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Date Published: July 1, 2010

Devin Thompson came by his love of sport quite naturally. The middle of three children in the family, all of whom are athletically active, Devin notes that his father (Brian) likely had the biggest single influence on his involvement in sport.

Little wonder – with dad teaching Physical Education within the Sudbury Catholic Schools system, exposure to sport was going to be a given within the Thompson clan.

“My dad has always pushed us to go as far as we can go – and that’s a good thing,” said Devin Thompson. Mind you, he admits that watching older sister Regan progress through the hockey ranks with the Lady Wolves program also played part in his formation as an athlete.

“I watched my sister play and it made me want to play”, he said. “I guess you could say that I followed in my sister’s footsteps.” Only partially. While his eldest sibling opted to attend Lockerby, Devin (and younger brother Trevor) both beelined for St Charles College.

Joining both the cross-country team as well as the Cardinals’ volleyball crew, Thompson gradually focused more and more of his time on the court. “I don’t know if it’s that I like it more – it’s definitely more focused,” he said.

“If something goes wrong, it can be much more you’re fault.” After years of playing competitive hockey, Thompson moved back to the houseleague ranks in his teens, allowing him to become more involved with his school.

And like so many others, he notices something unique about playing high school sports. “It’s different in the sense that the people you play with, you see every day.”

A setter through much of his early days in volleyball, Thompson had demonstrated some versatility, playing power in his senior year. “I like to hit the ball,” he says with a smile. “And it’s less pressure than setting.”

If some student athletes hit Grade 12 with little idea of the next step to take, such is not the case with Devin Thompson, who plans to pursue Respiratory Therapy at the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences.

Yet the special memories he leaves behind will never be far away. “I really enjoyed having this kind of relationship with my teachers. The teachers here are so good at dealing with the kids.”


Devin Thompson, Volleyball

“My dad has always pushed us to go as far as we can go – and that’s a good thing”

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