major Peewee "AAA" Playdowns

The Sudbury Pinnacle Sports AAA Major Peewee Wolves served notice that they intend to compete with the best in the province, sweeping the NOHA crown from Sault Ste Marie with three straight victories in the Sault. The Wolves set the tone early, outshooting the homeside 50-8 in the opener and overcoming an outstanding performance from the Soo netminder in posting a 1-0 win. Josh Moore was named Game MVP for Sudbury.

Moore again was front and centre in game two, scoring a pair of goals as Sudbury dumped the Sault 5-2 as Malcolm Bilton garnered game MVP honours. A carbon-copy performance from the local boys who received a two-goal effort from Steven Green and four assists courtesy of Tyler Bertuzzi in posting a second straight 5-2 win and earning a trip to the all-Ontario championships in Thunder Bay in April.

Moore was named Wolves game MVP in the series finale as Sudbury earns a second consecutive trip to the all-Ontario tournament at the Major Peewee AAA level. The 2007-08 roster for the Pinnacle Sports Wolves includes: Joel Horodziejczyk, Kristian Leger, Brenden Pheasant, Sheehan Kirkwood, Denis Lemieux, Scott Sirkka, Nicholas Dombek, Sheehan Moore, Josh Moore, Brandon Langella, Charlie Venedam, Steven Green, Michael Laidley, Tommy Ferguson, Jacob Smith, Tyler Bertuzzi and Malcolm Bilton.

The coaching staff is comprised of Albert Bertuzzi, Steve Gallo, Chris Mcinnis, Adrian Gedye and Dan Leger.

Minor Bantam "AAA" Playdowns

A tougher time for the Sudbury Northwood Health Care Pharmacy Minor Bantam AAA Wolves who battled through five hard fought games in Sault Ste Marie before claiming the NOHA crown with a 7-3 advantage in the six-point series. Sudbury opened the set Friday afternoon, playing to a 3-3 draw with the Sault before doubling the homeside 4-2 in the evening encounter.

The Sault Ste Marie Minor Bantam AAA Greyhounds evened the series at three points apiece with a 4-2 win of their own on Saturday afternoon before coach Michel Brunette's troops recovered to claim game # 4 by a final score of 5-1. With the Northern title within their grasp, the Sudbury side left little to chance Sunday at the John Rhodes Arena, bettering the Hounds 3-1.

The Wolves 2007-08 roster includes: Michael Rouleau, Joseph McKerral, Andrew Tessier, Cody Gratton, Peter Poulin-Roy, Brandon Jones, August Jarecki, Martin Strasbourg, Kyle Fransen, Ryan Duffy, Dylan Ransom, Jacob Bonin, Steven Johnston, Andrew Lefebvre, Mario Parisotto, Justin Bell and Patrick Robert.

Assisting head coach Brunette this year were assistant coaches Andre Brunette and Trevor Goudreau, trainer Robert Lefebvre and team manager Lisa Bonin. While there is no provincial championship to be contested at the Minor Age brackets, Northwood Health care will now ready themselves for the six point championship final series in the Nickel District Minor Hockey League.

The Wolves will face the Walden Devils for the NDMHL Major Bantam title and with it, the Karlo Bubalo Trophy.


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